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The most wasted of all days, is one without laughter!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend 2006

What a great weekend!

It started out on Friday night. We had our first life group meeting for Crosslife Church. It was a get-to-know-you type fellowship at Kelly and Shawn O'Brien's house. Tonnie and Brett were there as well as us and Ken and Tonya Vice. All of the kids were there except mine. I had asked my parent's to watch them for us since ours are the smallest and I wanted to be able to enjoy it without frustration. We ate and played Win, Lose, or Draw and Scene-It. We laughed so much! I even came away with a few recipes (one of my new passions, apparently!). We stayed so late, that my kids spent the night at my parent's house.

Saturday morning, Hank and I slept in... on my word, it was heavenly!! I think I slept until nearly 10! Oh my! Then we got up, picked up a few things for my mom and Wal-Mart and headed over to her house to spend the day at the pool. Turns out everyone had that idea! We ended up spending the day with Tonnie and Brett and their munchkins and Kelly and Shawn and their girls. It was fun! We made it home by 4 so that I could make Chicken Spaghetti for Eric (Bomba) and Jennifer. Eric was moving into the home they just purchased. It's about 3 minutes from our house, so we wanted to welcome them to the neighborhood and help them out with whatever we could. So we spent the evening with them. We got home and bathed the boys and crashed!

Sunday morning, we started off early. We were out the door to church by 8:30. We helped get everything set up and then had a phenominal service (as usual!). Tommy is teaching on Spiritual Gifts and being equipped. After church, Tres and Luke (my sister Tonnie's little boy) came running up to me and asked if Luke could come home with us. So we had lunch at McDonald's and let them run off some energy. Then we came home and let them run off some more in the sprinkler in the back yard, bouncing in the bounce-around, and playin in the little pool. My dad came and picked up Luke about 5 and Tres begged to go with him. So Tres went. Hank, Bry, and I spent some time out back (I just love my swing!)... then we bathed Bry and loaded up to do our grocery shopping. By the time we finished with that, it was after 10, and Tres had already crashed and my parent's house.

Today, we got to Mom and Dad's and had a late breakfast with everyone. Then we spent a couple of hours at the pool. Then we got the boys down for rest time while Mom and I got everything ready for the big meal. We had steaks, pork tenderloin, baked potatos, pineapple casserole, texas potato casserole, baked beans, salad, deviled eggs, strawberry cobbler, saucy chocolate cake, and bread. Man was it good! After that we all headed slowly back out to the pool for another couple of hours. We're at home now. Both boys in bed and ready to crash ourselves!

10 Simple Things...

that make me smile and say, 'Life is good!'

1- When my husband gives me 'the look!'
2- When my little boys tell me they love me.
3- Clean, fresh sheets!
4- Having time to read a good book.
5- Watching my family enjoy a meal together.
6- Praising the Lord next to husband on Sunday mornings.
7- Being able to be at home with my boys.
8- Swinging in my new mother's day swing on a cool evening while the kids play in our newly fenced in back yard!
9- That my boys sleep till almost 9 now!
10- Having Ti-Vo!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Random Thoughts About my Husband:

His full name is Henry John Boemer, Jr.

He is several inches shorter than me.

I don't care and neither does he.

He doesn't take his shoes off until bedtime.

He would rather be on his feet than sitting down.

He is happiest when he is working on a project.

He built our entertainment center, fenced in our backyard, and built custom shelves (surf board and a car) for our kid's rooms.

I call him Hankie... even though people make fun of him for it.

He plays with my hair even when I know he doesn't want to.

He is a die-hard Alabama fan. We do tailgate at all home games.

We met while we were both working at a local TV station, ABC 33/40.

He thought I was married with kids because I had a picture of my niece on my desk.

I never really noticed him, until one of my friends told me she was interested in him!

I orchestrated our first kiss... and it worked! Man, what a kiss!

He is a good kisser.

Our first date was on August 17, 2001. We went to Ruby Tuesdays.

Hank told me he loved me first!!

I knew that I loved him well before he told me.

He thinks I'm sexy (or a lefty).

I think short is sexy!

He always smells good.

He has to have white hangers in our closet on his side. If an odd one makes it over there... it mysteriously makes its way back to my side.

He cuts his own hair.

He lost 70 pounds on Body for Life before we started dating.

I have helped him put some of that back on!

I think he would keep just about anything, just because he thinks he may someday need it!

We got married on April 5, 2002.

We had Henry John Boemer, III (aka Tres) on September 17, 2002... one month before his due date.

He hand crafted a Thomas the Train table for Tres for his second birthday... along with several big pieces like the roundhouse.

We had Bryant Steven Boemer on April 2, 2004... three days before our second anniversary.

We have been to Hawaii, Delaware, Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, Florida, Kentucky, and everywhere in between since we've been married.

He treats me like a queen... even when I don't act like it.

I love him unconditionally. He makes my heart sing.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Apples to Apples

At the beach, after the boys got settled at night, Mom, Ms. Vickie, and I would watch a movie, eat :), and play games. I brought along a game that Hankie had bought me a couple of years ago at Christmas. I am ashamed to say that this was the first time I played it. It was so fun! You are supposed to play with 4 or more players, but we winged it with 3. Everyone takes a turn being the judge, and to keep track of who was the judge at which turn, we passed around a captain's hat! So
for your viewing pleasure... the Apples to Apples Captains:

Jamie makes the captain's hat look darn good!

Ms. Vickie would make a good captain wouldn't she!

Mom looks like a librarian at Halloween!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Recipe Blog!!

Here is a place for all of you guys to go and get some killer recipes!

And you can contribute too! All you have to do is e-mail the recipe, menu, recipe request, etc to Crystal (the recipe blog administrator :)) and she will get it posted lickety split! So fun! I have already beefed up my recipe reportoire quite a bit!

Go visit!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Boemer Brothers

The Wagoneer

Bryant did not care too much for the beach. Everything from getting ready and putting on sunscreen to walking on sand to the rolling waves. He was pretty much not impressed.

He would stand on the water's edge and hold hid little hands out in front of him and yell "No, no, wa-wa!" as if he could stop the waves from coming. I ended up carrying him if he wanted to go on walks with me and Tres.

But most of the time, he sat in the wagon that I brought them to the beach in. He would sit there with his sun glasses on and drink his juice and just wait until we were ready to leave. I only took him twice.

My beach buddy!

Tres loves sand, the beach, shells, sun... you name it! He loved playing at the beach!

After checking out the water for the first time... he immediately wanted to be buried in the sand. We did this last year to his daddy, so I'm sure he remembered that.

We took a lot of walks along the shore line. Instead of collecting shells, Tres wanted to throw all of them back into the water... this was especially true of sand dollar pieces! So I was surprised when he wanted to bring his daddy a sand dollar as a souvenir.

He was definitely by beach buddy! He and I spent a lot of time there together!

We're Back!

We made it back from the beach around midnight Friday night. We had a really great trip! We spent time on the beach, at the outlet malls, eating really great seafood, and even on a pirate ship (for the kids). We played games at night, and watched movies after the boys were in bed. I wouldn't say I am well rested after the trip... but it was so nice to get away from all the every-day ordinary stuff and just relax and have fun with my boys. The only draw back was that we missed Hank a lot! So he ended up with a bag full of goodies from the outlet mall and a sand dollar from Tres. It was interesting to watch both boys outside of our normal daytime activities. They have been to the 'pink house' before, so they felt pretty comfortable there. And Tres was thrilled to be able to go to the beach. Bryant wasn't so thrilled. He actually ran fever on and off the entire week. Today it looks like we know why. One of his tubes fell out of his ear. So he goes to the doctor tomorrw. They did great on the car ride, sleeping in beds other than their own, eating out a lot, and even shopping. I was very proud of my little men!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

A Mother's Rambling

I feel so blessed to be a mother.

Finding out I was pregnant with my first son, made us a family.

Watching him stand in front of a church my group sang at with his pants pulled down to his ankles as he peed on their front lawn, made me laugh until my side hurt.

Finding out I was pregnant with my second son, made me laugh with dis-belief, cry in overwhelment, and smile in anticipation.

I wish I had not found dried poop in the potty training toilet that I thought I was about to put in the attic.

Bryant smiled at me for the very first time on Mother's Day 2004 and made me cry.

He smiled at me this morning as I chased him around the house trying to get him ready for church and I wanted to scream!

Tres didn't walk until his was 15 months old... but when he took his first 11 steps (and yes I counted each one), I ran for the camera while fighting tears of joy.

After Hank informed the boys that "Daddy thinks Mommy is sexy," this morning, Tres tried to mimmick his this afternoon and said, "Daddy thinks Mommy's a lefty!"

So far, I have been able to kiss almost all of my boys boo-boos away.

When Tres threw a wooden airport toy at his brother that opened up his forehead... all he could say was... "He didn't catch it!"

The last time I was sick, both of my boys kissed my tummy and used their doctor kit to make me 'all better!'

Tres decided one time to try and 'paint' his wall using the contents of his diaper.

I love to watch their little faces light up when I tell them "I love you," "I'm so proud of you," or anything like that... it's literally like watching a light bulb turn on.

I think it's comical to watch Tres's face go from joyous to devestated in the matter of a second.

I would never wish my life on anyone... because it's mine.

Beach Bound

I will be heading to the beach in the morning, so I wanted to give you guys plenty of stuff to read and look at while I'm gone! I will be back on Friday. My mom, Ms Vickie (Stiches-N-Time), and my two little guys are heading to Panama City. It's a yearly event for my family. We stay at the 'pink house.' Over the last five years, since everyone is married with families, we kind of take turns or work it out the best we can. This year, it looks like I'm the only one going with mom! I'm excited and so are the boys!

I didn't know we had this pic of Bry until I was downloading off our camera. So cute!! He is 'mowing' the lawn with a bubble lawn mower in elmo slippers!

I call this picture of Tres "Strong Man." He came out of his room and said, "Look at my muscles, Mom!! I'm strong!" He had stuffed every pair of underwear he had into his shirt!

Mother's Day Present

We had a great day today. Church, then Dreamland for lunch (my mom's choice). Oh, funny story. We were kind of crammed in a corner at Dreamland, and right above our heads is a light switch. Well, Bryant being the two-year-old that he is, decided to try out the switches. Apparently that light switch somehow tied into every TV in the room we were in. There were some pretty upset customers! Oh, well!

Then we came home, and I got the boys and I packed to leave for the beach tomorrow. We are going to Panama City with my Mom for the week. I am looking forward to it! And it is nice to be able to do something like this. It sure does make me appreciate the time I get with them now... and being able to do this without having to schedule time-off, ect. is great! While I did that, Hank put together my swing. Then we spent about 3 hours outside. I love my swing!!!

White Trash Fun!

Since fencing in our backyard, we have been enjoying being outside. I think everyone would agree that when you are outside all day, you sleep better at night for some reason. My mom always says it's the fresh air. It sure has helped corral some pretty active boys! One of the boys favorite things to do is to put just a little water in their swimming pool and slide down the slide. It swirls them all the way around. This was one of the first times we did it. They quickly decided to strip down to diapers and underwear... and before long they were naked. So, we found some 'white trash' fun! This is one of my favorite pics. Look at Bryant's diaper!

We Finally Did It!

Yes, folks... that's right. Hank and I finally celebrated our anniversary. It was very low key and that's just how I wanted it. We have been in need of some couple time for a while. And courtesy of Jennifer and Eric (the 2 best babysitters in the world!) we got it! So what if we celebrated on May 13, and our anniversary was April 5.
We spent some good family time yesterday morning. We all watched Chicken Little together and had a late breakfast of open faced bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches. Then Bryant and I took a nap while Tres and Daddy played. Then Hank took the boys and went Mother's Day Shopping. While they were gone, I took a shower, changed sheets on my bed and Tres's, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, straightened the boys' rooms, and a few other things.
Then the boys came home, and Tres led me outside with my eyes closed to reveal my Mother's Day present. I got a covered swing!! Hank is actually out back right now putting it together with the boys annoying... I mean helping him! :)
Then Hank got ready, and after Jen and Eric came, we headed out. We thought about seeing a movie but changed our minds and just decided to take our time at a restaurant and wonder around a bit. We decided on Johny Carino's in the Patton Creek Shopping Center. We almost went to Firebirds or Cajun Steamer's. It was pretty good. I think as far as Italian restaurants, I would choose Olive Garden over that next time. But I like trying new places.
While we were out we went to the DSW and Ross Dress for Less... then to Wal-mart on the way home to pick up a few grocery items. Then it was home and bed! It was very laid back, but we had fun!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Picnic Table

Bryant got a picnic table for the back yard for his birthday from my parents. Ever since we got it, I have been waiting on Hank to finish a project in the backyard before I move it out there. The boys have gotten used to it in the den now. They eat at it... do crafts at it... watch TV sitting at it... and eat snacks at it. I'm not sure how well it will be received if we move it outside now!!

I don't really mind it in the house too much. It has kept them out of their high chairs and is teaching them to eat like big boys.

Puking and other fun things that kids do...

So the last few nights, Bryant has woken us up with a very not-so-pleasant surprise: vomit followed by a round of diarhea. So the last two nights, I have been cleaning carpets, stripping beds, and bathing babies in the middle of the night. This is actually the first time (at least that my sleep deprived brain can recall at the moment) that Bryant has done this. He has been a bit clingy and lethargic... but no fevor. Just making sure he drinks plenty and eats starchy and mild foods. But I'm tired, and I feel isolated from other adults!! I wanted my mom to come over today but I didn't want to take a chance on infecting their household. So we have been cleaning, doing arts and crafts and playing Thomas today. Sounds stimulating, huh? And to top it all off, Hankie came home from work yesterday with a fevor and went straight to bed. He is still not feeling hot, but felt he had to go to work because they are down a couple of people. Plus, if he had called in sick, he would loose all the overtime he has put in this week... and to be honest, that money would come in handy!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Thoughts from a 3-year-olds brain

Tres: "T-R-E-S that spells Tres-man. Mom, am I a superhero?"

Mom: "No, baby. Your my little boy!"

Tres: "Mom, Mom, do superheros eat ice cream? Like Buzz Lightyear?"

Mom: "I'm sure they do, honey."

Tres: "I bet I could eat ice cream. I like chocolate. Can I have some?"

Mom: "Not right now. After we eat."

Tres: "Mom, Mom, do you have a baby in your belly?"

Mom: "No, Tres. I don't."

Tres: "Do I have a baby in my belly?"

Mom: "No. Only girls get babies in their bellies."

Tres: "Then you need to get a baby in your belly."

Mom: "Why?"

Tres: "So I can have another brother! And we can hold him like Tyler."

Mom: "No chance, little man! You already have a brother."

Tres: "Awe, man!"

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bryant Steven Boemer ~ 2 years, 1 month

- He will do anything his brother does. Monkey see, monkey do.
- He doesn't just run, he lopes. One leg stays in front the whole time, almost like a sidestep.
- He crinkles his nose up and points at you like he has a huge secret! For some reason, he really likes to do this to Uncle Brett.
- Some of my favorite words he says right now are "anana" (another), "peepa" (pizza), "peas" (please), "bia!" (we don't know what this one means, but he says it most often when Tres is aggravating him), "maw" (grandma), "me" (grammy), "tace" (Tres).
- He does this awesome monster walk that is so stinkin cute. Then he tries to growl really loud and scare you. Note: If he ever does this to you, you have to act scared. It's a rule.
- Anytime the phone rings or I call someone, he starts in immediately saying "Anna talk!" And he won't stop until he does... then it must be an ingrained thing to share for him, because he immediately takes the phone to his brother.
- He doesn't really have a preference when it comes to cartoons (read #1).
- He is almost potty trained too!
- He looks SOOO much like his daddy. And his expressions remind me of Hank too!
- He loves to dip his food. It doesn't matter what it is... ranch dressing, ketchup, cheese dip. He's a dipper.
- He has started doing this fake laugh when he thinks he done something funny.
- He is ornary. If he doesn't get his way... just step over the boy on the floor pitching the fit. It's what I do.
- He loves to be outside!
- He is harder to correct than Tres, but so much quicker with "Saw-e momma!"
- He never fake cries. He always cries great big crocodile tears that make his big brown eyes look pitiful!
- He is almost off the pacifier. He just gets it at night now.
- The boy has a shoe fetish. You will rarely catch him barefoot inside. His favorite shoes to wear are a pair of black monk-strap Sunday shoes, and his yellow rubber rain boots which he is almost too big for! More times than not, he has on two different shoes and on the wrong feet!
- He can make the word "yeah" sound like a question (by lilting his voice up), and answer (short and matter of fact), a request... and just about anything else. It is the cutest thing and we constantly try to get him to say it.
- He gives awesome kisses!! Which I get as often as I can!
- There is no better feeling than his little arms wrapped around my neck and his head resting on my shoulder! It makes it even better when his hair is freshly washed with Baby Magic! Oh those baby smells!

Henry John Boemer, III "Tres" ~ 3 1/2 years

- He is potty trained!!
- He mis-pronounced words that he is POSITIVE he has right. Example: Ottoman for Abdomin.
- He can do simple addition and subtraction.
- He aggravates the snot out of his little brother!! And smiles the whole time he is doing it!
- He still loves Rolie Polie Olie the best.
- He still does not like to eat bread... no buns for hamburgers or hot dogs, and no bread for sandwiches.
- He loves ANYTHING chocolate.
- He loves to play dress-up. In fact, lately, he has been mixing up his character costumes. Today, Darth Lightyear and Batman Woody made an appearance.
- When he plays dress-up, he really believes that we think he is that character. He will lift up his mask and say... "It's just me! Tres-man!"
- He introduces himself like this: "My name is Tres-man... but my real name is Henry John Boemer the third."
- He doesn't like for people to call him Tresy.
- If you call him little boy, baby, little man, etc... you will quickly be corrected. Because, quite frankly, he is a big boy.
- He loves to wear big boy underwear. When he does slip up and have an accident, he says, "It's okay, Momma, everyone has accidents."
- He refuses to believe that his eyes are blue. This is probably because everyone else in our family has brown eyes.
- He loves to help his momma.
- He loves for his daddy to lay down with him at night... and momma likes to sneak to the door and listen to them talk.
- He is loving 'Chicken Little' and will even break out into "If You Wanna Be My Lover" in public!
- His favorite people to play with are his cousins Luke and Donovan.
- He calls all of his friends, cousins.
- He still gives the best hugs and kisses in the world!
- My heart melts a little every time he tells me he loves me.

A King-Size Thank You!!

My Aunt Mary B-L-E-S-S-E-D Hank and I last week. She called and asked us if we wanted a king size mattress set and head board that she had in her basement. Since she moved, she didn't have a room to set it up. Also, she bought it about 2 years ago, and it was barely used because she and her husband were in transition from Gulf Shores to Birmingham.

We got to her house to get the mattress, and she pulls out this big box, and tells me to load it up. It was full of custom-made bedding and curtains!! Bedskirt, bedspread, 2 full length curtains, 2 king size decorative pillows, and 3 decorative pillows... along with a pile of sheet-- I think it's four sets!! So Hank and I went and bought a universal bed frame and king size blanket, and a down mattress topper and we have a wonderfully big and comfortable bed!!! All four of us fit in this bed no problem on nights when nightmares, growing pains, or thunder storms bring us together :) So instead of spending thousands of dollars on new mattresses, headboard, footboard, frame, and bedding... we spent about $100 and the gift certificate that my volleyball girls gave me as a thank you after our season.

I LOVE MY NEW BED!! And now Tres has a big bed in his room that he loves! God is so good! Thank you Aunt Mary!