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Joyful Noise!

The most wasted of all days, is one without laughter!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Who's Out There?

So Monday afternoon, I had to forward the company phone to my cell and headed over to my parents house where they have a basement, just in case the storm got severe. I ended up staying there until around 9. We didn't see any damage at all at my parent's house or my house. In the neighborhood around my parent's house there were trees down on houses and trees split in half, but nothing that couldn't be repaired or hauled off thankfully. When I got home, I got Tres in bed and headed back into my room. As I was getting ready for bed, I hear what sounds like someone bringing my garbage can around the side of the house. It had been sitting out front when I brought Tres in. I thought Hank was at work and wouldn't be coming home until midnight or so. But just in case, I called his cell and asked if he had gotten off early and was at home. He wasn't and wanted to know why. I told him I thought someone was outside our house. He told me to turn on the flood light out back. Understand, the whole time this is going on, I am hearing things outside and am so jumpy! I tried to peer out my bathroom window, but when I peeked through the blinds, I couldn't see anything, and kept imagining someone staring right back at me, so I quickly closed them again.
I turned on the flood light and saw the cause of all the noise. We have a second garbage can out back, and because it was empty, it was being blown up and down our sidewalk! But it sure made me jumpy!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Grammy also let the boys help her feed the birds. This is the reason Tres wanted a bird feeder outside of his room at the office. Posted by Picasa

While Hank and I were working on CD details, the boys got to spend some one-on-one time with Grammy and Pop-Pop. Here they are heading to throw sticks into the creek behind their house. Posted by Picasa

At the entrance of the airport, where Mr. B's hanger is, they have some tanks set up. Tres just had to stop and get his picture with them. He thought they were (and this is a direct quote) "Cool Beans!" Posted by Picasa

Here is the plane that my father-in-law is building! He's almost done. It will be ready for it's maiden voyage before we know it! Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 29, 2005

Man, what a weekend!

This weekend was C-R-A-Z-Y! Hank and I made a last minute decision to go to Nashville Friday night. We were delivering the Master CD and cover design to the company that will be duplicating and packaging it. That company just happens to be owned and operated by Hank's best friend, Danny! So anyway, we headed up there Friday and got in to my in-laws house about 10. Visited for a little while, then headed to bed. We got up and had breakfast with the Boemers. Then we went out to Mr. B's airport hanger to see the progress on his plane... he is building one! Can you believe that! It will be flight worthy soon. I'll try to post a picture if Hank leaves the camera with me. The boys had fun watching planes land and take-off. Bryant was so cute waving at them! After that, we had a quick lunch at Mc Donalds to let the kids play off some energy. We got them back to the house and settled for naps, and then Hank and I headed over to Danny & Jackie's house.
This whole process has been quite interesting. There are all kinds of formats and programs that need to be used to design the cover and the inside jackets. Specific dimensions for each... legal jargon... layer after layer of design to make it look just right! But I am confident that we will have an awesome finished product. At any rate, it is out of my hands at this point, and I have to say that I am a little relieved!
Once we did some work, we ordered pizza and stuff for dinner and played a game on Danny's X-box. I can't remember the name, but basically the objective of the game is to crash and do the most damage. It was fun and addictive. On the way home, Hank said, "I feel like I should crash into something!" After we visited for a while, Hank and I headed home loaded the van, sleeping kids and all, and headed back home at about 9:30. We got home a little before 1.
Sunday was much easier! We went to church, then came home. I cooked us some lunch, and we all took naps. I did some light cleaning (this will be my main focus this week!), then played with the boys for a while. Hank had to work a late shift last night, so it was just me and boys after 7. At about 8:30 both boys, whom I can only imagine were exhausted, were asleep. I took the oppotunity to pray and thank God for this dream He has given me. Then I relaxed and eventually fell asleep!
That's my story and I'm stickin to it!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Butterflies & Nerves!

I'm sitting here listening to the almost final version of our groups first CD!! I am getting so excited and nervous all at once!

Here is Israel and a handful of the girls from the cast of the play. Mel, Nicole, Maria, and Rebeckah. I have kept up with almost all of these chicks! Posted by Picasa

I call this one "Po Lil White Boy." Shaylon had longer hair... and he let Betsy fix it on the bus one day. What do you guys think? Posted by Picasa

Okay... these last three are my favorite ones I found... I believe that I would like you guys to caption this one! This is Shaylon, Matt Tidmore, and Israel on the bus. Posted by Picasa

This was Maria and I practicing our fight scene for the play. I'm not sure how real it looked in the end, but we had a blast doing it! It was a slow motion fight scene that had strobe lights going, so that made it even more fun! Posted by Picasa

Me & Betsy Sims! I love this girl so much! I don't know if she remembers, but I used to babysit her. All the kids I used to babysit are in college or married...  Posted by Picasa

This summer, the movie 'Dumb & Dumber' was extremely popular. Maria and Izzy would walk up to each other at any given time and jam their finger against the other one's mouth and say "Shhhh.... Just go!" Posted by Picasa

Okay, here are some chicks from All-State Drama. This was in 1995, the year I graduated high school. Traci, Becca, ?, Amy, Shanda, and me. I think the ? girl was not in drama, she was in our room though. Posted by Picasa

This is all the girls from that trip. On the way back to Bama we made an awesome stop at the Grand Canyon. I have so many awesome memories of this trip! Crystal and I shared a room most of the time. I think we even dyed our hair one night. Maria and Dan weren't quite engaged yet but were SOOO in love. I remember John carried by bags for me everywhere. I remember having devotionals in the back of the van with some of these girls. I just remember so much fun! Posted by Picasa

Here we are outside of Phoenix First Assembly. Starting at the top, me and Amy Grims, Crystal Culver and Betsy Sims, Lindsay Sims, Karla, and Beth (at least I think that's her name... my memory is starting to slip people!)  Posted by Picasa

Here are a bunch of MC's at dinner one night after the conference. If I remember correctly, this was a gym set up to feed all the MC's that came to the conference. I remember being blown away at just how many programs and people were so passionate about the program. You may recongnize (starting fron left) Reed, Amy, me, David, Crystal, Austin, Chris, Keith, and a little bit of Izzy's head! Posted by Picasa

Okay... this is Elisha Jane Juarez. I believe this was taken at the MC conference in Phoenix in '96 or '97. Do you remember, Eli? Anyway, a couple of us with the the MC's because we were wanting to see what it was all about... it was one of the most memorable trips for me! I made some awesome friends, got to see some gorgeous sites and had a lot of laughs! Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 22, 2005

I found some old pictures this weekend, and I wanted to share some! Here is me and my best pal, Traci! We were inseperable in high school and after. Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 19, 2005

Some People Are Like....SLINKIES:

Not really good for anything, but they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.

Things I don't want to forget:

Tres- nearly 3

- His favorite phrase is "Actually, Mom..."
- At any given time, if I call him Tres, he will inform me with hands on his hips,
that he is Buzz Lightyear!
- His cowlicks never stay combed down!
- He loves to make people laugh
- Instead of getting cranky when he's sleepy, he get's super silly
- He inverts 'f' for b's, p's and some r's... Fanana, folice car, femember
- He loves to sing!! And he's good too!
- He is a meat eater... he will remove any bread or buns and just eat meat!
- He is super protective of his little brother, even though they aggrevate the snot
our of one another!
- He is so loving and sweet
- He gives great Eskimo kisses
- He will break out and do some 'space ranger' moves just about anywhere while
humming the Buzz Lightyear theme song!
- He has started becoming interested in 'Inja Tuttles' and 'Powler Wangers'
- His favorite shows are Buzz Lightyear (naturally), Rolie Polie, Olie, and Bob the
- He packs up his Buzz toys in a bag every time he leaves the house

Bryant- 1 1/2 years

- He has his own language... he just jibber jabbers and expects you to understand
- He is in a serious biting phase
- He loves to hug his brother and say "ahhhh!"
- He will wave at anyone, anywhere... even perfect strangers
- He is strong willed, independent, and determined
- He still can't sleep without his pacifier and his green frog silky
- If I ask a question like, "Who wants to go swimming?" Bryant will raise his
little chubby hand and say "Maaaa!"
- He tries so hard to sing "Twinkle twinkle" but only manages some sounds
- He is so expressive... he makes faces for everything!
- He gets into EVERYTHING... and I do mean EVERYTHING!
- He sleeps so well still!
- He tries to do everything his brother does
- His favorite toy is whatever Tres is playing with!

ANOTHER Yard Sale!

Hank and I and another couple on our street are having a yard sale tomorrow at my dad's shop in Alabaster. If you want to come, feel free! We are selling 2 high chairs, a double stroller, a single stroller, 2 car seats, a glider rocker & ottoman, patio table & chairs, Health rider, microwave, A turntable CD holder thingy, baby clothes, kids books & videos, etc.

We are hoping to make enough to pay off a credit card! Hip hip horray! Then we are in the home stretch! Our goal is to be COMPLETELY debt free (except house) by January. That is when we are planning on me going part-time. I will still work 5 days a week, but only from 7a-10a. Then I get home in time to take over with the kids and let Hank head to work at 11a. So we won't have to do childcare anymore, and I get to raise my own children!! Yeah!!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Here is Tres after a trip to Alvin's Island. He got a fun and I bought him that hat that reads "Here Comes Trouble." Posted by Picasa

Bryant loved the toys at the pink house. Does this mean he's gonna be a trucker... or a construction worker? Maybe an engineer! Posted by Picasa

Here we are at the Back Porch in Destin. Tres had fallen asleep. This was right before he woke up and thew up on Hank! Posted by Picasa

Here is Bryant with his club and ball. He kept stealing everyone's ball and leaving his behind! Posted by Picasa

Putt-Putt time! Here is Tres getting ready to putt! Posted by Picasa

Aunt Jackie and Bryant-- again! It looks like Bryant is telling us to 'talk to the hand!' Posted by Picasa

Look at how clear and pretty the water was! The waves were pretty calm too.  Posted by Picasa

Here I am showing Bryant a few things he can do at with sand. He is teething and kept trying to put his hands in his mouth... then getting upset because his mouth was sandy! Posted by Picasa

Bryant wanted in on the action! You know what I love about this picture? Bryant is wearing Tres's old swimsuit! It brought back many memories! Posted by Picasa