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Joyful Noise!

The most wasted of all days, is one without laughter!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Stuff Going On

So a few little minor aftershocks from the great big move quake of 2010. We are finally settling into our new finances... man it seems to have taken a while for some reason! I started cleaning houses this past September for extra income. I had a lady who had me coming in one or two days every week, but she had to stop because of her finances.

Thank God that when I moved, I immediately looked up new off season (travel) volleyball clubs. While it's not gonna make us rich, it definitely helps to have a cushion for the month to month bills. So right now, even though I'm not cleaning, I am staying busy with twice weekly volleyball practices and weekend tournaments.

I'm still trying to do substitute work, but getting these teachers to call me is a trick, cause they don't know me!! I go up and volunteer at the school at least one day a week, so I'm hoping the more familiar they get with me, the more calls I will get. I've gotten a few random calls from other schools, but haven't been able to accomodate them because finding a last minute sitter for the Sophster is not always easy. It should be a little easier next school year. We plan to enroll her in one of the state funded pre-k schools around here (thank you Georgia lottery). Then I will be available more readily!

The good thing about tight finances, is that I have become determined to keep our grocery budget as low as possible and as a result, out 'stockpile' has grown with lots of free, cheap items after lots of tedious match ups. God is good and I feel blessed to be able to take care of my family well on just a little!! That way we make sure funds are available for other things.

Wellll.... in other news, I was asked to lead the praise and worship for the upcoming women's event. I am very excited and nervous. Definitely looking forward to it!!

So that's what's up for now! Stay tuned

Sunday, January 16, 2011

on our way home

Man! It's harder to blog from my phone than I thought it would be. We just had dinner with my parents at Top of The River. We met them halfway after my volleyball practice. They brought my nephews with them and surprised us! The boys were THRILLED to say the least! It was fun just listening to the kids tell k ock-knock jokes and try to do magic tricks with strings. On the way home Sophie grabbed her stomach and told us she had to go potty... anyway, after an emergency visit to the Exxon bathroom we are back on the road... with a commando little girl!