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The most wasted of all days, is one without laughter!

Monday, October 31, 2005

Such a good weekend!

It was so nice to get away! It made me miss my kids and my husband, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself! We stayed up way to late, and ate WAY WAY too much! So I don't have to type it twice, go check out the details on the 'el blog:

'el music group blog

I did pick up a couple of Christmas presents while we shopped. And one night, Tonnie and I stayed up so late talking in bed. It reminded me of our teenage years. And we worked on new music all the way home! The music we are going to do on our next album is going to be so good!!! So exciting. Anyway...

We have trick-or-treating tonight. My parents never let me do it when I was young. I let my boys go, but just explain to them that this is for fun. We get to play dress up and get some candy! So Spider-man and Spot are excited about that tonight! I'm gonna try to paint a doggy nose on Bryant... we'll see how that goes! I am sure to post pictures tomorrow! For now, go enjoy all the pics I put on the
'el blog!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

I won't be able to blog until Monday!! I will be out of town this weekend with the lovely women of 'el! We are going to sing at Keri's home church, Creola First Assembly, just outside of Mobile. Her dad pastored there until he passed away last year. We are treating this as a little retreat for all of us! Since we have to be there early afternoon tomorrow for a sound check and rehearsal, we are leaving this afternoon. We sing Sunday morning as well as Sunday afternoon at a Fall Festival. Tonnie, Kelly, and I are also going to surprise Keri somehow for her birthday. We are going to plan that while we ride this afternoon! I am looking so forward to it! And I am sure I will have tons of pictures when I get back!!

Tres got to dress up to go to school today. He was so cute this morning. I forgot to pick up chips and dip for his school party, so we stopped at the store after I dropped Bryant off, and everyone was oohing and ahhing over him and calling him Spiderman. He was so proud. I just have to brag for a minute, he is such a sweet little boy! He is never rude to anyone, and he obeys so quickly most times. I love my Tres/Spider Man! I didn't take a picture with my digital so I will have to wait until the pictures are developed to show you!

Bye for now!!! Girls just wanna have fun-un... oh... girls just wanna have fun!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The End of an Era

I'm a little sad to say that Tres has switched his allegiance from Buzz Lightyear to Spiderman! Here is a conversation I had with him last night in the car:
Tres: Where's Buzz, Mom?
Mom: I don't know. Aren't you Buzz?
Tres: No, I'm not Buzz. I'm Spiderman.
Mom: You are? What happened to Buzz?
Tres: He's at home.
Mom: Is Bryant Buzz?
Tres: No, Mom. Bryant is XR (another space ranger on the Buzz Lightyear cartoon).
Mom: Is Daddy Buzz?
Tres: No Daddy is Booster (another space ranger).
Mom: And you aren't Buzz?
Tres: No, I'm Spiderman now.
Mom: Ok. So what happened to Buzz?
Tres: He's asleep.
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Bryant has developed a fascination with stuffed animals. He drags them everywhere and sleeps with about 4!  Posted by Picasa

Here are a couple of new pictures of Tyler! He looks a little cross-eyed in the first picture!! What a sweetie though! He slept last night from 11 pm- 4 am!!  Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

See Ya!

I forgot to post this the other day! After our ER trip, I was pulling throuhg McD's to get the boys some dinner cause it was after 8. So I pull into the inner drive-through and wait. I sat there for about 3 minutes and then a car pulled up at the outer drive-thru and pulled around. When I saw the second car pull up and heard them start to place their order, I began to wonder if maybe the inner one was out of order. So I said, "Excuse me." No answer. "Excuse me." That's when the wonderful drive-thru person answered me. "You'll have to hold on. I'm only one person." I was shocked cause I HAD been holding on for going on 5 minutes now. "Well, I've been sitting here for several minutes and just saw 2 cars go around, so I thought maybe this was out of order." "I'm only one person," he says with attitude. That's when the day started catching up with me. "Well since you're so busy, I guess I can go somewhere else." Then he said the words that made my blood boil: "See ya!" I nearly burned rubber pulling around McDonalds and pulling into a parking spot next to the drive-thru. As I am getting out of my van and un-buckling my freshly-glued baby from his seat, the drive-thru guy hangs OUT OF THE WINDOW and starts yelling at me, "I'm only one person!" To which I calmly said, "That doesn't give you a right to be rude. I want to speak to your manager." He smirks at me and says, "It won't do you any good." Then I say, barely keeping my composure, "Regardless, I want to speak to him." I went inside to a waiting manager, and explained the situation. I told him that I work in customer service, and would NEVER get away with being rude to people for no reason. He asked me what I was going to order and gave me to happy meals, and as I was pulling away, I saw the manager talking to the drive-thru guy. Who knows what happened, but I just was fed up with rudeness!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tag! You're it!

Okay, so no one actually tagged me, but I thought it would be fun to do and to tag others. Here's how it works. When you are tagged you must post 10 interesting and little known facts about yourself. Then tag 5-10 of your blog buddies!

Here are my little known and interesting facts:

1. I went to Hawaii when I was 6 months pregnant with my second child. Not just for a vacation... but for the Alabama v. Hawaii game!
2. I have a purple rose tatoo on my lower back.
3. My date to my senior prom would not dance with me!! And I paid for everything!
4. I like to watch "Making The Band."
5. I dressed up like Mary Catherine Gallagher (a character from SNL portrayed by Molly Shannon) when I was a junior in college. I looked A LOT like her.
6. All of my friends in college wanted to date my younger brother, and that disturbed me!
7. I won Miss Congeniality in 2 pageants.
8. I grew up on a farm and my favorite pet was a calf we had to bottle feed.
9. My all-time favorite movie is "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers."
10. I like to dance in the kitchen when no one is around!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Babies, Ballgames, and the ER

So much to tell you guys about!! First of all, Matt and Kayla welcomed Tyler to the world on Saturday at 1:32 pm. It was so emotional to see my little brother become a daddy! He's even changing diapers! I'm so proud! Tyler is a cutie!! Lots of dark hair, and he looks a lot like Matt to me... of course it's hard to tell right away. They had him at St. Vincents.
I was going to go to the game with Hankie, but once we heard that Tyler was on the way, I stayed behind. Hank's grandmother, Grammy Boemer came with his parents. And while Hank and the Boemers went to the game, Grammy hung out with us at the hospital for about half the day! She's a trooper and such a sweetie! I really enjoyed talking to her. She told me how she met her husband, and traveling with him, and having 5 kids, and all kinds of family history! After we got home, Grammy went to rest and the boys and I went to Wal-Mart. I got Bryant a haircut and now he won't be called a 'she' anymore!
Thank God the Tide rolled on to victory, or it would have been a very sad bunch at my house on Saturday!
Sunday morning, we got up and went to Cracker Barrel. The boys loved it! Bryant seriously downed 2 pints of chocolate milk! Then we said good-bye to the Boemers as they headed home to Nashville.
Then my little family headed to the hospital. I didn't get to really see my nephew the day before. With all the excitement, the boys missed their naps and were a little hard to handle, so I just got to peek at him. We got to spend about 30 minutes with Matt & Kayla while Tyler was in the nursery getting his hearing checked. Then Kayla's family came and some of Matt's friends. So I held Tyler for about 5 minutes, then Matt pryed him out of my arms (just kidding, I laid him down!), and we took the boys to see the fountain.
We got home and got the boys down for a nap, and Hankie had to go in to work. After the boys and I woke up, I was getting some food ready when all of a sudden, I hear a blood curdling cry. I raced into Tres's room to see Bryant with blood streaming down his little face. Tres started crying and I panicked! I was rushing aroung throwing clothes on them and me, and Bryant started laughing at me... so I started calming down. After 10 minutes, the bleeding slowed down for me to really see the cut. It wasn't very long but looked deep, and he was acting like nothing was wrong. I consulted my across the street neighbor cause I didn't want to overreact. She works in a doctors office, so I thought she might know a little more than I would. She told me it looked like he would maybe need a stitch. So she offered to watch Tres while I took Bryant to the ER. Hank met me there briefly on his diner break. Then it was just me and Bryant. They eventually glued it shut with Dermabond and sent us on our way. Poor Bryant, it took 3 of us to hold him down for the doctor to do his work. And he kept saying "Owwweeeeee!!!" I started crying! It is so hard to see your child in pain! But all is well. He looks like a tough little munchkin now!! I'll take a picture tonight and show you guys tomorrow!

Bryant wanted to try on the Buzz Lightyear costume we had gotten for Tres last year! It's a little big, but Bryant loved trying it on! Posted by Picasa

The cutest Space Ranger since Tres... Posted by Picasa

Here is Tres at the fountain in front of St. Vincent's hospital. He absolutely loved it! He would have jumped in if he thought he would've gotten away with it! Posted by Picasa

We went and saw Tyler at the hospital again and the boys had to see the big fountain out front! Bryant liked it, I think it just intimidated him because he wanted me to hold him the whole time! Notice his haircut! Posted by Picasa

The Boemers took up to eat breakfast at Cracker Barrel before they headed home on Sunday morning. Tres loves to have his picture made! Posted by Picasa

My boys also got to spend some time with their Great Grammy Boemer this weekend! Hankie's grandmother is so sweet! She hung out with me at the hospital for half of the day! Posted by Picasa

Here is Sierra 'helping' me with Bryant.  Posted by Picasa

Here is my dad with the only granddaughter, Sierra (6) waiting on Tyler to make his arrival! This makes grandbaby #5 for my parents! Four boys and one little chick! Posted by Picasa

I would like to introduce you to my newest little nephew! This is Tyler Steven Morrison. He was born on October 22, 2005 at 1:32 pm. He weighed in at 8 lbs 1 oz and was 21 3/4" long. He has a head full of dark curly hair!! And he looks a lot like Matthew to me!! Mom, Dad and baby are doing good! In fact, they came home today.  Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 21, 2005


Matt's wife Kayla has been admitted to St. Vincent's! She went in for a stress test today and they kept her. So it looks like Tyler will be here today! YEah! I'll post pics and updates when he gets here!

Football and Babies!

Well, tomorrow is the Alabama v _____________ game and I really want to go. But I can not find a baby sitter! So I will probably be at home with my munchkins. I love my kids, but I have only been able to go to 1 game this season and Hankie really likes for me to go with him (and it's a nice break for me too!).

My only hope to go lies with my Mom. She has agreed to watch them, just as long as Matt & Kayla haven't had the baby. Kayla is now 41 weeks pregnant, miserable, and even as we speak, at the doctor's office begging to be induced! :) I remember those days. So if she has her way, Tyler will be here later today or tomorrow and I will be at home... or holding a new little one! :) I like the idea of that! Matt was just telling me what a long week this has been. He said the waiting is torture!

I have a Tres story: I put some new shoes on Tres a couple of Sundays back. He looked down at his feet and said, "Mom, these shoes are who-ge!"

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

This is Hankie! He's wearing one of the 'el T-shirts for guys. Doesn't he look so good!  Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 17, 2005

Milos and the great silky hunt

I got to spend some time Saturday with my good friend Jennifer. We just spent some time together while we did a little window shopping and dreaming. I picked up a couple of things off clearance racks for my boys for Christmas. Then we went and had diner at Milos. I love that place. Gotta have it with extra sauce and sweet tea! Jennifer shares this love of Milos, so it was fun. Hank doesn't like the sauce so I don't go there usually.

Also on Saturday, the boys and I spent the morning on the GREAT SILKY HUNT! Bryant had gone grocery shopping with me at the Super Wal-Mart in Calera and had insisted on bringing his silky inside. Sometime during the course of shopping, his silky (a green square of material with a silly frog head and a red bow-tie on it) slipped away. I realized almost immediately after we checked out that silky was MIA. So we retraced our steps... with no luck. I called customer service the next day, and still no silky. So we headed over there about 11, checked with customer service again, retraced our steps again... this time squatting down and searching under each aisle. Still no silkie. Bryant was riding the buggy the whole time calling... "ikkkieeee" with his paci in his mouth (no luck getting rid of paci when we can't find silkie!). So in desperation, I headed over to the baby secion. I found a couple of blanket looking things, but nothing that was even remotly close to silky. Then I spotted one little green velvety patch of blanket with a bear head. I showed it to Bryant, who lit up like a Christmas tree and said "ikkkiieee!" and immediately cuddled it to his face (I prayed that thing sanitary!). So for $4.88 plus tax, Bryant now has his security blanket it tow. Mommy no longer lets "ikkkiieee" leave the car for any reason other than to come into our house. Lesson learned!

Still no baby for my brother Matt and his wife Kayla. She spent the entire weekend trying to walk that baby out with no luck as of now. She goes in tomorrow for another check-up and if nothing has happened they will schedule a C-section.

I am so glad (at least to keep things at peace at the Boemer house) that Alabama won! Hope they can pick up the pace so to speak and play a little better this coming weekend! Speaking of, any one know a good sitter? I really want to go to the game with Hankie, since I've only gotten to make 1 of the games this year.

Give me some good adjectives!

Can you describe God to me? Who is He to you? I have really been thinking about this. How would I introduce Him to one of my friends.

This is my friend God. He is my Lord and Savior, and it is because of Him that I am able to walk, talk, breath, love, and live. He sent his son, Jesus, to die for my sins. Isn't He the most beautiful, caring, intellegent, selfless person you have ever met?

I remember my last year in All-State Choir, we sang 'The Lion and the Lamb.' I remember thinking... it's like we are reminding people in case the cares of life have caused them to forget... or we're introducing someone to the great I Am.

Friday, October 14, 2005

One last picture! Daddy... ummm I mean Horsey and riders. Posted by Picasa

I set the boys up a fort the other day. I put blankets over our table and let them have fun under there. I didn't see them for about 1 1/2 hours! Posted by Picasa

Here are Sierra and Tres cutting a rug while the band played Livin la Vida Loca Posted by Picasa

This is at Jennie's birthday party! She turned 32~! Posted by Picasa

I found two little boys all 'marked' up playing in Tres's room. They also colored their feet and bellies, the mat in Tres's floor, and a piece of furniture. Bryant's legs were very colorful, but I wanted to make sure I kept these pic rated G! Posted by Picasa

No one can convince me that there is a cuter baby out there than this one! He is my sweetie! I love my boys so much. Posted by Picasa

Tres has decided that he wants to be Spiderman for Halloween, so we found him a cool costume!! Here he is showing us his muscles Posted by Picasa

This and That

I don't have much to say today! This has been a killer week for me! Just busy and stressful and a little too full of drama for my taste... thankfully it is coming to a close. Over halfway through with the day! Yeah!
It looks like my brother Matt and his wife Kayla will be parents soon. Kayla went in today for her 40 week check-up. Her due date is tomorrow. She is 1 1/2 centimeter and I don't know how much effaced, but a pretty good bit. Her doctor stripped her membrane and sent her to do a good bit of walking today. Her doc told her it looks like Tyler will be about 8 pounds and he is in position for his arrival. Matt is too funny. He is so excited and nervous. I can't wait to see him as a daddy. It makes me get a little teary eyed. But until that baby comes, it's Kayla Watch 2005.
I went to lunch with my Mom today. If you have ever been to lunch with my Mom, you know you always end up eating Mexican. Her favorite is the Cozumel Grill in Pelham. I have yet to find something there I like, but to each his own. I filled up on tea and chips. The boys always eat well on rice and beans and quesadillas.
I really want to spend some time cleaning tonight and tomorrow morning. I always feel better when my house is clean or at least parts of it are. It's not messy now, but it's not clean either. So I gotta get busy tonight!
Tomorrow I plan on spending part of my day with my friend Jennifer. I didn't get to go out with her for her birthday, so I'm gonna take her somewhere (probably cheap, and she understands!) and then we are gonna I think just cruise around the mall and stuff for a while. Just hang. I rarely get to do that with her! I will be bringing one of my munchkins with me, probably Bryant since he's a little easier to deal with out and about!
I've been working on music more and more. I was driving home from practice last night and was thinking about my dad. I was also thinking about the fact that 2 of the members of 'el have lost their fathers... one to cancer and the other to a sudden heart attack. And I began to hum and play around with a tune. Before I knew it, it had taken shape. I'm still working on the wording, but it sort of sounds like a lullaby.
I also just finished a song about living every day like it was Sunday. An idea my husband gave me. It's pretty catchy and fun to sing.
I feel like God is teaching me how to stretch these creative muscles again. I have been in a season of my life where I have had to take care of business, so to speak. I have been content taking care of my family and working. While I'm certainly the most fulfilled when my family is well taken care of, I am beginning to feel that old itch to write and be creative. I'm enjoying it!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Recreation Station 280~Saturday~10-8-05~Bryant almost got lost in the ball pit! Posted by Picasa

Recreation Station 280~Saturday~10-8-05~ Luke heads down a slide head first! Posted by Picasa

Recreation Station 280~Saturday~10-8-05~Luke played a game in the arcade... and Tres acted like he was, too! Posted by Picasa

Recreation Station 280~ Saturday~10-8-05~ Sierra took Bryant down the slide! He loved it! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Technical Difficulties!

Hey guys! I have tons of pictures to share, but no way to get them on right now due to a computer problem. As soon as that is rectified (I like that word!), you shall have them! It has been a little rough this week for me. Please pray. Work, finances, just everything. But I'm beginning to notice a serious pattern. Anytime 'el is set to sing somewhere, at least 2 of us are attacked. And guess what, this time is no different. We are fasting and praying this morning in anticipation of what God is going to do! We will be on the News at Noon on ABC 33/40 today! I talked with the producer yesterday, and he said it looks like we will be in the second half-hour. We are excited! We know that God has a plan for this engagement. Tune in if you can and let us know what you think!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Stay Tuned...

I promise I will post some pictures tonight and about our weekend! It was fun but too eventful to write about right now!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Happy Birthday, Jennie!

Yesterday, was Jennie's (my oldest sister) 33rd birthday. She loves birthdays and holidays so much! She is mentally handicapped. The last time she was tested, the doctors told us that she had the mentality of a 5 year old (I think that it's actually progressed to like 7 or 8), so she just enjoys and revels in fun stuff like that! Yesterday, mom let her stay home from work (she works at the Mitchell Center in Calera). Mom took her to get a manicure and a pedicure. Several of us got together at Little Italy's for lunch. But her party was so much fun. My parent's had reserved the back room at Sol Azteca in Alabaster. It was so much fun. There was a live little Mexican band playing songs like Sweet Home Alabama and Pretty Woman. Tonnie requested Lvin La Vida Loco... it was so funny hearing them sing some of these American classics with their little accents! The food of course was good. And the kids kept us all laughing and hollaring over them to have a conversation. All of the kids got Aunt Jennie a present, and they were all vying for a chance to take her their presents! Jennie got her picture taken in the sombraro! I'll post that as soon as I can pry the digital camera away from my husband!

Did you know that every day is a holiday?

My friend Jeni found this website. Today, October 6, is actually....
Soap Opera Day!

Monday, October 03, 2005

I didn't mean to... but I lied!

That's right! I promised you guys pictures from this past weekend, and I don't have any! We need some new batteries in the digital camera, and I just didn't think to pick up the regular camera and snap some pictures of the madness! There were 12 people at our house on Friday night! It was loud and crazy, but fun! Let me just paint you a picture. The older kids were in our den playing X-box. Tres and Donovan were in his room watching Robots and playing with all his toys. Bryant was walking around with his entourage (the older girls, Delaney and Maggie) and the adults were watching TV in my bedroom and cooking dinner. After we ate dinner, the girls loaded up and went to the mall for an hour and then to Kohls for an hour. Then we came home.

I'm not sure what exactly is up with Bryant, but he has woken up the past few nights and not been able to go back to sleep for a while. I'm putting in a call to the nurse. In fact, Valerie just called me and told me she had to console him and rock him to sleep for his nap, which is odd for my little guy. Usually he is ready for sleep.

Tres is a bundle of energy these days! He told me 2 times yesterday that he wanted to be Spiderman for Halloween. So Hank and I got him a costume that has built in little muscles! He is so excited about it!

Church was really good yesterday. Pastor Danny taught on Ephisians 4:19. It was some good stuff! How to stay away from the path that leads to sin. It opened my eyes to things to look out for.

I guess that's about it. Except to say ROOOOLLLLLLL TIDDDDDDEEEEE! What a great game! Hank said it was one of the best he has ever been to. So Nicole, I'm so sorry about your team, but mine won, so that's good.