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Joyful Noise!

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bryant's Birthday Party

We did a late birthday party for Bryant last weekend. It was a lot of work, but everything turned out so cute!! It all started when I found some cute birthday invitations at walmart that had a colorful caterpillar on the front. Then I found ceramic bugs in the arts and craft section for the kids to paint. Then I found a recipe for dirt cake on an ice cream cone box. Then I put gummy worms in them and fake flowers. I put together little summer time goodie bags. But my favorite part was the bug antennaes that Hank and I made for the kids to wear. So while they were playing on the playground, painting their bugs, and eating cake they were all wearing the cutest anteannaes!! When I get home tonight I will post some pics of them.

Two problems came up though. Even though I made the dirt cake cupcake cone things the morning of the party, by the time it was party-time, the cones had gotten soggy. So while they looked cute, no one ate any because they were a mess!! Thank God my mom had insisted on buying a regular cake for the adults!!

The other problem was with the pavilion at the park. I had had a rough weak last week in that I had developed a cyst on one of my ovaries and was in a lot of pain, so I never made it over to city hall to reserve a pavilion. When I realized that I wasn't going to make it over to make the reservation, I called up there. I spoke to a very nice lady who said that they couldn't control people wanting to use the pavilions. She also told me that I could just go to the park Saturday morning and claim one of the pavilions that wasn't tagged with a reserved sign. She said that they weren't all reserved. So I went there that morning and found two that weren't tagged. I grabbed the one that was more out of the way. Halfway through the party, a lady shows up all flustered and announced that this was HER pavilion. I explained that I had taken that one because it wasn;t tagged and what the lady at city hall said, but she and her husband were quite rude. It made for an interesting party though!! They ended up at the other available pavilion, so no harm no foul. I tried to go and apologize again, but she was still rude. Oh well. We still had fun, and the kids had a blast!

Monday, April 17, 2006

More Cute Pics

The Boemer Boys on Easter Sunday morning before mass.

Heather Hall! So cute, and so prissy!

It was hard to catch Tres standing still or by himself! Here he is on the tire swing

Best friends and cousins. Tres and Donovan are inseparable!

Easter Egg Hunt

All of these cousins look alike somehow!

Me and Bryant! I was trying to keep him in one spot until the egg hunt started!

Just $12 a month...

Anyone want to sponsor this child?

Jackie and Jamie (Hank's sister and brother-in-kaw) have an awesome back yard... complete with a huge playset. But they have very little grass, and the dirt is black there. So by the days end, busy little boys, were very dirty.

Playing with cousins

Fletcher teaches Tres and Donovan all about golf!

Tres and Donovan play Power Rangers... or is it Space Rangers?

It's feeding time at the ranch!!

Ashton thinks about taking a walk across the top of the swings while Ryan looks on!

Bryant swings on tire swing with Maggie & Delaney

Easter Extravaganza!

Easter was a blur of watching dirty little boys play from dusk till dawn with their cousins and helping my in-laws unpack. We took time on Saturday to hide 400 plastic, candy-filled eggs for all of the 9 cousins to find. Well, "find" is a funny term when you're talking about that many eggs! The yard was literally littered with eggs. We gave the little ones a two minute head start, then let all the younger ones have at it! It was fun. Tres was selective about what which eggs he chose. Bryant just wandered around with me and picked up what he felt like. Heather (the cousin that's Bryant's age) only hunted for lollipop filled eggs.

It's pretty funny when you get everyone in one place at once. You learn something about each family. Right now, Hank's two sisters are doing the organic cooking. They made organic everything while we were together. It was all good. But I saw how much it cost to prepare organic! Oh, my word! Hank and I have decided to find a way to live healthier. Not that we're bad now. But we just want to look and feel better.

BIG, BIG news folks! Tres is potty trained! Thank you Lord! He has been doing better and better. He got some big-boy Power Ranger underwear in his Easter Basket and he has been in those ever since. Bryant got some Batman underwear and we are hoping that he is not far behind!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

My Dad's Birthday

My Dad's birthday was March 30. And since we were heading out of town for the weekend directly following that, I invited my parents over to our house to grill out. I did good on the prep stuff. Got shrimp marinated and chicken strips. Mom supplied some steaks. And once everyone was on their way, I went outside to light the grill. So, I'm not usually the one that heads up the grill crew at our house. Hank walked me through getting it lit. I'm not dumb... I've just never done it! Well, I got the gas turned on and was trying to get the pilots on both sides lit, so I was bending down and looking in the grill. All of sudden, a huge whoosh of fire-air comes out of the grill and smacks me in the face! It scared the crap out of me! But I was fine. The night was fun. My boys show off anytime we have guests, and my parents are no exception! The bad news is... I burned a few of the steaks. The good news is that everything else turned out great and we had enough food to feed an army! The weird news is that my eyelashes on my right eye (if your looking at me) are super short thanks to the whoosh of fire air! :) So much fun to put on mascara now. :(

Pictures in My New Camera...

That I don't know how to download yet:

1- Bryant's birthday! He loved blowing out his candle.
This was just our family party. We will be doing a kid one on April 22nd. So hopefully I'll have figured out how to download by them!

2- Helping the Boemer's pack. That was a chore!! Over 30 years of stuff! And Mrs. B doesn't believe in throwing away or giving away much of anything!

3- Days at the park... the weather has been so great lately!

4- Our visit with Danny & Jackie. Hank's best friend and his wife. They are expecting a little girl-- Morgan-- in May!

5- Random cute shots from everyday life.

I really need to figure out our new camera! Our old one bit the dust, so we got a new one! I'm scared to touch it! :)