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Thursday, May 31, 2007

I see the moon...


Wednesday, May 30, 2007


It's been busy lately! Finishing getting the house ready to sell... tee-ball practices... getting ready for our Disney trip next week... and a whole lot of other little things! I've been slacking on blogging!

Although Hank had to work, the boys and I spent Memorial Day at the pool with my mom & dad. The videos below are from Monday. We had a blast! The boys rode that Ski Doo thing until the batteries went dead! Bryant especially loved it!

Tres ended up having a red throat and an ear infection when I took him to the doctor on Friday. We didn't get to see our regular Pediatrician because he was out of town, so we saw another doctor at the same practice. Well I wasn't very comfortable with him or I would have asked him to please look at Bryant's throat and ears too... especially with it being a long weekend. Friday night, Bryant woke up and told me he was hurting. I gave him Tylanol and put him in bed with me. On Saturday night, I was up almost every hour with him! By Sunday, I had decided it was an ear infection, was alternating tylenol and motrin and giving him ear numbing drops. So we went to the pediatrician on Tuesday, and sure enough he had a severe double ear infection. I asked if it was due to swimming, but the doctor said his ears has so much wax that any water that got in them didn't get far! Gross! They had to irrigate his ears to remove all the wax (this is the stuff on the inside that I can't reach with my handy q-tip!). They are both on the same anti-biotic and both are feeling so much better!

Hank and I have officially gotten all three bedrooms and bathrooms ready. I am working today on getting the living area ready. The yard is ready, pictures are being taken, and we will put together a flier maybe tomorrow so we can put a sign in the yard as soon as this weekend! AHHHHH!!!

We leave for Disney next week, and Hank has been busy putting the t-shirts together. They all look so good... of course, I'm biased and think he can do anything :)

Below are a couple of things for Baby Girl Boemer that I've picked up on sale:The little blue peacoat was only $3.97! And it is a 3-6 month. I was so excited! And I love the "My Mom's a Rocker" t-shirt too...especially for $1!! Here are a couple of Disney outfits that I found for our Princess! The little tennis outfit is 0-3 and has Minnie on it... and the other is a Pooh pants outfit with a little sun hat that we will take to Disney at Christmastime. I plan on putting a long-sleeved onsie under it if it's really cold! And her first official Alabama outfit! Complete with little shorts and a ball cap in 6-9 months! The best part is, it was on clearance for $3!!! Love it!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Goin' Swimming

Tres and Bryant got pulled through the pool by this Sea-Doo thing my parents bought, it is really cool.


Friday, May 25, 2007

Prayer & Doctor

We need some prayer! We are looking at putting our house on the market as soon as next weekend. We need prayer that it sells quickly and for what we are would like to get out of it.

There is an opportunity to buy a house that could be a HUGE return investment later down the road. That opportunity will be up for grabs sometime mid to late June.

God knows our needs... He also knows if this is the right home for us, so please be in prayer only for HIS WILL FOR OUR FAMILY!!

Tres is not feeling very well. So we called the doctor this morning and go in for an appt at 11. He has been hoarse for a few days. He developed a cough a couple of nights ago, and he is warm this morning. So to the doctor we go!

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

1st T-ball practice video redo

here is a retry of the t-ball video


What did you say?

Okay, so I'm having to take plenty of breaks from painting. This little girl has moved up a story and is putting more pressure on my lungs than my bladder these days, so I am getting out of breath easily! Anyway, I had some time to think while painting, and I remembered something that I wanted to share!

Tres asked me the other day if the baby was swimming in my blood. I told him that she was inside me in a sac and she was swimming in amneotic fluid. I sometimes just tell him the technical stuff to see how he remembers it later! :)

Over the weekend, I asked him, "Tres, what is your sister swimming in?"

He thought for a second, then said proudly, "She's swimming in amnerotic sewage!"

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Spaghetti Magic!

We've had some busy days this week so far. My one goal has been to paint the front bath, and I am doing that today... I actually got one wall done without a request for drink, food, or the need for a referree! Wow!

Last night, I cooked whole-wheat spaghetti with meatballs. I promise you from the time I put that food in front of them, it was dead quiet for 10 minutes while they chowed! Tres ate all of his pasta and just a few meatballs. Bryant ate all of his meatballs, and then some, but just a little bit of pasta!

When Tres was done, he said, "Momma, make sure that Daddy doesn't take that to lunch tomorrow cause I want to eat that again!" They never request leftovers! I'll have to remember this the next time I just need some quiet time! :)


Eenie, meenie, minie, moe!

He was having a hard time deciding which vitamin to take. Don't you just love his hair this morning?


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Weekend Review...

With Tres and Bryant. News you can't live without!

First in the news... Friday morning, Dad took us to the lake in our neighborhood to feed the ducks, but since there weren't any there, we fed the fish instead! Mom went to a yard sale down the street and bought more pink girl stuff while we were gone. She is always looking at pink stuff these days!

Then on Saturday, we met Aunt Kelly for lunch at Jim 'n Nicks. Aunt Kelly is our Mom's friend. We sat outside and that was good, except our colors melted in the sun while we ate! Aunt Kelly had a late birthday present for Bryant. She got him sidewalk chalk and bubbles. I really wanted him to share, so he did. Before the day was over, the bubbles were gone! Thanks Aunt Kelly!

Then we went to the park by Luke & Sierra's school on the way home. Bryant got in trouble for throwing rocks......and Tres climbed to the top of the green wall and proclaimed himself 'King of the World!'

Sunday we went to our Rainbows class at church. Then we went to Golden Corral with Grandadddy, Aunt Jennie, Aunt Tonnie, Uncle Brett, Luke, and Sierra. We ate a lot of food!! Then we all went home. That night, Grandaddy went with us to the Drive-In to see Shrek the Third. I liked it and sat with Grandaddy, but Tres fell asleep.

That's it for the weekend review folks!
This is Bryant...And this is Tres.

Signing off until next time!

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1st T-ball Practice

Here are the boys at their first T-Ball Practice


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Busy Day

My sister, Tonnie, came over this morning and helped me paint my bedroom today! Thank you so much, Ton-Ton! You are THE BEST sister in the world! My mom came and got the boys so that they wouldn't get in the way, or breathe in paint fumes all day. It was nice to have adult conversation all morning! So refreshing!

Once they got home, I sent them outside to play cause it still smells pretty loud! Then I told them I would take them to get something to eat. Instead of McDonald's, they chose to go to Wal-Mart and get a Lunchable and a popsicle. Then it was home for baths.

Tonight I was posting stuff on e-bay, which can be time consuming... and I guess the boys just felt the need to be near me. Cause they brought me a DVD and made me turn it on in here (the office). They are being so sweet... I think my Mom may have drugged them! Just kidding! I think they are super tired.

Hank went to work early and will be home late. Well, I'm tired of being on the computer and it looks like it might be a quiet night here, so I'm gonna go take advantage of it!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Doctor Visit~ 24 1/2 weeks

I went to the doctor today. Baby girl and I are doing good. She is growing just fine. I however, have lost 5 pounds. The doctor told me that if I wasn't measuring good, I would be in trouble. More than likely, it's just all the packing and stuff that is keeping me from gaining weight... cause it sure isn't my diet! :) Her heartbeat was good today at 150. My blood pressure was great, which was a relief to me, because I've had several weird dizzy spells lately. He said that could be caused by bending over a lot, or congestions. He didn't think it was anything pregnancy related, so that's good! I scheduled my glucose screening... so the next visit will be longer. Yuck! But just a week after that, we have our 4-D ultrasound scheduled, so that will be fun!

I feel her CONSTANTLY kicking me, especially at night. And Hank and I enjoy watching her dance in my belly. We can see her kicking now. She responds to the boys' voices and Hank's already. I guess that's about it for now!

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Miz Mickie!

Ms. Vickie is helping turn a regular Mickie Mouse T-shirt into a maternity shirt for our upcoming trip to Disney. So we went by this morning with the shirt. The boys LOVE 'Miz Mickie,' as Bryant calls her. Tres felt so at home, he immediately took off his shoes, opened her can of peanuts and started playing with toys!

Highlighter Wars!

I took the boys with me to clean the shop, as I often do. They normally occupy themselves with coloring, or bring toys to play with. This time, they snuck all of the highlighters out of the main office and apparently had a very quiet highlighter war! When I was getting them ready to go, I found all the highlighters before I saw Bryant's face! Tres had small marks on his arms and hands only... but Bryant had it in his ears, on his scalp, in the corner of one eye... I mean, you name it, it was highlighted!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Star Wars Weekend T-shirts

Every time we go to Disney World as a family, my husband Hank designs a t-Shirt for everyone that is going. In three weeks we are going for Star Wars Weekend. Hank has decided to put everyone face on a Star Wars Galactic Hero's body. Some of them have turned out to be very funny (Bryant's). I though I would show you some of the pictures so everyone could get a good chuckle!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Breakfast in Bed!

Hank and the boys decided to make Saturday my Mother's Day, because Hank had to go into work on Sunday. So I got to sleep in a little.

I woke up to two Power Rangers (and Hank) serving me breakfast in bed! Hank had made pancakes and bacon and brought me some chocolate milk. I ate in bed (such luxery!), and then the little Power Ranger waiters (pictured below)brought me some gifts. I got a new CAMERA!!! I'm super excited. I have been using our old video/digital camera... but the video part doesn't work and the camera part decides to work sometimes... plus it is bulky! So I was thrilled! This new one is so light weight and small and fits nicely in my purse. I've taken soooo many pictures already! And the boys got me this:I collect Willow Tree statues and I love this one! Especially since our baby girl is on the way!

After that, we did a few things around the house, then we called up my parent's to see if they wanted to meet us for some Mexican food. Yumm!!! Del Toro is always tasty! My dad kept aggrevating Tres about the names of his Star Wars characters! Tres thinks his Grandadddy always 'jokes' him!

The next stop on the Mother's Day express was swimming with my men.
We had such a good time... especially the boys. This was the first time they got to swim with Daddy, and he let them push him in (after which Mommy discussed AT GREAT LENGTH why we don't push ANYONE in!), and he caught them as they jumped off the diving board and slide. Bryant also decided to wake up a napping Grandaddy with a mouth full of water...It was funny, and with my new camera, I was quick enough to catch the moment! I had to make a quick decision on whether to stop him or take the picture... I guess you see which one I chose! :)

Then we went to see 'Fire House Dog' at the dollar theatre. That movie was SUPER good! I loved it! And the boys did too. This is the first movie they've been to see that didn't involve cartoon characters!

After that, I made Hank go use his Christmas gift certificate at the mall on some much-needed new shoes, then we headed home.

The boys still had to get Mother's Day presents ready for Grandma. Tres painted a flower pot, then we potted a little flower.Bryant chose a wind chime made out of flower pots to paint. Tres actually called these "potty chimes!" :)

After that, the boys hit the tub... then hit the hay! It was a fantastic Mother's Day event for this mother!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Isn't she lovely?

I gotta say, I have some beautiful nieces! But, I saw this picture of my youngest niece, Heather, and just had to share it!
I think she is one of the prettiest little girls ever! And I'll probably go on thinking that until my little girl gets here! :)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Brotherly Love

We had a t-ball meeting for the boys yesterday late afternoon, so the boys and I went and hung out at the mall for a couple of hours. While we were there, we went and got a cookie. Bryant got an iced Winnie the Pooh cookie. Tres got an iced cookie with a blue flower (who the heck knows why). As they tend to do, about half-way through Tres leans over and asks:

Tres: Can I have a bite of your cookie Bryant?
Bryant: No... well... yeah... here you go.
Tres: Ummmm.... {He pats Bryant on the back, moves in close to his face and says:} Your Pooh tastes good Bryant!

Bryant at the Dentist

Bryant did great at the dentist. He was a lot more cautious and needed a lot of reassurance. I held his hand, the oral hygenist held his hand, and he wanted Tres to hold his foot. By the end, as you can see, he was perfectly comfortable.

Hank and I have learned a HARD lesson. Also find out if there is fluoride in your water... and take your kids in to see the dentist early! We brush twice a day, but both our kids had/have cavities. Bryant's are all minor, and the dentist said his are most likely due to the fluoride as well as juice (DILUTE THE JUICE PEOPLE!). I like that they are both a lot more aware of their oral hygene now. And with this little girl coming up, we will be fanatical about it, I'm sure! :)

Where's Waldo?

The boys and Hank were playing hide-n-seek the other night, and Bryant found a great hiding place!
Of course with all the boxes and bins around there were plenty of fun places for little boys to hide! :) And don't worry... that fireplace has never been used!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Out of this world dentist visit!

We took Tres in for his first dentist visit when he turned four. Our pediatrician told us to wait until he turned three, but when we mentioned it then, he went balistic! So, we waited until he could reason a bit more. In my opinion, that was a mistake. We got to his first dental appointment, and there were babies only 18 months old in there! I was shocked. Anyway, it turns out that Tres had a few cavities. Not that I'm trying to justify it, but we also learned that our city has zero fluoride in the water, and that is what he's been raised on. Anyway, I took him in for his cleaning initially and he did great. So, the next one, I knew would be a doosey! They told me that they would put him on Nitrous Oxide to relax him and distract him from when he got his shot. I think I was more apprehensive than he was. I let him pack a little toy bag with his silky. I forgot the camera the first time, so I didn't get any pictures. But I will always have this image of him in my head with the mask on, one of those dental paper towel neck things on and his silky clutched in his hand. He did great!!! The nurse and the dentist said they were impressed! So we went back for the second one today, and since he did so well the last time, I was less frazzled! I love the dentist we take them to. They get to lay back and watch TV's set up in the ceiling.

Here he is getting relaxed on the Nitrous Oxide: I told him that he looks like a Star Wars character with the mask on! When I told him that, his little eyes lit up and he said, "I know which one you're talking about! It's the one where they come up out of the water!" He did great again today, and now he has his 'Transformer' teeth, that will fall out when his permanent ones come in. We also do a fluoride treatment on his teeth now.

Tomorrow, Bryant goes in for his first visit. We'll see if he's still smiling then! :)

More Painting & Tee Ball

So this past weekend, was more of the same! The boys went and spent the night with my parents on Friday night so that Hank and I could tackle their room. We worked pretty hard on it until 1 am, and were about 98% complete. We got up the next morning and finished it. Then we took a load over to our storage unit, came back and tackled the never-ending attic again! :) Then Hank mowed the lawn while I picked up the back-yard.

Well, that was the work... the fun stuff was much more interesting! The boys are now registered for tee ball and sooooo excited! They will both receive a jersey and a hat, and their team is called the Reds. So we went to Academy and got them some gloves, balls, and little baseball pants (do they have a specific name?). Then Hank rigged a tee in the back yard (using a stake and my vacuum cleaner extentions!) and they swang away!Bryant LOVED it! Look at that look on his face! He missed the first five or so that he swung at, but once he got the hang of it... buddy you better duck and cover! He is primarily right-handed, but we learned that he can hit both left and right. He would have stayed out back ALL DAY doing this! He loved it! He would get up there and say "Batter Up!"Tres, AKA the little boy who hates to sweat, liked tee ball, but preferred it in smaller increments. He would go inside for water breaks or to cool off quite a bit! We set up some makeshift bases for them, so once they hit the ball, they would take off running. Usually it was in the wrong direction or to second base first. It made me smile!He is primarily left-handed and does very well, when he isn't complaining about being too hot!:)

Overall, a great weekend! Although, I must say, all this work around the house is making me so super tired. On Sunday afternoon, I crashed for about 2 hours. Hank is a trooper. Because after the tee ball, he and the boys also washed both cars!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My friend, Jesus

Tres loves Kingdom Kid's at Church. This past Sunday morning our regular Children's Pastors were out of town, and the Missionette's leader filled in. After church, all the kids were running around with sock puppets on that they had made. We got into the car and Tres and I had a fun conversation:

Tres: Momma, do you know Jesus?
Mom: Yes, baby. Jesus lives in my heart.
Tres: I know Jesus, too.
Mom: That's good, baby.
Tres: Momma, when we get home, can me and Daddy and Bryant and Jesus get our picture taken?
Mom: Ummm... sure, Tres.
Tres: {after a pause} Mom, Jesus also lives on my hand. But now, I'm gonna take him off. And now Jesus is laying in my lap.
Mom: {As the lightbulb finally comes on that Jesus is his hand puppet too!} Oh, okay. {Laughing... pausing to call Hank to tell him about Jesus too!}
Tres: {As mom is getting off the phone} MOMMMMM!!!! JESUS'S HAIR CAME OFF!

Later, I related this story to my sister Tonnie (she and my brother-in-law are the children's pastors). She got a kick out of it, and apparently e-mailed the Missionette's leader, Linda. The following is her e-mail back. (SIDENOTE: The Queen is a puppet character.)

" Tres was so funny-before we began on the puppets, each one had to pick a Bible person to make a puppet for. He was the only one who picked Jesus. While each was deciding I was telling them that would have to know a few things about their character so they could introduce him/her to the Queen. Tres told me he didn't know anything about Jesus. I said, sure you do-you could tell the queen where he was born. He said yeah-out in space. I had a good chuckle to myself. He got right up there and did his interview though!! I was proud of him. "

Here is a picture of Tres, with his friend, Jesus! Jesus (the puppet) is currently still bald and missing an eye... but no less fun!