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Joyful Noise!

The most wasted of all days, is one without laughter!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Random Things

I went to the Southern Women's Show with my mom, sister, and niece today. It was fun... crowded but fun. Sierra loved watching the Doggy Fashion Show! I think she would go back tomorrow if she could! She loved it! I got Hank a Christmas present. It's not much, but he and I never do too much for one another. We typically make sure everyone else is taken care of before we spend on each other.

We got a 'new to us' van this week. It's a 1998 Mazda MPV. It's really cute, and in good condition. So we are going to be selling our '96 Town and Country. Hopefully we'll get a decent amount for it. It would be nice to have a little more savings! We will also be selling Hank's '98 corvette. It's been garage kept most of its life, and it is in great condition.

We are still waiting to hear from a couple of the jobs that Hank has applied for. That is nerve wracking. He applied for a job at the University of Alabama at the Bryant Museum. They called and asked to see some of his work on tape. So that's a good sign.

I have a question... do you guys ever feel like you are in a slump? I mean... I love being at home with my boys, and no day is like another with them. But sometimes, I feel like I'm just not doing enough... or being enough for my family. I don't know why, I just feel slightly below average right now. I'm not throwing a pity party... I'd just like to know if I'm alone or not!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Your Vote Matters!

Bryant just be-bobbed into my room sporting some newly redecorated shoes. I need your help deciding what they are:

1- Garbage

2- An Artistic Flare developing early

3- Destruction of property

4- One of the many reasons we never have money!

Lunch with the ladies and the babies!

On Monday, the boys and I got a special invitation to join my Mom, Kayla (my sister-in-law), and my nephew Tyler at Olive Garden for lunch! What a treat! I rarely get to spend time with Kayla because she works and stays busy taking care of Mr. Tyler! He has had several bouts with sickness lately! A staff infections, tubes, and a virus to name a few! He is definitely back to his normal cute and sassy self!

The cousins all enjoyed seeing each other!

Tyler L-O-V-E-D every bit of food his mommy put in front of him! Especially the noodles!

Tres and Bryant enjoyed some chocolate gelato for dessert... Tres just enjoyed more than everyone else!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Want One Daddy?

Bryant and I had a conversation the other day about boogers. He was picking his nose, and I told him that that was yucky. To which, he sweetly asks, "Me eat boo-gr, Momma?" I told him again, "That's yucky! We don't eat boogers."

So later when his daddy came home, I believe he was trying to tell Hank something about that conversation. He dug in his little nose, held out his finger to his daddy and said, "Boo-gr." Hank, who didn't see him digging for green gold, said, "You have a boo boo?" Then Bry repeated, "Boo-gr, yucky!" Since Hank still looked quizzical, I translated. Bry says, "Me no eat boo-gr." And pushes his littel finger onto Hank's lips. Well Hank and I both start laughing, and that only encourages Bryant to do it a couple of more times, until we got a little more serious and then he quit.

After a full minute or more, Hank says, "Wait a minute," and pulls a big booger off of his lip! I laughed until my side was hurting on that one!

Just 'Tres' Stuff

On the way home from church yesterday, here was our conversation:

Tres: I want candy, please!

Mom: When we get home, we'll have lunch, then you can have a piece of your birthday cake.

Tres & Bryant: Yeah! Cake!!

Mom: But only after lunch.

Tres: (Starting to whine) But I just want cake!!

Mom: That's why I'm the parent... I have to make sure you get good food in your body so you grow bigger, and not just junk.

Tres: Hey! My cake is NOT JUNK!

What's a 4-letter word for 'poop?'

My mom and dad agreed to watch the boys yesterday afternoon so that Hank and I could have a few hours of couple time. Mom said, they walked in and found Bryant doing this... so this was not staged. I guess he sees the crosswords beside our toilet at home too... he is so funny!

Too Much Cake!

These little jewels were a big hit. We put them in the goody bags, and everyone wanted a pair!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Video Of Scooby Pinata

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Scooby Dooby Doo Par-Tay!

It was a long day, but a good one. I'm sure it had something to do with the fact that I didn't get home from Women's Retreat until 1:30 am... then getting up around 7:15 to get the party ready!

We had the party at my parent's house, mainly in the garage because we thought it was gonna rain. It was stinkin' humid, but it didn't rain! We set up a little place where the kids could get their picture taken with an inflatable Scooby Doo.

Tonight we e-mailed personal thank you's to all our friends with pictures attached. I am SOOOO much better at e-mail than snail mail. The kids ran around, rode bikes and big wheels, played in the toy room, and just enjoyed being kids!
That's Bryant taking a pot-shot at Scooby with a Power Ranger mask on!

We fed them hot dogs, chips, cheese dip and tortilla chips, candy corn mixed with peanuts (taste like a Payday), and a lot of other extremely healthy foods!
Tyler, my brother's baby! He's shoveling it in!

Then Tres opened his presents, with a little help from all his friends. Then we had cake and ice cream. Then came the highlight of the party if you ask me. We had a Scooby Doo pinata and the kids got to whack at it!

It was so much fun to watch! Those kids were hitting and whacking and smacking and nailing that thing, and for a while it seemed like they weren't gonna get it to bust, but Tres finally hit it hard enough to spew candy everywhere and start a free for all! It was fun! Then we handed out goody bags and said good-bye to our frinds!

It was a great day! The only thing that mared the day was Alabama's loss in overtime to Arkansas... by 1 freakin' point. But the sun will rise tomorrow... so all is well! :)

Friday, September 22, 2006

Weekly Update

I know I've been a bit sporatic with updates lately, so I will try to catch everyone up on the highlights!

*Tres officially turned four at 11:15 am on Sunday, September 17. I spent almost the entire day without seeing him because my singing group 'el was out of town at Ariton, AL (near Ozark) singing and ministering at Bethel First Assembly for their 85th Anniversary service! I finally got to see him at about 7:45 that night. We took him to eat Mexican and he opened a few gifts from us there.

*I had another round with a cyst on my ovaries this week. Painful and no fun. There is apparently nothing the doctor can do. He prescribed medicine for when the pain became pain.

*Hank received a phone call from one of the resumes he sent out. It was from Viacom. Nick at Nite, Nickelodeon, and MTV are all run by it. He has been playing phone tag with the human resources department ever since.

*In the meantime, Hank had his yearly evaluation at ABC 33/40. He got excellent and above average ratings and a small but needed raise.

*I have gotten hooked on a couple of new shows... Men In Trees, Justice, and Six Degrees.

*I have been traveling back and forth all week to Springville Camp to sing at the AG Women's Retreat with my praise team. It's been a bit exhausting, especially with the afore mentioned cyst. But women's retreat is ALWAYS rewarding!

I think that about covers the high points!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Henry John Boemer, III aka Tres ~ 4 years

-Tres can, as previously established, whistle. He does so often and does not care that it can get annoying after half an hour!
-He weighs 46 pounds.
-He is 41 inches tall.
-The doctor said he is the size of an average 5 1/2 year old and at this rate, he will be over 6 feet tall! (Hank was happy about that!)
-His favorite color is green.
-He will entertain himself for hours with his toys and his imagination!
-He still sleeps with his silky on most nights, and still refers to silky as a 'she.'
-His favorite drink is sweet tea.
-He is a Rainbow at church (Sunday school program).
-His favorite television show is Scooby Doo right now... and if you don't believe me just ask him!
-His laugh and smile are contagious!
-We had his hair shaved really short not too long ago, and now that it is growing out, it is a pain to fix since he has a double crown!
-He does not like his hair to be fixed with a spike... even though that is the only way it looks decent while it's growing out. He's a little conservative that way!
-He loves to sing and make up songs.
-His allergies have started acting up!! He takes children's Cingulair!
-He is completely potty trained, morning and nights (with an occassional accident).
-He still waits impatiently for his Daddy to get home.
-Tres says the biggest super hero is Jesus.
-Tres says his best friend is Luke (his cousin).
-I'm having to bribe him to give me all the hugs and kisses I want... and no, I am not above that!
-The child would eat a package of bacon a day, if we let him!
-If he gets to choose a prize, he usually chooses chocolate.
-He does not like to sweat.
-He loves to go to the park.
-He plays soccer, and he is very good!
-He still loves a good story from Momma.
-He has learned to make his bed and dress himself.
-Tres loves to go to the mall and ride the carousel as long as cotton candy is involved!
-He is very protective of Bryant.
-He is also very quick to hurt Bryant if Bry plays with his toys or in general disturbs his little world!
-Tres can sometimes translate what I call 'Bryant speak' better than I can!
-His favorite food is Mexican... chips and dip, a chicken soft taco minus lettuce, and rice and beans mixed together!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bryant the Pirate

Lately Bryant has really been playing like a Pirate alot. I caught this picture the other night and just had to have a little fun with it.

Urgent Prayer Request!

Hank and I have been sending out resumes and praying for an improvement in his job situation for about a month now. This morning, one of the jobs called him. I don't know any details yet, but please be in prayer for God's will above all. We want what God wants because we know He has our very best interest in mind!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Wednesday=No Nap Day

Instead of a long drawn out explanation, I thought I would give you guys a visual of this past Wednesday. Enjoy!

I hope you've all enjoyed a glimpse into our lives! :)

Where does the time go?

It sure has been a full week! And really I don't have a lot to show for it! :) Tres needed some things like pjs so I went to Belk because I had a gift card for $50. They were having a clearance sale, so this is what I got: 3 shirts, 2 pair pjs, 7 shorts (for next year!)... and all for $44. Then I went over to the men's department and found Hankie a couple of shirts for $6! I love finding good deals to make our money go further. It seems that Tres is the only one in need of anything lately, because he is growing so much! Bryant gets all the hand-me-downs plus some, so his closet stays full. Tres also needed a coat or heavy jacket. And I found him one at Costco for $9!! Yeah!

This time of year we see a lot of Hank's parents. Since they have season tickets to the Alabama games, they come and stay with us. It has been nice to see the kids interact with them and get to spend one-on-one time with them. The boys show out quite a bit. And it makes me smile, like the proud momma I am!

My father-in-law built a plane (yeah, you heard me right) a couple of years ago. And he and my mother-in-law flew up this weekend for the game. So the boys and I went and picked them up at the local airport. The boys LOVED that! We watched planes land and take off for a while! And when they finally saw their grandparents it was so funny! They cheered! I have some pics of this, but for some reason, blogger won't upload them. I'll post them later.

After we got them back here, we all took a nap (except Tres who continues to baffle me by growing and not sleeping!). Then we loaded up in the van and went and got the boys hair cut. Then we went by Wal-Mart to pick up a few things for dinner... which turned into popcicles too! Then it was back home to make lasagna. After that, we went out back and the boys played while we relaxed on my swing and chatted. It was a very low key, relaxing day and we thoroughly enjoyed spending it with my in-laws.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Family of Bloggers!

So I was checking out Delaney's (my niece) blog today, when I found something special!! My other niece, Ashton, has a blog too!! They are all growing up so fast and it's nice to be able to keep up with a small part of their lives like this! All of these nieces are on my husband's side of the family... and now all of them have a blog, with the exception of Heather who is 2!! Ashton, Delaney, and Maggie , I love you guys!

Friday, September 08, 2006

I created a Slide Show! Check it out!

I just cleaned out the silverware drawer and got rid of all kid dinnerware. My boys are determined to use 'grown up forks!' I also cleaned out the cabinet and got rid of all sippy cups. Don't worry. They still have cups with tops on them. It's just kind of sad to see all the baby stuff slowly disappearing.

Soccer Practice

Tres had his first Start Smart soccer practice last night. This program is set up so that a parent is participating with their child at all times. So, since Hank is at work during practice time... that leaves me! Now I know about as much about soccer as I do about rocket science, so needless to say, I am learning as I go and I feel slightly out of my element. But anything for my boys!! It was a learning expereince in more ways than one. I brought Bryant with us, and next time, I won't. It wasn't fun chasing Bryant, trying to learn soccer, and trying to teach Tres what I had just learned! I was exhausted by the end of the one hour practice!

Here's a little jewel of a picture. I was getting ready to take a picture of the boys together when Bryant did something to Tres, so Tres turns around and kicks him.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


So, I have been wanting to tackle the juggle that has become out backyard flower beds! And since the weather is incredible in the morning and evening lately, we are taking advantage of it. This morning, you could find all of us out back playing in the dirt!! I'm sure we ticked off every spider, rollie pollie, beetle, etc that had made a home in there, but I'm satisfied with out progress! And now that the back is done, tomorrow, I'm gonna tacle the sides of the house as long as the boys and weather cooperate!

I also taped off our back door. Apparently the painter forgot to finish our doors way back during the building process and Hank and I have been meaning to get to that as well. Again, now that we have nice weather, why not tackle some of these projects! I have the paint and Hank is picking up brushes today. We also have a new mailbox that we want to paint before we put it up, so maybe I can do that too!

Oh where, oh where is the ice cream man?

Last night, the boys were in rare form. And by that, I mean that I was ready for them to go to bed! :) They had missed naps, because my mom and I had been running around getting birthday presents for Tres. By the time I dropped Mom off and got home, bathed the boys, straightened and cleaned, cooked dinner and made up Tres bed with fresh sheets... this momma was pooped!

After baths, the boys thought they heard the ice cream man, so they ran outside before I could even get pjs on them! And when it wasn't him, they decided to sit themselves down and wait awhile. We never saw the ice cream man, but I got some cute pictures!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Opening Game!

Well, this past weekend kicked off football season! Alabama fans everywhere were happy that we won our first game! Yeah! Victory is sweet! Especially since the last time we played Hawaii we lost. Hank and I were at that game too and it was played in Hawaii.

We got to see Hank's parents briefly this past weekend too. They stay with us on football weekends and we all go to the game together as much as possible. We had not seen them since late April, so the boys were thrilled and excited to see them! The Boemers brought Ryan, the boys' oldest cousin, with them too. So that was a nice treat for them. It was a very brief visit though. They got here on Saturday afternoon and left on Sunday morning.

It sure was a hot and humid day for football! Fun though! We had hamburgers and brauts at the tailgate and a lot of other fun tailgate foods. Then we headed to the new and improved stadium a little early, since it how seats about 9,000 more fans!!!

Jim Nabors, aka Gomer Pile, was there to sing the national anthem! And we got to see John Parker Wilson (brother of Ross on MTV's Two-A-Days) make some good plays!

"What's That Daddy?"

Last night, Hank and I were hanging out on the couch while the boys brushed their teeth and got ready for bed. After Tres got done, he came and sat down with us. Hank did not have a shirt on... and Tres attention immediately focused on him. He pointed to his chest and said, "What's that daddy?" Hank told him it was a nipple. Tres thought about that for a minute while he poked his daddy's. Then he asked, "What does it do?" Hank told him that it doesn't do anything for men, but that when mom's have babies they use them to give the baby milk for a while. Tres then pulls up his pajama top and finds his own.

A few minutes later, Bryant wonders into the den. He walks over to Hank and points at his chest. "atts at daddy?" He wasn't in the room or in hearing distance when Tres asked his questions. Hank goes through everything with him. And Bryant and Tres spent the rest of their time before bed showing each other their nipples!