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Joyful Noise!

The most wasted of all days, is one without laughter!

Monday, July 31, 2006

Singers, writers, and artists! Oh my!

We are having such a great time at Estes so far! Last night's concert was phenominal with Chris Tomlis opening, Louis Giglio speaking, and the Crowder band sending us off with a bang! So good! Even after the long trip here... that started at 4 am yesterday... we were still rocking it good last night!! But man did we crash!

Today, we started out with worship with Chris Tomlin (who signed a CD for us), then I went to a Master Writer class to sharpen my song writing skills. Then I rounded out the class portion of the day with a Artist Teaching Concert with Geoff Moore. That was awesome, and very encouraging to me as a songwriter. You see, Geoff doesn't play an instrument and writes awesome music!! Yeah!! It is possible!
Hank and I decided to splurge and went to a quaint, authentically Colorado restaurant called The Dunraven. It was Italian and was delicious. As we were leaving, I look up from zipping my purse, and who do we see standing in the doorway??? STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN! I am SO not kidding. Hank went talked to him and and got his autograph (actually for a friend at work... Hey DonThen we came back and chilled for a while before heading to yet another concert. This time we jammed to Bebo Norman, The Afters, the Isaacs... so so cool. Afterwards, we were talking outside, and take a few minutes to hang out with the Afters. You may know one of their songs, since its on MTV and mainstream... "Beautiful."
Now, we're back at our cabin and the coffee is brewing, and I am about to have a writing session with my friend, Ericka!

Music in the Rockies

This is Jamie's Husband Hank, she is busy right now but I thought I would post a few pics from our trip. Last night we saw Chris Tomlin and the David Crowder Band in concert, they were both awesome. This Morning we went to a worship service and Chris Tomlin lead it, how cool. The we saw him later and I covinced Jamie to ask him to sign my CD (Which I happened to have in my bag)I appreciate her doing that because it was embarrassing for her, but cool for me. He was real cool about it. I am now an even bigger fan of David Crowder after seeing him live, he was completely awesome live. Show ya more later. Hank

NOTE: Hank is working on resizing the pictures, so check back soon!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Got Someone I Want You All To Meet

While visiting with my nieces and nephews in Valdosta, I talked my sister-in-law into letting my nieces start blogs as school projects! So, please go by and welcome my niece Delaney to the blogging world!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

~Picture Time~

Here are the boys all playing together. Have to catch it quick, cause Bry gets left out with these two!! They are just three weeks a part and love to spend time together.

Here are my beautiful nieces, Delaney and Maggie-Moo. See their shirts?? They cost me all of $.40 a piece!! Gotta love it!

Here we are making our jewelry! We had so much fun!! And we made some pretty stuff, too! Right, girls?

Here are my Welborn nephews, Ryan (12) and Donovan (almost 4!).

Here are the Power Ranger cousins!! Tres had this shirt, and we found one for Donovan on sale today at JCPenney. He says it's his favorite now.

Val Dosta Visit!

My mom, the boys, and I came to visit my sister-in-law Jackie and her wonderful family for a few days! This is Hank's sister who lives right next door to my in laws! We brought Tres to spend an entire week with his best buddy and cousin, Donny-Mack. He is so happy... but it's kinda sad cause he wants absolutely nothing to do with his old mom now that we're here! :( That's me... sad! But, I'll make it, cause he is just playing him silly! Jackie has a week full of adventures planned. They are going bowling, to see the Ant Bully, and to Wild Adventures (a local theme park with a water park). So he's gonna be so stinkin busy he's not gonna have time to miss us or home!

We have had a whirlwind couple of days. We got here yesterday (was it just yesterday?) and spent the day watching the boys play and looking at some Boemer/Brown pictures (some of which I am bringing home and will hit the blog soon!). That was fun. Some of these pictures are turn of the century and look like they came straight out of old movies or something. Very cool! I am even coming home with a small vial of Estee Lauder perfume, that Hank's paternal grandfather bought for his grandmother for an anniversary in 1975!! She never opened it or used it because she considered it so special! Pictures, soon, I promise!

Today, we hit Hobby Lobby and bought some beads, so I could share my newest hobby with my nieces. Then we hit the mall, where my Mom decided to spend some money on me and bought me some new clothes for our trip to Denver! Thank you, Momma. You are a blessing and I am so glad you came with me! Delaney stayed with me and Mom and since her birthday is coming up, I let her do her own birthday shopping. Let me tell you, shopping for girls is so much fun!! It was so much fun to watch her try on clothes and decide what she liked best. Then we found Tres and Donovan matching Cars outfits and Donny-Mack a Power Ranger shirt like Tres so they could be 'sames-ies' as Jackie calls them!

After the boys settled in tonight, the girls and I spent a couple of hours making jewelry. We even made Grammy a beautiful set to enjoy, that is, if she ever comes home! We miss you guys!

We are heading back home tomorrow (minus Tres) so that I can re-pack for the trip to Denver. I'm getting excited!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New Do!

I took the boys to get haircuts this morning. They were in desparate need!! I told the lady that I wanted Tres's short because his hair grows so fast. This is what we got!

I really like it and I know that before long, it'll be time for another cut!

Chuck-E-Cheese Hell

What can I say. We take the boys every now and then... and then we remember why we hate it. It's crowded. People don't watch their own kids. Some kids have even learned the fine art of mooching off of the smaller kids. It's loud, and noisy. You even run into parent's determined to win as many tickets as possible for their kids, to the point of being obnoxious and blocking other kids from playing. God help us all. Anyway, here are some pictures of my kids enjoying the madness.

This was Bryant's favorite ride. He liked that he got a picture to take home with him after it. Forget tickets, man! Give Bryant a good picture of himself and he is satisfied!

Bry on Bob the Builder ride.

We did find one machine that wasn't taking tokens for some reason, but it was still giving tickets. We played that one for a while.

Whew! Now we don't have to go back for another year or so! And, notice, Crystal, what Tres used his tickets to get! Cotton Candy!

I almost forgot!

This shelf hangs in Bryant's room as you walk in the door to the left. Hank built it and painted it himself. It's an older car known as a Woodie. The beads and the leia hanging on it are from our Hawaiian vacation. This is another of my favorite things!

Bryant's Room

Bryant's room is my favorite bedroom in our house, decoration wise. His room is a Hawaiian theme. And the reason it is, is because while I was pregnant with him, Hank and I took a trip to Hawaii with his family. It was awesome!! Beautiful weather, awe-inspiring sunsets, huge waves, surfing competitions, pineapple plantations, volcanos, barrier reef... I could go on and on!! Anyway, when we got home, we tackled his room, and this is how it ended up (except it used to have a crib with Hawaiian bumper pads in it!).

Here is his bed. This bed was actually one of a set of bunks that Hank used in college. The shelf above the bed, Hank made. It is a surfboard.

Here is the room from the door. The entertainment system used to serve as our changing table. We recently coverted it back to entertainment when Bry got to big for it! Also note the lantern lights, the boogie board, and the grass shirt around the table.

Bryant's ceiling is very high. Instead of doing a painted border, we decided to go to Party City and 'invest' in grass hut trim. Hank also stained this bamboo pole, and hung a string of lantern lights from the ceiling.

This is my favorite thing in Bry's room. While we were in Hawaii, we were at the Dole Plantation (as in pineapple) and I saw this in their massive gift shop. My mother-in-law saw me fall in love with it and bought it for me. It is an A-B-C quilt with all things Hawaiian. Hawaiians are known for their quilting ability.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Tres's Room

This is my oldest son's bedroom. He will be four in September, and his ever-changing personality is evident in his mish-mosh of a room! It used to be decorated in a sports theme, but that has slowly disappeared. Buzz Lightyear is a constant presence in his room, and right now, he is into 'Cars.' I love this room. It is HUGE! When we found out that we were gonna have another baby so soon... we had to come up with some more room. You see, we had planned on a baby when Tres was 3... but God had other plans! So we quickly converted our single car garage into a third bedroom. It's also their play room.

This was our bed, until we got the King. Now we have a room for Grammy and Pop Pop to sleep in that gives them some privacy for football season!

From the doorway. That huge window was the exact size of the garage door!

This is the wall of toys!!

Just about all that's left of Tres's original sports theme. Hank cut these pendants out himself, along with another set that lined another wall that said 'Alabama.'

This table is just as you come into Tres's room. Snack time, play dough time, and craft time take place here!

Master Bedroom

This is our new king-size bed!! We got it as a gift from my Aunt Mary several months ago! We love it cause we can all four fit in it with no problems, just like this morning. My favorite things in here are my new window treatments (custom made and also courtesy of my Aunt Mary). The one on the right actually covers a door that leads out back. They keep it nice and dark in our room. Another favorite thing is the old console radio I got for Hank for Father's Day at a yard sale. When we get into our next home (That will be bigger and have a work area for him!), he is going to restore it. But for now, it is tucked into the corner of our already crowded Master Bedroom!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

He's down for the count!

The boys did so good today!! They had hired a sitter for the nursery for those of us in the wedding who have kids. So they were at the church with us from 11:15 am- 4 pm or so when we left the reception. Such a blessing, my little men! They played and ate a lunch we packed them. They even came into the wedding and sat in back so they could hear Mommy sing!

At the reception, they thoroughly enjoyed the chocolate fountain... in fact, we found Tres missing at one point, and discovered that he was at the chocolate fountain with his little fingers in it!! Good thing it was at the end! His poor shirt is currently being treated for stains! :)

Because of our full day, both boys missed their naps. So after an early dinner, a bath, and a short play-time... I put on a video for Bryant. This is how I found him!

Getting Ready!

We had so much fun getting ready and waiting for picture time! It was fun! Josie and I helped Jennifer with her make-up... she was so freaked out about us being near her eyes... and when we were done, Little Miss Natural said, "That's a lot of make-up!" But she looked gorgeous... even if she is pastie white!

Joy helps her daughter with her dress!

Now, to add some poof to the picture!

My favorite part! Praying for Jennifer as she enters into the next chapter of her life!

Mom thanks God for answering 25 years worth of prayers for her daughter's husband.

The bride just before heading down the aisle!


Mr. & Mrs. Eric Snyder!! Well, I won't have any pics of them during or after the ceremony until we develop our film! Hank and I had the privilage of taking part in Eric and Jennifer's wedding today. Last night was the rehearsal and today was the ceremony. It was beautiful! So sweet, too. I was her matron of honor, and had a front row seat to Eric's reaction to her as she came down the aisle, and as they exchanged vows. Hankie had the job of photographer at this shin-dig! They had hired someone, but it didn't work out, so at the last minute, my Superman stepped in to save the day! He is super nervous that he didn't do well... but if you know my man, you know that's just not possible. He does everything well... and ladies, I do mean everything!! Thank you Jesus! Anyway, that was a bunny trail, huh? Here are some pics of the days events:

Jennifer and Eric at the rehearsal.

Josie helps Jennifer with her make-up

Jenn checks out the make-up job

Friday, July 21, 2006

Dear Jamie,

Please don't forget to 'thank' your husband for making sure that the laptop is working and we have wireless internet capabilities for our trip to Colorado. This way, you can still blog and keep up with everyone as well as e-mail and balance your checkbook! Your husband is the best!

Also, please consult with your body and tell it to quit craving Coke and chocolate and all things sweet. If you don't come to an understanding soon, you will need to buy a new wardrobe... and become the next Pro Active advocate.


I am finally feeling better. Last Sunday, we had to leave church early because I was having a pounding headache. That continued for days... it felt never-ending. I also felt drained, and Wednesday I started running a fever. So I went to the doctor. He told me I have a virus. Great. Nothing tummy related though, which is weird. But he couldn't give me a prescription. He told me to get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids. But I am FINALLY feeling like myself today!

Hank and I got up this morning and discovered ants in the boys' rooms. So we spent the morning vacuuming, cleaning, and spraying windows, cracks, and crevices! Now their rooms are spic-n-span (at least for the moment). You better believe I took advantage of that moment and took advance pics for the bedroom day to come! :)

I've felt so good, I tackled the boys' bathroom, am doing laundry and cleaning my room too! I hate having things build up on me, so I am so glad I feel better.

The boys and I will be heading to Val Dosta, GA this coming Wednesday. My mom is going with us. We will be leaving Tres with my sister-in-law Jackie for a week, while Hank and I go to Estes Park, CO for the GMA (Gospel Music Association) Music in the Rockies, where one of my songs is in the Semi-Finals for Song of 2006. Keep us in your prayers! I am super excited about all of this! Bryant will be staying with my parents. I've never spread them out like this before, so please pray that they do well, too.

Friday: Bathroom(s)

Welcome to our 'Rubber Duckie' bathroom!

I'm gonna be a bit of a rebel (take that, Mel!) and only post my kid's bathroom. My bathroom is very blah. It's white and that's about it. We have never taken the time to do anything to it except use it! :) So instead I will give you my favorite bathroom in our house! When we first moved into our home, we left this bathroom white, and I decorated with rich, deep red towels and roses and rugs. I absolely loved it!! One day, I plan on having my red and white bathroom back! But for now, it's fun and functional for my boys!

I love the vanity. I put together a basket of travel items and things guest might need during their stay at my house. Also, the candle sitting on the left smells like soap! So this room always smells clean!

Here is the commode with a duck shelf over it, complete with a rubber duck photo album and notebook.

One of my favorite things in this room is the Duck Robe. It has never been used as anything except decoration. This also shows the deep royal blue of the rugs and towls in this bathroom.

And these two things are my absolute favorite things in the bathroom. We got this clear rubber duck toilet seat from Target after Tres was born. We used some appliance paint on the bottom of the lid, so you couldn't see down into the bowl, and I think that made it even cuter!! Also the duckie hamper for their little dirty clothes.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday: Kitchen

I tried to do better on lighting in this one! Maybe I'll reshoot the den pics later on. Here is my kitchen:

I love my kitchen. It has hardwood floors and stainless steel appliances. And plenty of counter space. The only think it needs is a pantry!

My favorite things in my kitchen are the new stools right now! They make serving two hungry little boys so much quicker and easier! And I also love our retro toaster!

Here is what it looks like from the kitchen into the dining room. I love my table, because it has a bench as part of the seating!

Finish This Sentence... by Tres Boemer

**Note: I thought it would be fun to interview my little man on this one. I was right! I kept thinking of new stuff to ask him! Enjoy the thoughts from a nearly four-year-old.

My Home is... a lefty house where we stand.

I am listening to... my mom and Booberang (Boomerang) on my TV.

Maybe I should... go to the mall today and get me some cotton candy.

I love it when... Mommy tells me stories at night and Daddy gives me chocolate.

My best friend... is my cousin Luke and my cousin Donny-Mac.

I don't understand... letters and grown-up shows.

I lost... the red things for my Bat Mobile. That's what I loosed.

People say... that I'm old. Every body in the swimming pool said that yesterday. I'm old. [Note from Mom: He had a birthday coming up in September... he will be four.]

The meaning of my blog name is... it means Alabama football games and me and Bryant!

Love is... hearts and pop tarts.

Right now, somewhere, someone is... going to Disney and riding the Peter Pan ride.

I will always... be a Boemer.

Once upon a time I... went to the drive-in and saw 'Cars!'

I never want to... go to those mall places [department stores]. We have to go to Disney Store and Toys R Us.

My personal motto is... "Do your best cause it's the best you can do." [Note from Mom: Funny how this is also Space Boy's motto on Rolie Polie Olie.]

When I wake up in the morning... I get toys. Then I go pee-pee.

I get annoyed when... Bryant has stinky poo-poo in his diaper.

People always... change baby's diapers! Then they go to church on Sunday.

I sing... when we get in the car and you turn on my songs.

Hugs are the best when... you kiss too!

Today I... feel good and I'm wearing my Power Rangers underwear.

Tomorrow I will... get some cotton candy.

I really want... to be six. That's older than my cousin Luke.

If I had a sister... her name would be Henrietta and she would be a lefty. I would change her diaper. I would push her in a stroller. I would feed her a bottle.

If I had anther brother... his name would be Henry. I would spank him.

The thing that makes me different is... I'm the biggest and I have blue eues and I can do this... [he wiggles his nose].

My favorite things... are ice cream, watching cartoons, my Bat Mobile, and swimming.

Something I don't like to do is... sweating when I play outside. That's yucky!

One place I really want to go right now... is to Donny-Mac's house or the mall.

My favorite restaurant is... Mexican! Mexican! Chips and cheese and rice and beans! Mom, can we go there?

We miss you Grammy and Pop Pop!

We got a phone call last night from Hank's parents. They have been on a RV roadtrip since April and we haven't been as in touch with them since they are frequently out of range in places like Alaska and Canada! They live in Val Dosta, Georgia and your wouldn't think it would effect us that much... but we sure do miss them! They have sent us all kinds of post cards. The boys love checking the mail to see if they get something every day! We let the boys get out of bed to talk to them last night.

Bryant talking to "Me." That's what he calls Grammy!

Tres talking to Pop Pop!

Girl Polish

On Tuesday, I took the boys to my Mom's house to swim. My niece and nephew were there. Since Tres and Luke hadn't seen each other and played with each other in a few weeks, they headed up to the play room. They were playing so quietly that we decide to let them be while we took Sierra and Bryant out to swim. After a while, I went in to check on them, and they came out to swim. When I was getting Tres changed into his Buzz swimsuit, he said, "Look Mom!" and he holds his little chubby hands in front of my face. "Me and Luke found girl polish!" I looked at his hands and saw pale pink sparkley nail polish smeared all over his fingernails and the tips of his fingers. I said, "Wow, buddy. Did you paint your fingernails?" He smiled at me (cause he always smiles) and said, "Luke did it for me." So I called Luke over, and he shows me his fingernails which look much like Tres's did. I asked innocently, "Did Tres paint yours?" He looked at me like I had grown an extra head and said, "No Miss Jamie!" (he refuses to call me Aunt Jamie for some reason!) "I painted my own. Tres couldn't do it, he's just a little boy."

We did get on to them for getting into things they shouldn't have, but I'm not sure how seriously they took us since we did that while we were laughing!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wednesday: Living Room/Den

So, I'm playing a blog game with some friends. Since we are all from different states and more than likely won't meet for a while, we are showing each other one another's houses. Go to Mel's blog for details!

Today is Living Room/Den areas or Family rooms. Since we live in a garden home, our den area is our family room!!

This is our den from behind. Hank made the entertainment center from scratch! I love it!

This is how it looks from the other side. The mirror over the couch is the one I got at a yard sale for $20. The red ticket clearance sticker on the back said $129.99!

These are my favorite items in my den. They are memory boxes. I don't scrapbook... but I love to keep memorabilia. The one on the left is Bryant's memory trunk. The one in the middle is Tres's. The one on the right is our family one.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Thank God for...

...tired little boys who fall asleep on the way home. Daddy who fixed my broken A/C and saved the day! Mom, who is one of the best friends in the world.

...Crystal, the best dog-gone babysitter 'in the whole entire world!' (this according to Tres! :)), and a wonderful, fun, and cool friend!


...clearance racks.

...chocolate birthday cake from Edgars.

...a re-connection with a very old friend.

Thank you, Lord. You make every day sweeter, and every breath worth taking. I love you.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

My 3 Things List:

My 3 things list
3 things that scare me

Being alone
Loosing my mind

3 people that make me laugh

The Boemer boys
Traci J

3 things that I love


3 things I don't understand

What my two-year-old is saying!
How anyone could ever believe that there is no God.

3 things on my desk

A CD of kid's songs
A Mickey Mouse pen

3 things I am doing right now

Counting down the minutes until bedtime! :)
Making a list of things to get clean before Crystal gets here tomorrow! :)

3 things I want to do before I die

Have grandbabies!
Travel overseas

3 things I can do

Organize toys like a champ!
Love my family

3 things that describe my personality

slightly dramatic

3 things I can't do

Speak fluently in another language
Tap Dance

3 things I should listen to

Common Sense
My husband

3 things I should NEVER listen to

Satanic music :)
An insincere televangelist

3 of my absolute favorite foods

Olive Garden Alfredo Dipping Sauce
Cheesy Bean Dip

3 things I would like to learn

How to cut hair
How to sew

3 beverages I drink regularly

Sweet Tea

3 shows I watched as a kid

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers
Charles In Charge
Alvin and the Chipmunks

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My sweet boys! In their stools! In their $.40 t-shirts!

Tres told me today that when he turns four (on September 17) he will be 'so big that luke and She-era (we call her Sierra) will not even know that it's me! And my voice will be like this (he makes it sound gravelly) and they won't even know it's me again!'

Yesterday, after we left Target, he spilled some popcorn in the car. I saw it happen and I said "Oh, great!" Tres looked at me quizzically and said, "It's not great, Mom. It's bad."

Tonight in the van, Tres looked at Bryant and said, "Hey Bry, you want some chocolate?" Bry says, "Yea!" Then Tres looks expectantly at me and says, "I do too." End of conversation. It made me laugh so hard that we ended up getting those boys some chocolate.

Bryant is off the pacifier now. And it seems that his nap times are slowly evaporating. I have been diligently praying that they return, cause Momma is going slightly nuts! He still makes me laugh telling people, "Ackie 'ad a 'ole." And he pucker up his lips and raises his eyebrows and looks so pitiful. It ALMOST makes me feel bad for snipping holes in all of them! Almost...