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Joyful Noise!

The most wasted of all days, is one without laughter!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Old Year

This past year we have been learning, growing, and evolving as a family. Hank has changed jobs... both boys are in school and learning so so much... Sophie is developing into a beautiful and strong willed little girl!

We've had a ton of things happen! Good things... things to move us into the next phase of our life. We're in the middle of a transition and beyond ready to be on the other side looking back!

The 'Old Year' (as Tres called it) has been good to us. But we have learned some tough lessons about living. And we are learning the value of family more and more. I'm so thankful for all these events.

I have resolutions, but want to wait to tell you until I have prayed in the New Year and committed these things to my Savior.

But in lieu of those, I want to reflect on what I've learned in the 'Old Year.'

* I've learned that my kid's Bible study, does, indeed, apply to me.

* I've learned... or I've been reminded... that my conversations with God, are not one-sided.

* We've come to realize as a family, that any pets we get have to be fur less... allergies and asthma are apart of life for now.

* As a wife, I have learned to appreciate how my husband is willing to make huge changes for our family-- and he doesn't do change well.

* I've learned that after 30 I cannot eat whatever I want... even if I still think I can.

* I am learning that being a mommy to a little girl is so different than being a mommy to two rough and tumble boys!

* I've learned that eating lunch with my sons at school is cool to them... so I'll do it as often as I can until they think it isn't cool anymore! :)

* I've learned that I like having my house so clean! Who knew.

* And I'm learning that love can be shown in so many more ways than candles and flowers! Cleaning out the dishwasher, washing a load of laundry or cleaning out the car really does it for me! :)

* I've learned the hard way that friends you invest in should also invest in you. I'm so thankful for all my 'investments!'
- For friends who let me be creative and come up with new characters and fun ways to kill them off!
- For sister type friends who love me even when we fight in the parking lot of Lowe's.
- For the most loyal friend who has my back at every turn, and eats every meal I cook... even if I made it with dark meat!
- For friends who let me, exhausted from painting, crash at their house all day and just rest.
- For friends who never judge, and make me laugh at myself when we talk!
- For childhood friends who let me, Martha I. Ball, be silly after all these years!
- For mom type friends who put up with crap and snippy remarks, and then hug and cry with me when I realize what I'm doing!
- For my favorite half of our favorite couple... who makes it so easy to be real with her!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Our New Normal

For several weeks, the kids have seemed to be pretty much adjusted to our new 'normal.' Don't get me wrong, they still wait for Friday like it's Christmas Eve, and hate Monday. But there are no longer emotional breakdowns and boundary testing sessions going on. I have laid down the rules and our routine, and the kids seem to be responding pretty well. I have noticed, though, that they tell Daddy WWWAAAAYYY more about their days than they do me. I can say, "How was you day?" And get a "Fine" or "Good." Hank can ask, and he gets it all!

Last night, though, Bryant wanted his Dad. The kids were eating at the kitchen table while I was cleaning up after them (Remember we are keeping OUR HOUSE picure perfect.. or at least close to it! since it is on the market) and he started sobbing for his Daddy.

I went over, picked him up and situated him in my lap. He doesn't let me 'baby' him very often so I remember kissing his head and breathing in the smell of his freshly washed hair. We talked for a few minutes and decided to pray for the next day to go by quickly, made plans for the boys to sleep on the pull-out sofa downstairs, and decided to make Daddy's favorite cookies. That seemed to satisfy him, but it broke my heart. I sat there silently praying. I know it hasn't been a long season for us. And if God is teaching Hank and I important things right now, I am glad for this time. But I miss finding Hank's foot in bed at night... My heart is screaming for my family to be whole again.

Weeks like this... chicken pox, computer viruses, and the usual holiday stresses... make me realize it even more.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's goot!


We've been elfed!

Bob the Elf is back! He is making himself at home, but not making many messes this year. The boys got the other elf in a grab machine a month or so ago, and Bob seems to like having him around!

Polka Dot Princess

Guess who has chicken pox...

Gingerbread Goodness!

Hank had it in his head this year that he wanted to do a Gingerbread house with the kids this year! So while he was in ATL last week, he picked one up. After a really long day at the parade, the SEC game party and other misc things... we sent the kids to take bathes and then let them decorate away!

Sophie, being the beautiful diva she is came to table sporting her bikini... or her 'simming sooot!'

Bryant showed up in pj pants and Tres showed up in undies... none of these things are unusual at our house. But for picture purposes, I had Tres go put on some clothes. Smile! That kid would stay in undies all day if allowed too!

It was a lot of fun, and the house came out surprisingly well considering a 7, 5, and 2 year old decorated it. Soph only sampled all the candies once (maybe twice), but they were all in love with the icing!