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Joyful Noise!

The most wasted of all days, is one without laughter!

Friday, April 16, 2010


I think it's about time that I let the blog world know that my house is UNDER CONTRACT! Thank You, Lord and Praise the Maker! God brought us some awesome buyers and we close at the end of the school year.

I'm actually on my way out of town in a few minutes to meet with Hank and do some real estate shopping! Woo hooo! I've had some serious fun window shopping online, but my head is spinning from all the choices. I'm ready to get there and pinpoint where we want to be. Here are specifics that we, as a family are praying for:

1- Excellent schools
2- A decent sized, level yard
3- An easy commute for Dad

I know God's got our best.... scratch that... our VERY BEST interest in mind and at heart.

Other things... hmmmm... Oh yeah! Bryant turned six! He is such a joy, that boy. I remember when he was an infant and he cried constantly until he turned four months old... then he did nothing but charm us. I feel so blessed with my little family. I didn't plan a single one of children, but God knew them and His purposes for them before they were formed! Bryant had a soccer birthday party at the park...and we couldn't have custom ordered a better day. We brought soccer balls, beach balls, bean bag toss, remote controlled cars, and other fun outdoor stuff out. We even had a water balloon toss. Then the kids decorated their own cupcakes. It was so simple and so fun. Bryant is also playing soccer this spring and has turned into a very smart and aggressive (without being mean) little player! At the last game, he scored 3 goals. And at school he went from the bottom of the class at the beginning of the year, to the top of the class now. He is just coming to life!

Tres is counting the days down until swim season is here. He and Bryant actually jumped into Mom's pool last week! They said it was cold, but wouldn't get out until their lips were blue and they were shivering. Tres is our resident fish and has big plans this weekend while they are staying with Mom and Dad. He is loving school! He reads so well, and loves that his teacher seems to focus on science a lot. Let me tell you something though... this little man likes to aggravate his little sister. In this way, he reminds me constantly of my little brother. Sigh.

Ava Sophia is expressive and fun! She is demanding, but sweet. Ornary, but kind. Indepent, but cuddly. She loves to brush my hair, but she's not very gentle about it! Ouch! She loves for her dad to paint her nail and toe nails. She would spend as much time as we allowed outside, picking flowers, swinging, or jumping on the 'jumpoline.' She loves her boys... but especially Bryant since he caters to her every whim! :) She got her first haircut last month. Just a trim off the ends, but it still made me tear up. We have broached the subject of potty training, but I don't think she's quite ready yet! She has the best little high pitched, almost cartoonish, voice!

Hank and I celebrated out 8th wedding anniversary very quietly this year. With him in ATL and me here. We will get to go out alone this weekend, for the first time since this whole transition started last November! I'm thrilled!

Well, I'm at the shop, so I can't post the corresponding picture just yet, but they are coming! :)