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Joyful Noise!

The most wasted of all days, is one without laughter!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

This Whirlwind Week!


The boys and I spent the day going to the library and going to the park.


We went to Vestavia to the Fitting Touch. Hank got me a gift certificate for Christmas to get properly sized for undergarments and to get some new. So I went, and let's just say that I was DEFINITELY wearing the wrong size! We also went to a cute little shop called Paint By U and let the boys paint a plate. Then they painted a mug for Grandaddy for his upcoming birthday! Fun stuff. Then we had to make a stop at the pediatrician for him to look at Tres again. His sinus stuff turned into a double ear infection and he has been pitiful! So he's on meds now and on the upswing!


We started out going to my doctor appointment. I found out I had lost 4 pounds (thanks to the stinking morning sickness that won't go away). Also, we were all pumped to hear the heartbeat, and to doctor couldn't find it. This is the second time he couldn't, so he sent me for an ultrasound. I was SLIGHTLY worried. I don't even want to verbalize where my thoughts were during that time. We had a few people praying, but for the most part, just prayed with one another and spoke in faith. The sonogram went great!! We got some early pictures of Baby Boemer 3... and he/she even waved at us! The heartbeat was 171 per minute. That is fast in my book, since Tres was 149 and Bryant was 150. Everything looked normal. After that stress, I took the boys to Wal-mart and we picked up some lunchables and headed back over to the park for an hour or so. Then Bryant went over to my Mom's house and Tres and I came home. Oh, we also squeezed in birthday shopping for some birthday nieces and nephews! :) I will post the sonogram pics when Hank gets home. I'm not sure that our scanner still works!

Plans for the rest of the week are as follows.


Pack up Hank and the boys for their trip to Valdosta without me! :( Clean up the car and wash the car seats. Wrap presents and sleep!


Send off my boys, and go back to bed! Then I will probably pack and clean for the rest of the day.


Volleyball, volleyball, and more volleyball.


Volleyball, and then lunch with my friend Kelly! Then welcome my men back home!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Corrective Cut!

I took the boys to get haircuts last week. I had to wait a bit for Bryant's hair to grow where he had cut his own hair. It was nearly to the scalp! Actually it's going to be next month before it's completely fixed, but it looks a lot better!
He was so tired that he almost fell asleep while she cut his hair!
Tres, of course, did great. He enjoys going to get his hair cut and sits there and smiles the whole time and talks their ears off!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Jumpin' Fun!

Today the boys and I decided to get out and go to Recreation Station on Valleydale Road. For $12, I can get both boys in to jump for however long they want. So we got there at 10:30 and went to lunch at 12. Then came back for a while after that. I felt like I got my monies worth... and said little boys are sleeping so hard right now, I doubt they will move all night! We met Tonya and Landon, and they had a ball... literally! Ha! When we got back from lunch, there was a birthday party going on with a Star Wars theme. Guess who was there! Darth Vadar! Tres was thrilled and wanted to get his picture with him. Bryant was not! He climbed up to the highest slide and cried until my Mom took him completely out of the building! He was freaked out.

After that, we went to Party City and a few other stores finishing up Bryant's fireman themed birthday party! There is a park here locally that is located behind a fire station. I went into the firehouse and asked if they ever brought the trucks out for parties. They agreed to let the kids see the truck and climb on it and get pictures in it! How cool is that! And it's free! Bryant is so excited!

Well, it was a full day and I am one tired girl. I've got more to say, but it will have to wait!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Alabama Juniors 13-2

I have been coaching volleyball again this year. And I have to say, I am having more fun than ever before. It probably has to do with a combination of two things: I love this age group (12-13 year olds), plus we have a terrific group of girls! And the fact that I'm doing this with one of my best friends, Jennifer Snyder. Our team participated in their third tournament this weekend, and came in SECOND for the second tournament in a row! This time, we were in the championship match with our other Alabama Juniors 13-1 team. It was a great game... and I think we are gonna end up beating them by the end of the season... mark my words! Here are a few highlights from the day:
Hailey strikes a pose between games. This is her sweet face... you should see her when she's making a block or a kill!Waiting for the court so we can get our game on! Notice Jen in the back with her little cheesy peek-a-boo! Here are Anna, Kayla, Caitlin, and McKenna getting their groove on between games. These girls dance ALL THE TIME! During practice, during warm-up, during a game! I think Anna is busting out with a little old school robot here!McKenna in a captain's meeting before the game with the ref and the other teams captain. This determines who serves or receives and which side of the court you play on.
Here's Anna waiting for a pass. I like to call this one, "Dear God..." Caroline is behind her in perfect passing form!
Here's Jennifer... Coach Snyder... running a drill before a game.This is Caitlin about to serve. Her serves were ON yesterday! Go Caitlin!I know this one's a little blurry, but this is Maria going for a ball! She is one of our setters and quite the little scrapper!And last but certainly not least, this is McKenzie chowing down on chips and dip at lunch. Not the best food choice for a day of volleyball! But everytime we turned around, this girl was devouring these! It must go straight to her feet or something, cause she's a skinny little thing!

I took tons more, but these were the best! I love all ten of our girls, and can't wait to see where this season will take us!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Magic Drawer!

This morning, I beat everyone up. I was up and getting ready by 6 to get Tres registered for 4K in the fall. By 8:15 I was starving!! So I stopped at Chik-fil-A to pick up some breakfast for my family(Seems like most of the sickness is subsiding. I still have moments, and I still have to stay away from certain foods, but for the most part, subsiding!). I came home to a still-sleeping household. Hank got up soon after I came home, and gave me a birthday present... a set of deep purple sheets for our bed! I know it doesn't sound romantic or anything, but he knows what I like! Thank you Baby!!
Then Bryant and Tres woke up. Tres came and hugged me and both boys told me Happy Birthday... then Tres says, "Go look in my underwear drawer Mom!"They had gotten me a maternity shirt that says "Hot Mama" on it! I laughed so hard! I'm gonna wear it tonight to volleyball practice.

The plans for tonight are a little late. I have volleyball practice, which I don't want to miss cause we have a tournament this Saturday (if it doesn't snow!). So we made plans for the boys to stay at my parent's house. Hank is gonna come to practice, then we are gonna go to a late movie and maybe get some dessert somewhere!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Delivery

The boys and I delivered a special Valentine to Hank and work. Here's Hank with the delivery men:

I got him a sappy card! All together now... Ahhhhh! And the boys got him a really big Toblorone (sp?) bar.

Happy Heart Day!

Last night, my boys were being very secretive in the den. I was in the office and heard a lot of whispering. Then Tres came in and informed me, with his hands firmly behind his back and a devilish smile, that he didn't have anything behind his back. Later when I was kissing them good-night, he said, "Mom don't look in my underwear drawer! There just underwear in there." It made me laugh. This morning, the first thing out of his mouth was for me to go look in his underwear drawer:

They make my heart feel so full!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Boxers and Pull-ups

It's a new underwear era at our house! We found a little pair of boxers at Ross Dress for Less for $.49, so Tres got to wear some "just like Daddy!" He loves them. He says he wants to wear them all the time... not good since we only have one pair! :)

And Bryant is currently actively seeking the coveted "potty trained" status, so that he can go to Chuck-E-Cheese. We started Monday... where he pooped in the potty like a champ but wouldn't pee-pee! Tuesday, he peed in the potty all day but pooped in his pull-up. Is it too much to ask for both on Wednesday?? Here's hoping!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Cravings Come and Cravings Go

So for a while in the early weeks of pregnancy, I craved cajun roast beef. Then, one day, I smelled it and nearly threw up in the fridge. So no more of that!
From there, I shifted to grilled cheese and vinegar and salt chips. After a week or so, that also revolted me.
Then, all I wanted was celery with a little bit of salt and ranch dressing. Or apples. That passed too.
The cravings that have remained are french fries or baked potatos, Honey Bunches or Oats Cereal, and waffles with peanut butter and syrup.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The great ring hunt!

On Friday, Hank was getting something from behind Tres's bed for him. He came into the kitchen and threw some paper and stuff away, then got this horrified look on his face! He realized that he couldn't find his wedding ring. So we started looking all over the house. We pulled out Tres's bed and looked behind it, under it, and around it. I pulled out the garbage bag and went through the trash with no luck. Hank scoured out room and then we both hit the den. Then Hank decided to look through the trash again... piece by piece, while throwing it into a new garbage bag. I continued to look in obvious places and even in the shower. About 30 minutes after the hunt started it ended abruptly.... when he realized he had looked at THE WRONG HAND! His ring was on his hand the ENTIRE TIME! THE ENTIRE TIME... that means both times we went through stinky garbage.

Friday, February 09, 2007

What to do when you fall down

Hey, this is Hank, Jamie's husband. The other day Tres, Bryant and I were riding in the car a nd all of the sudden Tres asks, "Hey Daddy, do you know what we need when we fall down?" I said "No, what do we need?" and Tres quickly and quite firmly replied, "Life Alert!" I laughed so hard I almost wrecked the car. For those of you whoi have not seen the commercial it is a service like the commecials "help, I've fallen and can't get up". The things those boys pick up on.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anything & Everything

I had to take Bryant to the doctor on Monday because he was tugging on his ear. He has a severe ear infection that we are treating with antibiotics and ear drops... again. This child has had more ear infections! He has also had two sets of tubes. If this starts another chain of infections, we could be looking at a third set. Hopefully not!

I'm beginning to pooch now. People are noticing. I'm sure some of thinking, "Is she pregnant or just overweight?" :) But it's just an awkward stage. I've already been dipping into my maternity clothes. Which seems early, but the doc told me it would be earlier with this one.

I've started to get some appetite back. Usually I can eat something first thing... and then again at night. It's the day time I have a hard time with. Nothing sounds appealing or appetizing at all!

In fact, last night I went over to my parent's house and made the whole family dinner. I made the Olive Garden Alfredo Sauce, along with Spaghetti and meatballs. Everything tasted fine. I ate a small portion of fettucini alfredo with chicken. But by the time I made it home, reflux was in full effect... and by 10 I was puking. It was horrible the second time around!

The boys are missing their cousins in Voldosta and in La Grange very bad. They ask me almost daily if we can go see them. I wish we could! As soon as volley ball is over, we're gonna plan a trip.
This pic was taken on our last visit just after Christmas. This is the Welborn cousins, Donovan, Maggie, Delaney, & Ryan with the boys.
This is Ashton and Heather at Thanksgiving. This was the last time we got to visit with them! And I couldn't find one with all three of the Hall kids, so here's Fletcher, all by himself! :)
It's a little smokey cause we were doing s'mores that night!

I also get asked when we can go to the airport and pick up Grammy & Pop Pop a lot!! You see, my father-in-law built and flies his own plane. Here's a picture of the last time they flew in. There is an airstrip just down the road from our house and we go and pick them up when they come to visit. Tres and Bryant watch them land from the fence. That's the plane and Grammy and Pop Pop on the other side!

Well, I guess that's about it. Until next time!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Ready to Sale!

Hank spent the Saturday morning washing and waxing his corvette. WE parked it over the weekend and have had several phone calls on it already. Thank you Lord for a quick sale, so we can invest in a brand new mini van!

Sandwich Anyone?

I have found that I have been getting more tired lately. Astonishing, I know, since I am growing a little person inside of me! :) So, lately, when the boys are resting, I try to catch a power nap. The other day, Bryant came into the den and woke me up. He pulled on my hand and said, "Com'on Mommy." I was a little disoriented so it took me a minute to get up. When I did, he led me to the kitchen counter where he had accumulated everything we needed to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Bread, peanut butter, jelly, plate, and butter knife!
We had him re-enact what he did. Here he is getting the jelly using the stool we use for high shelves, closets, etc.And here he is after he got the peanut butter down ("Iz hea-by, Moma!"), and ready to make his lunch!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ride 'em Cowboy!

Today I tackled one of my least favorite chores around the house... cleaning out the boys closets. Well, I tackled Bryant's closet first because it's the most accessible and seems to take the longest. My mom came over to help me so that was nice. While we were busy talking and folding and storing and trying to figure out how much longer he would stay in this size or how long he would be in that size, Bryant and Tres entertained themselves like champs!

I found them trying out there sit in spin dressed up like cowboys today. Bryant always gets really interested in his cowboy boots when I'm working on weeding out his shoes (he's a shoe fanatic, you understand). So he wore them around until we were done. He is also sporting his underwear today. They stayed clean today... but who know's about tomorrow!
Tres's closet is on tap for tomorrow morning. Can't you just feel the excitement? I cleaned out my own closet last week. And when I say clean, I mean stripped bare! I stored all of my regular clothes in bins, labeled them and stacked them in our den. Hopefully this house will sell quickly (Thank you Lord for the right buyers at the right time!), so I have begun getting things ready for a move.