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Joyful Noise!

The most wasted of all days, is one without laughter!

Friday, September 30, 2005

Words To Live By:

"I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me, and 90% how I react to it."

That is mostly for myself. I am really trying to work on my reactions. People can always tell if I have a problem with something, or dislike something. I just can't hide some things. But I am working on my reactions!

Well, gang, I will not be posting this weekend! I will have a house F-U-L-L! Hank's parents will be in town. As well as his sister, Jackie, her husband Jamie, and their four kids, Donovan, Maggie, Delaney, and Ryan. So there will be 12 people at my house! It should be fun though! I made up all the beds last night and it looks like everyone should be comfortable. I am going to the store after I get off work today to buy 10 tons of food to feed this gang! :) I really am looking forward to this! I should have some pictures to share on Monday!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Couldn't Help Myself!

I took Crystal's quiz and it made me want to do it! It's a lot of fun!

Take my Quiz on!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Everybody has to wear a hat to bed! Posted by Picasa

Very First Sleepover!

Last night, Tonnie's little boy Luke came over and spent the night! Tres was so excited all day to play with him! I went and picked him up and we stopped and got Little Ceasars. Then we picked Bryant up and headed home. Picking up pizza was a wise decision! They ate immediately, then trotted off to play in Tres's room.... Luke followed by Tres followed by Bryant. The 3 muskateers! There were a few squabbles, but nothing major! I actually got to clean out closets while they played. And had time to clean the kitchen floor, vacuum, and organize Tres's toys while they entertained one another! After I got Bryant to bed, the boys played some more. Then about 8:30, I got them into PJ's, popped them some popcorn, tucked them in and turned on 'Robots.' I thought for sure they would be wiped out before the credits rolled, but I was wrong. Hank fell asleep though! After 'Robots,' we put in 'Buzz Lightyear of Star Command' and that seemed to do the trick. They were asleep by 11:30. and I fell into bed at 11:31! I know the boys had fun. Luke told me today that Tres was his best friend. And Tres won't stop talking about his 'buddy' Luke! Posted by Picasa

Mom & Jennie came over to see us on Saturday while Hank and his parents were at the Alabama/Arkansas game. Mom brought over steaks and a cake and balloons. She was sick when we did Tres's birthday, so she wanted to do something special for him! They loved the one on one time with her! Here they are eating cake with Grandma. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Luk, Ma! Imma on teevee!

Another exciting piece of news: 'el has been asked to sing on the noon show of ABC 33/40 on October 12! Hank works there and the noon producer heard him playing our CD and he loved it, so he wanted us to come on. Can you believe that!

CDs are in!

I just want to let everyone know that the 'el CDs and T-shirts are in! We got them just in time for the women's retreat! Literally... they were delivered to me, 30 minutes before I left to head to women's retreat this past Monday! If you want one, just let me know! I hope this doesn't sound conceited, but I am so pleased with it! God showed us favor in this entire situation. Not only do we have a phenominal looking product, but the sound is awesome too. And He did it all for way less than most people get it done! Thank you God!

Psalm 66:1-2 [Message]
"All together now-- applause for God! Sing songs to the tune of His glory, set glory to the rhythms of His praise."

Boemer Boys Adventure!

Last week, while I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off, my boys got to go on their first adventure without mom & dad! My wonderful in-laws volunteered to keep them for us. And then asked if they could take them to visit Hank's sister Jackie Welborn and her family in Val Dosta, GA. After much talk, debate, and prayer I was ready to let them go. That was a hard decision for this mommy. Especially to send my 1 1/2 year old momma's boy. Tres I wasn't as worried about... but Bryant doesn't do much without us! Well, all my worry was for nothing! They had a complete blast with their cousins Ryan(11), Delaney(9), Maggie(8), and Donovan(3). Bryant had not seen his aunt or cousins since he was 4 months old, so they got a taste of my little monster! :) The Boemers said that his feet rarely hit the floor! Maggie and Delaney were his little mommies, and played with his constantly. Tres played with his 'favvvvorite' cousin 'Donny Mac,' and his 'big' cousin 'Rye-rye' let them play with G.I. Joe. They made it home safe and sound and with all kinds of goodies from their adventure.

We get to see them again this weekend! The Welborn clan is coming to visit! Ryan and Jamie (his dad, not me!) will be going with Hank and the Boemers to the game. Jackie and her girls, and me and my boys are gonna go do something fun... maybe Recreation Station over on 280 and CiCi's Pizza. Those are pretty kid friendly places! I would love to go shopping, but how reasonable would that be with two 3-year-old, and a 1 1/2 year old? I'm sure I'll take a gazillion pictures!

Monday, September 26, 2005

3 going on 10

Tres turned 3 on September 17. We were going to plan a party for him, but decided to just make it a family affair, since we had so many iron's in the fire right now. I had a choir retreat on Friday night, the 16th and Saturday morning. So we got up early on Saturday, and let Tres open his presents. He was so cute! Hank had built him a Thomas table, and we had staid up putting together a workable track on it. We had also gotten him a Buzz coat... good thing too... he is growing so much! And we got him a Buzz Spaceship for Bryant to give him. Also a while back, I found some Buzz LIghtyear Space Command toys on line, and bought them. That is what Tres fell asleep holding. We had a great day. Went to McDonald's twice, went to Toys R Us, took a ride on the carousel at the mall, then came home and played some more!

Tres is such a big boy these days... he says, "Well, actually, Mom." Yea, and I'm not momma or mommy, I'm just plain Mom. He still tries to charm his way out of trouble. And he is super possessive and protective of toys and his brother. He loves to watch Buzz Lightyear, Polie Olie, and the Backyardigans. His vocabulary is extraordinary for a 3 year old. I sometimes can't believe the conversations we have! He is a excellent son, and when I told him that he said, "And you're an excellent Mom!" He says thinks like 'Cool Beans' and 'That's Good Stuff,' and it makes me smile! I pray GOd's perfect will over his life daily!

Hank's handiwork. It's on rollers, and slides right under Tres's bed for easy storage! Posted by Picasa

Daddy made Tres this Thomas Table and the Roundhouse in the corner! What a cool present, dad! Posted by Picasa

Mommy gave Tres a Buzz Lightyear coat (practical and boring... I know!) Posted by Picasa

Bryant gave Tres a Buzz Lightyear Space Ship!  Posted by Picasa

He's such a big boy!  Posted by Picasa

We took the boys for a carousel ride too! Posted by Picasa

Here's the birthday boy headed down the slide feet first! Posted by Picasa

Tres & Ronald. Posted by Picasa

The Boemer Boys spent a good bit of time in McDonald's on Tres's birthday. They went for breakfast, and we took them at lunch. Both times at Tres's request. Posted by Picasa

The end of a very long day! The Birthday Boy finally crashed with his favorite present in his hand. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Hey guys! I know it's been a while, and I'm sorry! This has been and is an extremely busy week! 'el is singing at the women's retreat... so I'm putting in my 8 hours at work, then rushing to Springville to sing... then rushing home. So bear with me! I'll post as soon as the madness is over! I've got so much to tell you! Tres is 3! Tres & Bryant are out-of-town without me! Women's Retreat is awesome!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Waiting Room Etiquette

So I was at the doctor yesterday, and the waiting room was full of women... except for one man who was obviously waiting for his wife. I am talking there was not a seat available in the waiting room... it was full up. When another lady walked in, I thought, "Well, surely that man will give up his seat." But he didn't. All he did was glance up, then stick his nose back in a magazine. That lady ended up standing until someone was called. I offered her my seat, but she said no. I just thought that was R-U-D-E!

Meet Autumn Renee Jones! This is the third installment from Jerome and Josie Jones. Born on Monday night (9-12-05) at 11:01 PM-- just minutes after I left, no doubt-- Autumn had to be admitted to the NICU until her breathing regulated. She is about 4 weeks early, but looks great! She weighs 6 pounds 7 oz. Josie is doing great!  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I barely avoided having to clean the camera up after this one! Posted by Picasa

Here's one from mine and Bryant's time together. I kept a few cupcakes at home, and Bryant obviously loved it!! When I got the camera out, the little stinker said 'Cheese!'  Posted by Picasa

All tuckered out on the way home. Even then, he wouldn't let that finger come off! Posted by Picasa

I love this one! Tres is checking out the field with his 'finoculars.' Please note he is looking through the wrong end. Also using his finoculars didn't stop him from reaching for more popcorn! Posted by Picasa

Chilling out at the tailgate. I think the tailgate was his favorite part! He played with his toys, ate tons of junk food, and just had a great time! Posted by Picasa

Pop Pop bought Tres a foam finger for the game. He barely took it off! Hank asked him which way to go, and Tres said "This way, Dad," and pointed. Posted by Picasa

September 10, 2005 Tres & Pop Pop. They were sharing a cupcake, I think! Posted by Picasa

September 10, 2005 Tres & Hank at the Alabama game. This was Tres first game this year, and most likely his last! He only made it through 1 quarter!  Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 12, 2005

Glad it's Monday!

Whew! What a weekend. First of all, my dad did great in surgery. He's not the best patient, but he's making it! They actually didn't have to break his nose. And they ended up removing his uvula. But everything is good. He's talking a lot more normally today too. I know because he is still calling in to check on the business stuff. I wish this was the type of business he could just lay down completely until he was all better. He is so involved in every job though! It's tough trying to coordinate stuff without him.
Also on Friday night, I met Tonnie & Mom at Wal-mart to pick up baby shower supplies for my sister-in-law's shower. We were there until 12:30!
Then Saturday morning, Hank headed out early to tail-gate at the game. I was left at home with 2 handfuls named Tres & Bryant. Then I quickly discovered that Bryant had diahrea. My in-laws got in around noon, and I sent Tres with them to the game. He was so pumped to go! He helped me make cupcakes with sprinkles to take for his early birthday at the tailgate. Then I put him in his new Bama outfit. I will post pictures of him at the game later.
Bryant and I had a wonderful day together!! I never get one-on-one time with him, so I was thoroughly enjoying him. We played and laughed and ate, then we had to head back to Wal-Mart to pick up stuff we forgot the night before. When we got home, I fed him, bathed him, and put him to bed.
Crystal came over and we had such a good time just having a girl's night! We ate and talked and talked and ate, then we did out toenails and fingernails and we did a facial. We tried to watch Monster-in-Law, but we were talking too much, so I just let her borrow it! Then we watched Big Brother while we ate ice cream (Crystal's fav, Peanut Butter Panic-- so good by the way). Then we talked some more! It was so much fun! I really needed it, Crystal! By the way, he didn't notice... you know what I'm talking about!
Hank, Tres, and Mr. & Mrs. B got back from the game after 1, so needless to say I was already asleep!
Sunday came, and Bryant was still having some loose diapers, so I stayed at home from church. I did cook a big breakfast for the Boemers before they headed back to Nashville. Then I got ready, and headed to pick up the cake, corsage, balloons, and fruit tray for the shower.
It was a nice shower, but a lot of work! Kayla and Matt got a lot of nice things for Tyler. Kayla looks like she could deliver any day now instead of next month. She has dropped and is swollen. She says she's having a hard time sleeping and having back pain at odd times. We'll see.
After that, I headed home and gave Hankie the afternoon off. I cleaned the house and played with the boys. They were both down for the count by 8:30 due to no nap (Tres) and very short nap (Bryant). So when Hank came home, we got to just relax and spend time together. I was in bed by 10!!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Pray for my Daddy!

Please pray for Dad today. He is having surgery at Brookwood at noon. He is having his sinus cavity cleared out, his tonsils removed, and his uvula shaved off, as well as some other stuff. The surgery requires them to break his nose. He will be in a lot of pain afterwards, and unable to work for about 2-3 weeks. The doctor even told him 6 weeks, but Dad talked him down to 2-3. I'm betting he will be back at the office by next Friday! This business is his life! Anyway, pray for Matt and I as well. We will be running the business and making decisions in his absense. God help us!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Here we are after the game. We all look pretty tired, huh? We usually watch the ends of other games and eat again and wait on traffic to die down before we leave. Posted by Picasa

The tuba section from the Alabama Million Dollar Band always come to our tailgate before the game and play for us! It's a wonderful tradition, and very cool! Posted by Picasa

Here is Bryant with my Dad. Why did I give him that bright green pacifier when I have a red one to match his outfit? Posted by Picasa