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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Floors!

After our volleyball season, our team gave Hank and I a gift certificate to Home Depot as a thank you! I guess we had talked enough about home improvement projects for them to know what the perfect gift for us would be! We put that gift certificate to good use this past weekend....

From the very beginning, I hated the floor. The quality of installation was probably a lot of what led to my opinion on the matter... I would mop and pull up half of the linoleum floor. I didn't mind so much the way it looked, but I hated the huge seem over near the pantry and the way that the pantry closet was not completely done, so you could see the nice older and much uglier blue choice beneath...

And when Hank started taking it out, we discovered the original linoleum was also a nice shade of ugly. In fact, my dad said it was probably asbestes or something toxic like that. Nice...

So for a week or so, we had a nice natural wood look going on, followed shortly by a dusty backer board look!

But on Saturday afternoon, my brother came over to help Hank accomplish our first D.Y.I. tile job!

Here are Hank and Matt getting ready to start. See the box fan in the window?? My A/C was not quite fixed. My Dad ordered the part, but had not had an opportunity to put it in just yet. So these guys sweated it out! I felt so bad for them both!

Laying the first tiles...

Cutting a few pieces...

Laying the last tile! Hank and Matt made a killer team! They were quick and neat! And I could not be happier with the finished product!! Ta Da!!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Field Day

Tres's school had field day the Friday before school let out. Hank and I made a point of being there.
One happy little boy! We are so very proud of him.

I liked this event a lot! The kids pulled the teacher across a field, competing with other classes. Tres's class won!! Could have something to do with his little tiny teacher! She's so cute.

The water relay. They had to fill a bucket up by relaying water from one end to the other. Tres was funny... she was so into it, he was yelling, then he settled into a routine, and propped his hand on his hip.

Field hockey... he looks pretty natural, doesn't he!

In the sack races, the kids had a blast, but this is where they started to wear out a bit! Tres ended up falling at the end and just kicking off the sack to the next kid in line. But he never stopped smiling!

Refreshment time!! This probably took the longest.

Waiting on Tres to get and eat his refreshments.

Tres, Andrew, and Elmer. Elmer was funny. He refused to get wet and was one of the neatest little boys I've ever met!

Tug of war! His class won this too.

There were more events and we have more pictures, but our internet is down. I'm at Mom's posting this from the pics I had already downloaded and saved!

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Pre-K Musical

Bryant's K-4 class had a musical program on his last day of school. The musical was about Noah and the Ark and all the kids wore rain jackets. I thought it was so cute... they interlaced telling the story with songs and when the music teacher was telling the story, the kids had cues to do motions and shout things out... it was so cute!

Some of you may even know this little diddy! Sing along, if you like. I just love how expressive Bryant is!

We all thought he did super good! Yeah, Bry!

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Brody is 1!

With all the Easter madness, and then end of school chaos, I forgot to wish one of my favorite Morrison boy a big 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!' Isn't he the cutest little cake eater!! Kayla went all out from the cute blue with brown polka dotted cake to the three outfit changed Brody had!

I couldn't resist posting this one of Tyler! He's all boy and so much fun! I love how he says my name too... "Jaaayyyy-me!"


Friday, May 22, 2009

My Mommy!

I didn't post any pictures of my Mom on Mother's Day! I'm such a loser... I went through all of my pics from Dreamland and this is the only one that I could find that didn't show off her mad skills at eating ribs! Ha!

I love you, Mom. Thank you for praying, loving, and putting up with me! You are ever giving, unconditional, and always loving. Thank you for modeling motherhood to me everyday.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

Why do my children like to bring Mother's Day presents into me when I'm still in bed and then insist on documenting it?? This is the only picture I will post of that. But they got me some sweet presents! They got me the Sugarland CD, and a bath towel wrap... modesty is necessary now that two little boys are getting curious!
We went to our annual (it seems) lunch at Dreamland... my Mom's choice, not mine! But it was good. Since Hank and I are eating healthier and exercising, I just ate ribs and had water... no bread or dessert! Good for us, huh? We took like ten pics of me and the kids, this is the closest to everyone smiling and looking at the camera.

Sierra is so good with Sophie!! She loves to chase her around and be in charge of her! So sweet!

Tres loves ribs!! He wore his 'My Mom Rocks' shirt cause he said it was a really good idea to wear that on Mother's Day. You may not believe it.. but that is one of the easiest shirts to keep clean!

Me and my granddaddy! He is almost 90 years old! I love him so much.

Hank and I hardly ever take pictures of ourselves or have them taken, so we decided to let the kids get a couple of us... hmmmm.... maybe we won't frame this one...

But I love this one!

All in all Mother's Day was fantastic! I was surrounded by my family and my kids loved on me and treated me like Queen Mommy all day... what a privilage Motherhood is! Thank you Lord for this gift!

Sleeping Beauties

These are some of my favorite pictures of my kids... passed out from playing themselves silly. Tres was around 2 here. And Bryant wasn't quite one here... my sweet little chunky monkey!

So when Sophie passed out on her bedroom floor the other day, I couldn't resist completing my set of pictures! What a sweet baby doll!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Tres participated in a school fundraiser called the Boosterthon. They ran laps and got family and friends to sponser them per lap. The info the school sent home said that the kids would run between 25-30 laps... well Tres was determined to run 35!! He actually only got to do 27, but was proud of himself!! Stretch it out! To the starting line... Here we goooooo!!!See how they checked off the laps on their shirts! Tres said the lady forgot to mark his laps two times, so he thinks he really ran 29 laps. He wanted to keep going, but they made him stop! He actually seems to enjoy running.

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Royal Pains!

Just kidding! Two of my favorite members of the royal family! :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bryant Goes To The Zoo

Last year when Hank took Tres on his field trip to the zoo, Bry was super bummed. But when his turn rolled around this year, he was so excited! Hank switched shifts with someone at work so that he could take him and spend some one-on-one time. Here they are before they headed out.

Hank said he was one of the only dads there, but he didn't care! In fact he told me he was better prepared with band aids, neosporin and a change of clothes than most all of the mom's there! Ha! My husband is usually super prepared. Here are some of my favorite shots from their trip.

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