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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Home Inspection

The inspector is coming this morning to go over our home. I had WEIRD dreams all night about it and stuff he would find on our house! Anyway, this is the first step in what I'm sure is going to be a hectic couple of weeks.

We have to get out of his way for a couple of hours, so we are taking all the baby stuff over to Mom & Dad's house (where we will be living for a while!) until he calls us to go over anything he might find.


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sweet Moment

I found Bryant playing with his Aunt Jennie in a quiet moment. Aren't they sweet together? Such a good aunt!

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Drive-In Adventures

We planned an outing with my parents and Jennie this past Sunday evening. We made it back out to the Drive-In to see 'Surf's Up.' We loaded down the van with 7 people, 5 chairs, a cooler, and pillows (a necessity for the boys!) and headed out!
It was fun... and even comical. My Dad went and got some concessions (very cheap, by the way) and when he got back, my Mom proceeded to dump the nachos on my Dad's pant leg! Then I proceeded to drop a canned drink and puncture it, which shot soda all over my leg and Jennie's! Then I kept dropping food on myself! The boys, of course, made themselves comfortable in the back... and got irritated at me for taking their pictures! :)

Hank, my Dad, Tres, Bryant, and my nephew Luke actually went back last night (half price night) and saw 'Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer.' Hank said the boys were a little loud and kept him busy. But that's the beauty of the Drive-In: it's outside and kids can be loud! Also the fresh air helps them fall asleep on the way home! :)

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In other news...

I took Bryant in to take care of his dental stuff. He was unsure about the whole process. Here he is talking to the nurse about the 'happy mask' and what scent he wanted to smell (strawberries).

But once they got him laying down, he was PITIFUL! He just laid there with big crocodile tears running down his cheeks.

They didn't have to give him a shot, but the dentist told us that it almost got to him because he wasn't struggling... just crying big fat tears. My poor baby! I brought Silkie with us, just in case (Silkie only makes select special appearances these days), and it's a good thing. They said he clung to it like it was a life line!


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Deep Breath

That's what I've been saying all day. We S-O-L-D our house after just 1 1/2 weeks with the sign in the yard, one showing, and one offer. Even though we realize that may sound really quick... the offer was VERY good! God is taking care of our family. We are hoping to close by July 13th to avoid paying our next mortgage payment!



Well, we got home from tee ball practice last night, and barely got in the door, when the doorbell rang. It was a real estate agent that had some clients interested in our house. Within 15 minutes they were walking through. I could tell by their reaction that they loved it. We knew up-front that they were what the agent referred to as 'serious buyers' because they had been about to buy a house with the same floor-plan on another street. By 9 o'clock we had heard from the agent again that they liked the house and wanted to come see it again and make an offer. All of this happened starting at 7:30 and ending at 9.

Just say a prayer for us this morning. They will be here at 9am to walk-through again.

Regardless of how this works out, we have already learned some valuable things (aka serious buyers don't care if your beds made or not! :)). So whethere this is the new family for our little home or not, we feel like this is the first step to something bigger!


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

T-Ball Moments

I have been meaning to post some tee ball stuff. It has really been a lot of fun to watch the boys at practices and games! This was their first practice. We didn't know that there was going to be a little girl on his team! And I let him wear that shirt! :)This was the first team meeting. I love how involved all the parents are. At any of the practices and games you will find at least 4 parents on the field with the coach and team. Here's Bryant waiting for one of his practices to get started. He is the smallest and youngest member of his team. When he is wearing the batting helmet, he looks like Chicken Little! And he rarely runs to the right base. But he LOVES to play!Hank gives Tres some instruction during their last game. Bryant is in the background on the bench waiting his turn to hit.Here he is with Colin, Brennon, and Bryce. One of the other mother's made all the kids a bucket with their name on it to help keep them out of the batting area. They sat on them until they realized that they could wear them or fall off of them. Either way, they were entertained, we were entertained, AND they stayed out of the batting area!They had team pictures over the weekend. The boys did SO good! We did individual pics of each boy, a team picture, and we did a 'buddy shot' with both of our boys. When we get them back, I will be sure and post those!

The games are all fun to watch! The kids do great for the first two innings... but by the third (and last) they are all about done and ready for other things.


Monday, June 25, 2007

Guess What?

Guess what's in the washer right now?

My first load of little girl clothes.

Guess what I just bought at Wal-mart?

Pink Rubbermaid bins to organize all the little girls stuff.

Guess what I feel like?

A really tired elephant!


Thursday, June 21, 2007

29 1/2 weeks

I forgot to post about the baby's doctor appointment last week. We are measuring good. I have still not gained any weight, which is baffling me, cause I eat whatever, but I stay pretty busy. The doctor says I'm 29 weeks... I think I'm 31 weeks. I'll start seeing the doctor every two weeks after July 4th.

I am now officially UNCOMFORTABLE! She is head down and as low as she can go! Riding in the car for long periods of time hurts. Walking hurts... No fun! But I still manage, so we're good.

I passed my glucose screening, and the iron levels in my blood look good. No dehydration like some of my other friends! :)

I'm having braxton hicks pretty regularly, which is pretty normal. I'm also feeling the need to get everything ready for her. So next week, I plan on washing all the 0-3 months stuff and get the basinet ready. People probably think I'm rushing it, but 'MY' due date and the 'DOCTOR' due date are 2 weeks apart. And I tend to have babies early. Better to be prepared, than to be scrambling last minute! I also did pre-registration last week with the hospital, and Hank should be filling out the paper work for his paternity leave today. Everything is coming together!


Tropical Punch

My mom and I went and found the baby bedding for Baby Girl this week! It's called Tropical Punch by Cocalo. I had another one picked out originally, but I saw this one set up in the store, and loved it! We got the bedding set and the mobile. But the rest of her room won't look like Tropical Punch mania! :) No lamp, or wallpaper border, or wall art, or rug, or chair. The boys really liked the animals, and I really liked the colors with the brown accents! Her crib is a dark, dark brown color. And more than likely, she will not have pink walls. So, the look will be dramatically toned down for this momma!


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The sign is officially in the yard!

EDIT: The fliers are out now too! I'm so obsessed, that I want to count them constantly to see how many are getting out there. Of course, we know that neighbors are probably grabbing some, cause that's what we do! :)

Now, I just gotta figure out how to change the ink cartridge in the printer, and the fliers can be out there, too!


Monday, June 18, 2007

4-D Bust!

Well we got up early this morning and got into Bham for our 4-D Ultrasound. I was so excited with it being out first one! Right away, the tech found her low and in my pelvis and couldn't get a good face shot. So I got on my side and we went ahead and confirmed that she is indeed a 'she!' The tech said there is no question, at this point! No 'stem on the apple!' Thank You, Lord for peace of mind! Ha!
After being pushed on for a while, she still hadn't moved. So I got up and jumped around, and pushed on my belly myself. Then we had the boys talk to her (which normally gets a response from her of some kind).. but she is stubborn and wouldn't be moved. All of the 4-D shots look like she has her faced pressed up against glass or something. She looks funny! Here are things we did learn:

She has long fingers.
She has full lips.
She has lots of hair!
She weighs about 3 pounds.
She is already in the 'ready position' (face down and feet up-- the tech said that this can be an indication of an early delivery).
She stuck her tongue out at us.

None of the pictures were great... but I'll see if Hank can get something on here for you guys later!

NOTE TO SELF: Buy some little baby bows. Be sure to pack baby nail clippers in hospital bag when you get around to doing that (they won't cute their nails there for some reason and Bryant scratched up his whole little face in the first day and we didn't get his hospital pics because of it!).


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Random Thoughts

Reflux sucks... that's why I'm sitting here after midnight and not asleep like a good little girl!

Our 4-D ultrasound is tomorrow morning. I'm a little nervous cause I just found out that someone I know discovered they were having a girl on their 4-D AFTER they had been told it was a boy! Also, what if she's ugly? Scratch that... not possible. Have you seen my children???

I really want an ice cream Snicker's Bar.

Our neighbor just put her house on the market. Good for us, I think. She is represented by an agent. We are doing FSBO. So, our hope is that when her agent brings folks over, they will want to stop by too! Oh, and we plan on doing an open house when she does! :) She is also pricing her house at exactly what we are going too.

Did any one you SEE that comment my husband left on the Daddy posts? Oh my goodness!! Could he be any more sexy??? Sorry ladies... so sorry your didn't get the best one, cause he's all mine!

I will leave you with our little impromptu family portrait from this morning. Don't be jealous that your family isn't as pretty! :)

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Happy Father's Day Daddy!

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My Daddy ~ By Bryant

Da-ee (as pronounced by Bry) looks like a man and he has brown and blacks! (brown eyes and black hair)

My most favorite thing to do with Da-ee is play at the park and play swords.

When Da-ee lays with me at night, I like it, cause Silkie's there too!

Da-ee makes me laugh when he tickles me.

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My Daddy ~ By Tres

My Daddy looks like he has glasses with brown eyes and a stomach that's not very fat.

My most favorite thing to do with Daddy is to get ice cream and go to the theatres.

Daddy helps me not get bad dreams at night when he lays with me.

I love Daddy.

He loves me.

He's my best friend.

That's all!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Disney Slideshow


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Back from Disney

So we made make from Disney on Sunday night. The boys had a BLAST with their cousins (or 'friends' as Bryant calls them!). Tres especially enjoyed all the Star Wars characters at MGM this year. We went through Bryant's anxiety over the character all over again, but by the last day he was brave enough to get his picture with the Red Power Ranger and Buzz Lightyear.

We wore the t-shirts that Hank made us for Star Wars Weekend, and everyone, including Disney staff, was commenting on them! I have such an incredibly creative husband!

We spent some good time with the entire Boemer side of the family swimming, eating, and riding rides! It was a fun time. Hank has put together a photo story, and when he get's home, I'll get him to put it on here for me!

I did okay, being 7 months pregnant and huge. I had some swelling and got REALLY tired. My view the entire trip was the back of Hank as he pushed the stroller and I tried to keep up! :) My feet and back are glad to be back to everyday life!

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Deep Breath!

Shew! It's been a busy few days! Hank and I spent the majority of the weekend working on our house. Cleaning, odds and ends kind of stuff. We are pretty ready to put this bad boy on the market, but plan to wait until after we get back from Disney.

Sunday evening, a blog friend, Melanie, came into town and I got to meet her and her kids in person! It's so funny how you can get to know someone through a venue like this. I was amazed at how natural it felt to spend time with her. We played games Sunday evening, and laughed until we cried (and some of us may have even peed our pants...being pregnant and all!). We ate until we were sick of eating. We played games and talked until 2 am. That is not something I do anymore, and was so much fun!

Monday, I spent the morning getting things semi-ready for our vacation, then went and picked up Crystal and Mel and her boys. We ate at Chik-fil-A with Vickie and Mercy. Then we headed over to Watermark for a while. After that we went to the mall, and indulged Mel in as many cravings as we could! We were both pushing our strollers, constantly answering one of our two boys, and shopping for our girls on the way! I was truely sad to have to leave when I dropped them off! I have pictures, but I don't have time to download them now! I will do a slide show when I get back next week!

For now, I hope this video tides you all over! The boys were painting a project for Grammy & Pop Pop. The messiness almost got away from us!
You are instructed to ignore the huge pregnant woman who walks into the shot at the end! :)
And here they are are getting all cleaned up after the paint onslaught!
I had to rinse them off, wrap them in towels, clean the tub, then put them back in and bathe them. Such fun!

The boys also had their first tee ball game tonight and it was so much fun! Again, pictures will be posted when I get back! They did so good, and looked so darn cute in their little uniforms!

Well, I better sign off for now! We leave for Hank's parent's house in the morning. Then from there it's on to Disney! The boys are so excited that they went to bed early for us! Can you believe it!

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