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Friday, January 13, 2012

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Yup. It really has been since August. And guess what?? It took a little insomnia to get me on here now.

Life is crazy busy. I started working at a private school this past fall. I'm having a blast, getting happily under paid, and working my kid's hours. God is good. He provided a job that works for our family.

Hank is excelling at his job. I honestly expected nothing less of this man of excellence that I have. He provides so well for us. I am humbled by how hard he works. And I am thoroughly proud of him.

We love our church. We proudly serve in different areas of ministry when asked... and often wish that life was a little slower so we could do more. But seasons ebb and flow and we are aware this is the season for the most important ministry of our lives: our kids. And while we may ask God to hold onto that desire for a bit, we'll need it back soon.

This year, I wanted to make a resolution. I prayed over it. A novel concept. And this word keeps floating around in my mind: DISCIPLINE. I want that. I want more of that. I want that to be ingrained in my life. So, I've done some things to help develop that. I signed up for the Life Journal Bible plan. I am currently on day 12. The little progress ticker says I'm something like 3% done. But guess what? In that 3%, I've found so much truth, questions, answers, and peace. Already, it feels as if every sermon I hear is active in my life. I feel a connection to what I'm reading. I'm seeing parallels in my life. I'm finding new ways to talk to my kids about the Word of God. I like this thing called discipline. And the really funny thing is, it keeps popping up in conversations, sermons, and every day life.

Well, it's easy to say that on Day 12, right? But if this word keeps on floating around in my head, I'm hoping it decides to take up permanent residence.


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