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Monday, July 24, 2006

Tres's Room

This is my oldest son's bedroom. He will be four in September, and his ever-changing personality is evident in his mish-mosh of a room! It used to be decorated in a sports theme, but that has slowly disappeared. Buzz Lightyear is a constant presence in his room, and right now, he is into 'Cars.' I love this room. It is HUGE! When we found out that we were gonna have another baby so soon... we had to come up with some more room. You see, we had planned on a baby when Tres was 3... but God had other plans! So we quickly converted our single car garage into a third bedroom. It's also their play room.

This was our bed, until we got the King. Now we have a room for Grammy and Pop Pop to sleep in that gives them some privacy for football season!

From the doorway. That huge window was the exact size of the garage door!

This is the wall of toys!!

Just about all that's left of Tres's original sports theme. Hank cut these pendants out himself, along with another set that lined another wall that said 'Alabama.'

This table is just as you come into Tres's room. Snack time, play dough time, and craft time take place here!


Blogger Vickie said...

You guys are so creative. I LOVE your house. Have I told you I LOVE your house!!!

9:48 PM  
Blogger ~CRYSTAL~ said...

I haven't seen his room, since you made all of the changes....It looks so good!

10:38 PM  
Blogger Mel said...

How Fun! Neither one of the boys' rooms are decorated yet because I wanna wait and spend money when I know it will last longer than a year. So once we move them in together I will decorate- I'm thinking prob. sports. Kyan's room is done up in his baby stuff still and even that was handed down from Aidan. I felt sooo bad not buying him new stuff but I couldn't bring myself to spending the money when Aidan's was only a year old. Maybe Baby 3 will be a girl & I won't have to hand it down again....yea right!!

11:54 AM  

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