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Joyful Noise!

The most wasted of all days, is one without laughter!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Tres is a never ending source of entertainment to us these days! He has a blue satin hippo attached to a small blanket that he calls Silky. He loves this thing! The other night he told his daddy that Silky was his best friend. If you see Tres without Silky, it won't be for long... because he is usually attached to it like glue! Last week we had a funny conversation:

Mom: "Tres, where's Silky?"

He pulls it out from under his leg while sitting in his carseat.

Tres: "Hers right here Momma!"

Mom: "Is Silky a boy or a girl?"

Tres: "Hers a hippo Momma, " very matter-of-factly.

Mom: "Oh, hers a hippo, huh?"

Tres: "Yeah. And her is blue."

Mom: "Do you love Silky?"

Tres: "Oh, yeah, Momma. I loves her." And he hugs Silky tight.

How sweet is he!

And our name is....

Well, now... I can't tell you if I don't know, can I? I'm sorry guys! We haven't been able to meet to decide because of the funeral! We will be getting together tonight and also on Sunday, so hopefully by then we will no longer be the "CLC Quartet" like TBN labeled us! Ha! But it is so cool that you guys are interested!

Tonnie had another name idea... it come from the Hebrew meaning of the word climb...

'el- pronouced (elle)- it literally means to press on, to further, to continue seaching

What do you think?

Back with a Bang!

So Hank and I went to Delaware last week for his Grandmother's funeral. It's funny how you can never meet someone but be effected just the same because of the impact it has on the people you love the most. The trip was good, for what it was. My kids stayed with my Mom & Dad, so Hank and I got to go alone. That was fun! We drove to Nashville, and got clothes for his parent's who weren't prepared for a long stay or a funeral. We stayed with Danny and Jackie Butler and then flew out of Nashville early Wednesday morning (6:15 am). Thank you Danny and Jackie for letting us crash at your house and taking us to the airport! Delaware is so different than Alabama. We were in Lewes, which was the first city in the first state of America (see Hank, I was paying attention!). We spent time with Hank's parents and his uncle. The service was on Thursday... it was soooo cold! Everyone was chilled to the bone after the graveside service. What was really nice... the family asked everyone to take a rose from the floral arrangement on top of the casket. We are drying ours out. We spent the rest of that day with family. We went to the boardwalk... got some authentic boardwalk fries... Hank got some Grotto pizza, which is his absolute favorite pizza... then we hit some outlet stores and did some Christmas shopping (since Delaware has no sales tax!) That evening, Hank and I went and caught "Hitch" at a local theatre. Then we headed out bright and early for our ride back to Nashville with Hank's parents. It was a long day! But by 11:30pm we were back safe and sound at home in our bed! Yeah! We got up at 7 (because we couldn't let ourselves sleep late!) and went and picked up our boys! We spent the day going to a birthday party and then back at home to relax and prepare for the Easter bunny!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Name Ideas

Well, we have several name ideas on the table now and I was hoping you guys could tell me which one you think sounds the best to you:

1 Peter 2:9-10 "But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, aholy nation, A PEOPLE BELONGING TO
GOD, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out ofdarkness into his
wonderful life."

Psalms 119:130 "The unfolding of your words gives light; it givesunderstanding to the simple."

Luke 21:1-4 " As he looked up, Jesus saw the rich putting their gifts into the temple treasury. He also saw a
poor widow put in two very small copper coins. 'I tell you the truth,' he said, 'this poor
widow has put in more than all the others. All these people gave their gifts our of their
wealth; but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on."


Proverbs 31:20 "She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy."

Proverbs 31:31 "Give her the reward she has earned, and let her worksbring her praise at the city gate."

I John 3:1 "How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!"

Under The Boardwalk

Ever since Hank and I first started dating, he's been telling me that he wants to take me to Delaware. He used to spend summers and vacations there with his family. His mom is from there and her family still lives there. Well, Hank and I are finally going, but for sad reasons. His Grammy Brown (his mom's mom) passed away yesterday. Hank is going to be a pall bearer at her funeral.
Grammy Brown was in her 80s and had been in declining health for some time now. I have never had an opportunity to meet her. And she had never met our children, but we sent her cards and pictures often.
Hank has told me often about going to the boardwalk in Delaware and playing at the beach. I wish we were going for a happier occasion.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Here's another one... You may not be able to tell, but we are all inside a dumpster here. Yuck! We pulled out the hand sanitizer after that one! Posted by Hello

This past Sunday, the Young Married group at church got together to do a Digital Camera Scavenger Hunt. We paired up into 2 couple groups and had to take pics with all kinds of things. We had to get all 4 of us in for extra points. This one, we had to take a picture of a team member on a display toilet at a home improvement store. The other couple is Daniel and Natalie Hobbs.  Posted by Hello

Tres is such a character lately! He told me yesterday that he is going to Disney World with his 'friend' Daddy. How sweet is that? Posted by Hello

Jamie, Keri, Kelly, and Tonnie on the set at TBN in Gadsden, AL. We still don't have a name. We want something that is classy, catchy, with significant spiritual meaning... any suggestions? Posted by Hello

What's up!

I have been such a slacker with blogging lately! I've been so tied up with family, work, and singing lately! But all of that is good. My boys and husband are doing great. Bryant is just 2 weeks shy of his first birthday! Kind of makes me a little bit sad... he's trying so hard to walk... he gets in about 2 steps before he looses his balance. Anyway, Hank and I cleaned out the boys closets this weekend. Took out everything that's too small and pulled out the right size for Bryant and evaluated Tres's clothes situation to see what he needs. He is definitely growing these days! I hit a couple of consignment stores to get him some pants and shorts. ANYWAY... I still have all the bins down from the attic sorting and folding all the clothes, so our house is sort of topsy-turvy!
I don't know if I have mentioned this is detail on my blog yet, but I want to so I can get as many people as possible praying for us... Tonnie, myself, Kelly O'Brien, and Keri Campbell have organized a singing group. We are working on orginal music as well as tracked stuff. We have been to sing at our local TBN station in Gasden and we have several more upcoming engagements. We are hoping to have enough material ready to get a CD out my fall! How exciting is that? I am so thrilled! I love it. It keeps us busy. We practice 1-2 times a week on top of everything else we all have going on, but I feel like I am fulfilling part of my purpose every time I am singing with these talented ladies! Our next 'gig' is the Alabama District Council, which is HUGE! We are so excited and nervous! Anyway... that is what is going on in our little world these days... working, taking care of family, and singing...

Friday, March 11, 2005

Tres loves to interact with Uncle Matt at work. But Uncle Matt gets him in trouble A LOT! Posted by Hello

Tres was waiting for a visit from Daddy at work and stood at this window for quite a while! Posted by Hello

Mashed banana.... mashed banana! Posted by Hello

Bryant has been eating "real" food for a while... but he loves him some bananas! Look at those chipmunk cheeks! Posted by Hello

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Here it is!! This was in October of 2004. Posted by Hello

See what I mean... camera-ready Bryant... ornery Tres-man. Posted by Hello

I feel like I haven't posted many pics of Tres lately... and that is because the little stinker won't hardly sit still long enough to take a good one! Posted by Hello

I have one of Tres like this... I think it's titled "all played out." Bryant literally fell asleep sitting up and just sort of slumped over. Sometimes he is very determined to keep up with his brother! Posted by Hello

Bryant and his Daddy! Look at the similarities! I love my boys. Posted by Hello

Friday, March 04, 2005

The Atchison Family ~ From left to right: Wayne & Connie Atchison (grandparents), Maria & Ben, Dan & Josiah. To learn more about Josiah and his family go to this website: Posted by Hello

Atchison Family ~ Please Pray!

I have some friends Dan & Maria, who are being put through a trial right now. Their son, Josiah, is going through Chemotherapy to try and minimize a tumor at the base of his brain stem. Ever since I heard about this, I have been in prayer for them. Sometimes, you can pray for a need and feel a release from it... but this one I have not felt released from. I pray for them constantly. I see Tres running and playing and it reminds me that Dan's son is struggling with the side-effects of his treatment. I watch him walk into school... and I think about how I don't have to worry that if Tres catches a cold, it might develop into something more serious because his little immune system is weak. I live in anticipation of all the tomorrow's I will have with my children. Right now, Dan and Maria are praying that their miracle will come and restore the tomorrow's they had planned.
I am reminded of how my Heavenly Father must have felt, knowing his son would die to save us. But I know that my God is able to do EXCEEDINGLY more than we could EVER ASK or THINK. I firmly believe my God is in the business of performing miracles.
I know that God will allow Josiah to fulfill the purpose he was born for. I know that my MERCIFUL Savior is walking with Dan and Maria through this storm. I know that He is so very proud of His children for the faith and determination they have. He is there to hold them... He is there is give them rest... He is there to calm their frenzied spirits... He is there to help them understand all the medical jargon thrown at them on a daily basis. My God... their Comforter... is holding their hands as they pray diligently for order to restore in their little family.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Reunion with old Friends!

This past Friday, I got to catch up with some old high school/college friends. Amy Lee (Brom) Tate was in town visiting her parents so we planned a get together. She lives in Florida where her husband, Jeff, is a pastor. They have 2 little girls Kaylin and Annlee. Angela (Jones) Rush is staying with her parent's in Alabaster while her husband gets things set up in Atlanta for a new ministry opportunity. She has a 4 year old boy named Noah, and an almost 2 year old named Annalyse. Tonnie was unable to come because she had to take Sierra to the doctor! We missed her!

Amy Lee's mom and sister came along. My mom stopped by to pick up Bryant. And Angela's mom brought Annalyse over after she had woken up from a nap, so we got to see all the familiar faces from high school days. And while we were there, we ran into Mr. Derryberry... our history teacher from high school who always smelled of coffee and cigars. Ah... the good ole days!

I had such a good time, even though it was limited, just being about to touch base with some old friends. This May will be our 10 year high school reunion (although we haven't heard of any concrete plans). Since we all took a senior trip to the beach together after we graduated... we are thinking of making plans next summer for a reunion of our own! I can't wait!

Here are all the little girls! What a bunch of cuties! Posted by Hello

This is Amy Lee's sister Lindsay and Amy Lee's youngest daugher Annlee, who looks SO MUCH like her daddy! Posted by Hello

I know Angela will kill me for this, but I couldn't pass it up! This is her oldest child, Noah. Check out the super red hair! He is one of the funniest little boys I've ever met! Posted by Hello

This is Kaylin swinging. She looks so much like her momma! And she is so sweet an girlie!  Posted by Hello

Here we are with most of the kids! Amy Lee (left) has Annlee and Kaylin (second from right). Jamie has Tres and Bryant (not pictured!) and Angela has Annalyse and Noah (far right). Posted by Hello

We had a nice lunch even though the weather was a little chillier than we expected! From left rear to right front: Angela, Jamie, Tres, Bryant, Lindsay [holding Annlee] Kaylin and Mrs. Brom. Posted by Hello

This is Angela (Jones) Rush, an old friend from high school days. She and I were in our senior play "Steel Magnolia" together. This is her little girl Annalyse. She is such a sweet little cutie. Posted by Hello

Bryant loved the slide at Buck Creek Park! I think he is going to be an outdoor baby once this weather evens out and we get to go out more! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Things I don't want to forget...

About Henry John Boemer, III (AKA Tres) at 2 1/2 Years old:

He says "Mom, you know sometin'?" when he wants to talk to me.
He is SOOO bossy!
He smiles so easily and laughs so frequently!
He calls his little brother dee-dee and we aren't sure why.
He loves Mexican cheese dip.
He doesn't like bread (he will strip meat out of buns).
He loves Thomas the Train, Buzz Lightyear, anything Disney, and daddy.
He does NOT like bedtime.
He can count to 10 and say his ABC's.
He gives me hug-a-bugs all the time!
No matter what I do, he always has a cowlick!
He gets super silly when he is tired.
He likes to 'help' a lot lately... throw garbage away, put clothes in the hamper, drag his little brother by the leg to the bathtub...
He still does this 'white boy' off rhythm dance that makes me laugh out loud!
He says "Weeeeeee!" when we drive down hills.
He is potty training! Yeah!
His one track mind is phenominal.
He thinks Disney World is right down the road.
He is very correctible and will say he is sorry very quickly.

About Bryant Steven Boemer at 11 months old:

He says only a few words, but makes the most precious sounds you have ever heard!
He sticks one arm out and reaches for whoever he wants to go to.
He will smile at just about anyone!
He does not like dogs.
He likes to dance... or what I like to call the bum scrooch... across the floor.
He pushes anything he can across the floor to practice walking.
He can stand by himself, but surprises himself when he does!
He has the most adorable laugh you've ever heard!
He eats like there is no tomorrow!
He shakes his head yes and no now.
He would follow his older brother to the ends of the earth.
He calls Tres... "trrrrr"
He sleeps so well... 7-7:30 pm to 7 am
He loves bananas, cereal bars, and anything I am eating better than baby food and formula (but who could blame him!).
He looks so much like his daddy's baby picture.
He likes to scrunch his nose up.
Everything is a game to him! Unless he's tired.
His favorite person is still his mommy (praise the Maker!).
He gets really quiet when I sing to him.
He turns over the humidifier in his room at least once a week. Ughhhh!

Adventures in Potty Training!

So I wasn't sure this day would come for a while... but we started potty training Tres this past weekend. It was kind of a fluke thing. Saturday night I was changing his diaper and I noticed he looked like he needed to go pee-pee. So I asked him if he wanted to sit on the 'big boy' potty. He did... and he was so proud of himself. So we kept talking to him about it. And we asked him occasionally if he wanted to go sit on the potty. The next time he said yes was at home after church on Sunday. And this time he went #2! I never thought I could be so proud of someone for pooping... but I am. (Sidenote: I am kinda overlooking the fact that he pooped a little in the potty, a little on the carpet, and a little in his diaper. Baby steps, ya know?) Yesterday, he went pee-pee about 5 times, and poo-poo one time. After he went #2 this time, I was cleaning him up and he pointed into the potty and said "Look Momma, it's a sausage." Then he got a puzzled look on his face and asked, "Is it sausage?" I laughed and laughed. Hank took him to McDonalds last night as a treat for being such a big boy! I wonder how long it will take for me to feel confident enough to let him wear big boy underwear? Hmmm... probably a long time!

Baby Season... Again!

It seems like there is always one point in the year when women come up pregnant! My sister-in-law Kayla is pregnant. My good friends Josie Jones and Amanda Franklin are pregnant. There are 3 ladies at our church who are pregnant. And Racheal Dooley (who I get to see this weekend!) is getting ready to deliver soon. I just keep thanking God that it isn't me! Not that I do not love my boys... and I had so much fun being pregnant, but I am SO NOT READY for another baby! I am simply enjoying my family. But CONGRATULATIONS to all my very pregnant friends! I love you all!