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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Today... the Here and Now

This morning, Hank and I were laying in bed, when our 9 year old came in and whispered, "Mom, can we go to yard sales?" He knows it's one of my favorite things and I love that it is also fun for him. I was happy to find 'The Sound of Music' on VHS since earlier this week, I got a text from my husband simply stating, "Sophie needs to watch The Sound of Music." Oldest son got a bulliten board for his room that he is ready to paint and make his own. This makes me smile. Today, we went to a family wedding shower for my niece, who was a flower girl in my wedding oh so many years ago. She is gorgeous and glowing and happy. It was nice seeing all of Hank's family. It was fun laughing and sharing. It makes me happy. On our way home, we stopped at K-Mart... it's going out of business and has one day left. I got some amazing deals on clothes for the kids. That made me smile. I'm at home. I'm watching my husband paint our daughter's toenails a dark green color (am I the one only that remembers the simpler times of pink polishes??). She is happy. "Oh my gosh! It's so sparkly!" she says with a smile as she gazes adoringly up at her Daddy. I love seeing her learning how boys should treat her from her daddy. Their relationship makes me happy. I can see my middle son sitting on the counter between the den and the kitchen snacking on sour patch kids while he intently watches a Braves game. He is wearing his new favorite shirt that I got him on clearance at said K-mart that is closing. I got it for him as his Easter shirt and he has barely taken it off since. It makes me happy. I helped our oldest son form his hypothesis for his science project early tonight. His eyes lit up with curiosity when we talked about what might happen when we use magnets and metal wires and a 35 mm canister and an LED light. It makes me smile. Now daughter and middle son are racing around turning off lights and playing hide and seek with a flashlight. I keep hearing, "You can't peak!" From the boy and lots and lots of giggling from the girl. Then they sat down and started speaking in really REALLY bad Italian accents... saying things like "Meatsa Pasta... ravioli... Mamma Mia!" Their relationship makes me happy. It doesn't take much. Just the everyday stuff. The here and now. It makes me happy.


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