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Joyful Noise!

The most wasted of all days, is one without laughter!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ballfield Fun

My brother's little boy, Tyler, has been enjoying his first season of tee-ball! He's so cute out there! We got to go to one of his games and cheer him on!
Handome Tres man!

Grandma and Bryant

Tyler and Matt... man does Tyler's little smile take me back to Matt as a little boy! Everybody sing it with me... Memories... in the corner of my mind... mister water color memories... of the way we were.... okay, enough of that.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Temporary Home Sweet Home

I went back with Hank to Atlanta on Sunday. I looked at houses ALL DAY and then after Hank got off he came back and looked at the two I had it narrowed down to. We quickly eliminated one and are still thinking about the other. Man, I wish this was as simple as finding a new pair of shoes. But, anything worthwhile is worth our time, right? Hank and I keep reminding each other that it is our responsibility to find our family a good home with good schools. So even though we are frustrated and tired, we are determined! There are some decent prospects, so our heads are definitely up!

So Tuesday a few of the showings fell through and I ended up kind of on my own wandering the city. So I dropped Hank off, found Target, did some shopping, and since it was a nice day, sat in the car with the windows down and read. I met Hank for lunch at IKEA, then I went and did a little online househunting (no longer fun, by the way!). After that, I found another quiet place to read and wait on Hank to finish his day. When I got ready to go pick him up, the car would not crank. So he walked to me and a very nice security guy came to jump us off.

Anyway... it was a long day. And because Hank needed to replace the starter in the Camry, instead of meeting my Mom halfway, we drove all the way back 'home.' That term has taken on a whole new meaning now. I want to say, 'Ah! It's good to be home!' And I am comfortable here... but it's getting bare around here... cabinets and drawers cleaned out. Toys packed away... pictures off the wall. Our reality is again about to change.

Well, we've come to the point where we will not be able to close on a new house by the end of May, so we will be moving in with my parents for a couple of weeks at least. Hopefully we will be in our new home (wherever that is!) by the end of June! Gotta get my kids settled and registered for school after all.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Hank and I are searching for a new home for our little clan. While I would love to say that we are being patient, that is far from the truth. We are bouncing hour by hour between a range of emotions... from frustration, to excitement, to slight panic at times. In the midst of all this madness, Hank and I got to spend a much needed weekend alone. While it was no honeymoon, as it was filled with househunting, it was nice to be alone with my husband! It had been so long since we had done that. We laughed and talked and prayed and everything in between. I feel so blessed to be married to my best friend.

Just some fun stuff! We found one of our favorite restaurants in Atlanta. Copelands! Hank and I went there often when we dated, but they closed down in Birmingham about 5 or more years ago. So we got our favorite... Spinach artichoke dip with fried bowtie pasta and chicken fettucine! Good stuff!

And my shoes got to hurting my feet while we were searching for a home, so we stopped and got some and look what I found! Houndstooth flip flops! Can you tell what the name is from the picture? It made me laugh and think about what one of my friends always says... "Bear Bryant did NOT invent houndstooth!"

Friday, May 07, 2010

Dear Tres, Bryant, and Ava Sophia

I wanted you before you were born. Each one of you took me by surprise, and while I was shocked, I was also thrilled. I loved (almost) every minute of being pregnant with you. I loved feeling you move and knowing that God had a purpose and a plan for you. I loved how with Tres I craved cantaloupe, with Bryant I craved Reese's ice cream, and with Sophie I could devour an entire watermelon by myself. I loved standing in the mirror and seeing my baby bump and wondering what you each would look like... act like... sound like. I loved shopping for your first tiny outfits and washing them and folding them and getting your rooms all ready. I loved how your dad would cater to my every whim. I loved feeling you have hiccups. And I loved seeing you suck your thumb on the ultrasound. I loved the day we officially hooked the infant carrier in the car, 'just in case' you came early, which you all three did!

I loved you when you were born. The first hour after you were born was the happiest form of torture! I could see you, I could examine every inch of you... but I couldn't touch you yet. I remember how I would sing to you and all of you seemed to turn your head and search for me. I saw your face on your birth days and I knew that I was in love. I knew that I had chosen to love... and love deeply... before you. But there was no choice now with you. It was a love that came as naturally as breathing. Before you were an hour old, I had you memorized. I knew how you felt. I knew your cry and learned to discern it in the midst of dozens of other crying children.

When you turned one and we threw ridiculously large parties that you would never remember... I loved you. In that first year, each of your personalities developed so thoroughly. Tres was my joy and my light, smiling at every one and at every opportunity. Bryant was my brown eyed chunky monkey! A mini version of his Daddy with charm to spare! And Ava Sophia, a spicy little lovable diva. My tart and tiny. Momma's girl, through and through.

I loved every bottle I washed, every stain that I scrubbed, every diaper I changed, every story I read, every boo-boo I kissed. All of these things were my complete and honest pleasure. God gave you to me. God trusted me with three tiny treasures (and you were all tiny! Tres was 5 lb. 14 oz. Bryant was 6 lb. 7 oz. and Sophie was 5 lb. 1 oz.)

I hate every nightmare you have, Tres. But I love how you will still come to me and let me hug you and comfort you. I hated every ear infection you had, Bryant... but loved the sweet way you would play with my hair as we waited on one of the three sets of tubes to relieve your pain. I hated breathing treatments and asthma attacks, Ava Sophia... but I love how you trusted me inexplicably as we learned together about the inhaler and nebulizer.

I love watching you now, interacting with one another and I love to dream about how your relationships will develop as you grow. I love seeing Bryant follow Tres to the ends of the earth. I love seeing Bryant fulfill every one of Sophie's demands/requests. And I love seeing Sophie desperately trying to keep up with her brother's impossibly fast pace.

I love hearing you pray. I love to talk to you about Jesus. I love watching you sleep. I love to smell your hair after your bath. I love it when we laugh together. I love watching you be your dad's helpers and buddies. I love watching you learn how to love back.

I would not be the person I am today, if it were not for you three. I love you. I wanted you. I would die for you. You are my world.



Wednesday, May 05, 2010


These are all from 2005! Can you believe those are my little boys!