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Joyful Noise!

The most wasted of all days, is one without laughter!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


My baby is 3!!!! AHHHHHH! Where did the time go? Here are some things that make me smile and laugh about my little lady:

Her favorite color is pink. Always pink. It never changes. You can ask her a million times and she will tell you a million times!

She loves to eat chicken and mac 'n cheese.

She loves to get 'dress up.' She wakes up and says, "Time to get dress up, Mommy?" And her look is not complete without fixing her hair and brushing her teeth.

Now that she is potty trained, we are working on getting her over the fear of the dreaded diaper changing stations in the bathrooms. She seems to have her most proud moments when she announces each and every time we go into a restroom with a changing station, "I no hab to get on da bears/da elefans!" [there are normally cartoon kola bear or elephants on them.] She has had some sort of irrational fear of these changing stations for a while now. I can't pinpoint it, but when we would go to change her she would become terrified and pitch a tiny fit until she was done. So now she is proud to by pass the dreaded changing station and head to the potty!

She is swimming with water wings on now... all over the pool.... no fear, that one! She took her time on the stairs for about 2 weeks and the other day she decided to head into unknown waters. As long as she is in her water wings and I am nearby, I'm cool!

She likes to play with hair and scratch backs. And while that sounds okay, just make sure you are prepared for the attack on your head with a brush or make sure her nails are trimmed!! OUCH!

She is really into trying out new, big words. She is liking 'Prolally' right now. And she uses it correctly!

Every noun in Sophieland is followed by an adjective... 'I will wear my dress red.' 'I want some gloss (lip gloss) pink.' And so on and so on. It's fun to hear her talk right now. I love it.

She has begun to sprout up, but not gain weight. So a 2T outfit fits her in length, but a 12 month outfit would fit her little waist.

She is OBSESSED with shoes and changes them constantly. Last night, we unearthed a pair of old Buzz Lightyear tennis shoes that both boys wore.... and she wore them around all night until bed, then put them on first thing this morning. At about 10, she looked at me and said, "I go put on guwl shoes now."

Her hair is long and curly at the end. And I love it! So cute!

She has a friend/hero in our next door neighbor's daughter, Maggie. I hear about Maggie constantly until Maggie gets home from school (K-4).

She seems to have graduated from coloring on wall/couches/tables/clothes/herself. Althought I still don't trust her on her own with markers... she does get some creative time with Mommy!

This will probably be her last year at home and I am trying to take it all in and make it last!