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Joyful Noise!

The most wasted of all days, is one without laughter!

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Melts in your nose?

Hank just called and told me that we have moved into a new phase with Tres. He stuck a mini M&M up his nose!! Lord, help! Hank said he made him blow his nose and it came right out. What if that had been a penny or something!

Corvettes, pick-ups, and vans... oh my!

We are having a slight problem with our van! It started having a squeaky sound about 3 weeks ago. We assumed a belt needed to be adjusted and kept putting it off. Then last week, just as I was pulling into our neighborhood, I start hearing other noises! Hank drove it and thinks it may be a transmission problem.
Wellllll, we are praying that is not the case. You see, in July we pay off the Camry. And we just didn't want to add another car payment just yet. But we will do what we have to do. So we take the van in tomorrow for a diagnosis. Then we will know what we are looking at. In the mean time... we are juggling vehicles. Hank drives the Corvette some, and we borrow my dad's pick-up some.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Hank and Tres went to the park this morning for a little while. They found this fuzzy wuzzy caterpillar. Tres is fascinated with bugs! Posted by Hello

Climbing up the slide (because that is much more fun than coming up the right way!) Posted by Hello

At the top, and get ready to go... Posted by Hello

And here we go! Backwards no less! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Me and Hank on our date night! Man I look rough! You can't tell, but my hair is cut in this picture.  Posted by Hello

Me and Tres swimming. He wears one of those life preserver suits because he has fallen in and had to be rescued before! He has figured out that this suit gives him a little more freedom.  Posted by Hello

This past Saturday. Swimming at Grandma's house! Bryant loves to climb up and down on the first step. I guess it makes him feel like a big boy! Posted by Hello

Monday, June 27, 2005

Tres's Good-Boy Chart

Hank and I had a good opportunity to come up with a game plan for discipline. We feel good about it and have put it into effect! Yeah! I love game plans! In fact, I am cautiously optomistic that we are already seeing some adjustments in behavior. Anyway, last night, Hank, Tres, and I sat down on the rug and made out a chart. We titled it "Tres's Good-Boy Chart." We have things on it like pee-pee in potty, kind to brother, pick-up toys, obey, listen, etc. Every night for 2 weeks we are going to go down the list and if he did good or even okay, he'll get a star. Since there are 10 things, we decided if he gets 6 or 7 out of 10 items then we have had a successful day. And at the end of 2 weeks, if he has had all successful days, we are going to take him to get a prize at the Dollar Store! I'll let you know how it goes! But he was so excited about his 'chart and stars.'

Our New Favorite Chair

Here is the chair we got at Haverty's. They have 12 months no payments, no interest. I am so excited! We actually got it in a deep chocolate color, so we have to wait about 3 weeks for it to come in! Posted by Hello

I love date nights!

Hank and I went out on our own Saturday night. We had planned this earlier in the week, so I was looking forward to it. Eric (our babysitter extraordinaire!) came early to let the boys get used to him being there before we left. It worked out great for him. We had intentially cut naps short so bed time would come quickly! And it did, so they were fine and Eric got to watch some TV and chill.
Hank and I headed towards Patton Creek. We didn't have any set plans, so we drove around until a restaurant caught out fancy. We ended up at Johny Rockets. It was good and quick, and it was fun. We even got to catch the waiters and waitresses dancing... and make fun of them :). Then we decided not to see a movie. Instead we went to the mall and got his mom's birthday present (can't tell you guys what cause she reads this!). And we also found some other things on sale at the Disney Store (really good sale right now!) for Christmas for the boys and other family members. We went to JC Penney and did a little shopping there... I won't tell you what we got, but we liked it! As we were heading back to where we parked, Hank asked what else I wanted to do. I mentioned I had been thinking of getting a hair cut. So we stopped by Regis to see if they had an opening. They did, and I got my chair chopped!! I'll take a picture tonight and post it! It is so much cooler and easier to fix. Then we went to Haverty's and looked at the chair we ended up buying on Saturday. We also hit the Wal-Mart in Pelham and picked up a couple of things for Christmas off of their clearance aisle. They had everything an additional 50% off! Then we headed home.

I had such a good time, Hankie!! I love it that we are both taking extra efforts with our relationship!

And That's the News...

Friday evening, we didn't do mcuh! We popped a couple of frozen pizzas in the oven! Jennie spent the night at our house because Mom was out of town, so the boys played a lot with Aunt Jennie. Hank went over to my parents house and worked until 11 or so on the Thomas Table.
Saturday morning, I got up around 6:15 or so. Cleaned the kitchen (floor and all), vacuumed, laundry, etc. Then made some muffins for breakfast. Around 9, I headed over to help Jennifer Jones get some stuff cleaned up at her place. We wanted to steam clean at the end, but we didn't make it that far... I just left the Steam Cleaner with her and told her how to use it. It was a lot of fun though! I like to organize most days! :) We found some pretty old pictures to keep us entertained, so that was fun (Jenn post some old pictures soon!). I showed her how to post pictures, and did her link section on her blog. Then we went over to Mom and Dad's and met Hank and the boys. We got to swim for maybe 45 minutes before a storm blew in all of a sudden.
Then we loaded up and headed home. Hank and I had a date planned, and I was looking forward to it! We got ready, fed the boys, got them ready for bed, etc in record time!! WE had the best time. I'll post that separately though.
Went to church Sunday morning, out to eat at Golden Corral after church... then home, where we all got a 2 hour nap in! AWESOME! Then we loaded up again, went to Haverty's in Hoover and bought a new chair and a half! It even has a pull out single hide-a-bed! We should get that in abourt 3 weeks. Then we went to Toys R Us and let the boys play for a few minutes, and then to Target to pick up stickers (more on that later!). Then it was home, dinner, and bedtime!
A very good weekend all-in-all!

Friday, June 24, 2005


My boys are my world!!! Along with my husband. But I have to admit... this week has kicked my butt. We have been having discipline issues with Tres (our nearly 3 year old). I hear a lot of the following:
"I don't want you, I want daddy."
"I don't want to eat dinner/take a bath/pick up my toys..."
"Bryant did it!"

And if he doesn't get his way, you hear about it in screams, fits, etc.
Although I realize this is just a phase or a stage... I really want to be sure and handle it correctly! We are setting a precedent here for Bryant and any future Boemer babies to come. We spank, and send to rooms, and take away favorite toys, etc, etc, etc. Any suggestions from veteran moms? If you're gonna bash us, though, don't comment! :)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Mark Your Door

I wrote a song yesterday. I know to some of you, this probably may not seem extraordinary... but this was such an experience for me. God had really breathed life into this song. I have been obsessing lately with the Passover. Anyway, that is what the song centers around. I have studied the story of the Israelites in just about every translation possible for the past month or so. I was even having dreams about plagues. I was and am intrigued with the thought of one simple act of obediance preserving your legacy. Yesterday on my way to work, lyrics started rolling around in my head. After I got everyone out the door for the day, I took Tres outside. I got him settled playing with his Buzz toys and sat down to some serious writing. It just flowed out in about 30 minutes... it just came together!! I was literally shaking when it was done. It's called 'Mark Your Door.' I sent it to the girls of 'el and they all feel it is anointed! It's rough and needs some work, but hopefully this one will make it to our first or second album.

I am so excited because, I can write all day. But when you know that God has given you something, you want to shout it to the world!! So, this is me shouting!

I forgot!!

I totally forgot to tell you guys that I got to see one of my bestest friends last weekend! Traci Tidmore was in town spending time with her dad, and after we each got our kids settled, we met at Brewsters in Alabaster and talked for a couple of hours. It felt so good to talk to her. She is one of the few people that I can be completely unedited with. They are settling in in Huntsville. It has been an adjustment living near family again. She says she is ready for the 'novelty' to wear off, so everyone will quit demanding their time! Hey, I would be doing the same thing!! Love you Traci!! Glad we got to spend some time together!

By the way, I got on to her for being a bad blogger! Maybe it will help??


Both of our boys love to swing. But sometimes like to mix it up a little. They like us to wind the swings and let them spin out! Posted by Hello


Bryant kept stealing Hank's glasses and then crawling out of reach into one of the tunnels! Posted by Hello

Monkey Boy

This was Sunday evening at the park near our house. Tres loves the monkey bars!!  Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Quote of the Day

"You'll feel a lot better if YOU are the bigger person."

Monday, June 20, 2005

Father's Day Weekend Extravaganza!

We spent a full weekend celebrating the fathers in our lives! Well, we actually spent time with Mr. B last weekend and gave him a gift then. But anyway, Friday night, we had a nice evening. I cooked us dinner... pork tenderloin (so good!), green beans, pasta, and crescent rolls. And then Tres and I made Hank his favorite dessert, chocolate covered Ritz crackers with peanut butter. Then we just chilled out and played at home.
Saturday, I locked the bedroom door when I heard Bryant wake up and closed it behind me, to let Hank sleep in as long as he could. While he slept, the boys and I put together his present. We got him a lot of his favorite treats... ranch Dorito's, peanut M&M's, Almond Joys, pistacios, etc. But his big gift (actually Father's Day/Birthday) was a cordless drill by DeWalt. He was so happy! He has been working on Tres's birthday present (he is building him a Thomas the Train table) and has been complaining about his old one being a piece of C-R-A-P, so I took a hint and made a trip to Lowe's. We topped off the bag with a homemade card that Tres and I made. I printed out a few pics of Hank on a regular printer in black and white, cut them and pasted them on a piece of construction paper, then Tres colored them! It turned out really cute!
By the time Hank got up, we had his gift ready. I also had made a light breakfast of cinnamon toast and bacon. So we ate that and then Hank opened his gift, which he loved! Yeah!
So then we did some everyday stuff like mowing the lawn and grocery shopping. Then we loaded up and went to Del Toro, Hankie's restaurant choice. Then we helped the boys make my dad a Father's Day card and tried to get them to take a nap (unsuccessfully!)... Hank went to play with his gift, and after the boys laid around for an hour or so without sleeping, I got them up and ready, and we headed over to my parent's house for a grill out and pool party with my fam. That was a lot of fun. We grilled out shrimp and pork chops and steaks and corn on the cob. And we had pasta and baked beans and bread. It was all really good!
Sunday we went to church and then went out to Outback. Then we went home and caught a nap. After we woke up, we took the boys to the park for about an hour, then home for baths, supper, playtime, then finally bed! A very good weekend!

Stinkin' Rules!

Father's Day Weekend: They really did not want to wait to swim! It was a struggle! Posted by Hello

Father's Day Weekend: We had a grill out/pool party at Mom & Dad's house to honor my dad. Here are the kids waiting for food to settle! Posted by Hello

A Few of my Favorite Things!

Father's Day Weekend: Hank opening his Father's Day goody bag! He got all his favorite things! Posted by Hello

Do I have to eat it?

Father's Day Weekend: Bryant tried a tomato for the first time. It was a no go! Posted by Hello

The Three Amigos!

Father's Day Weekend: We took Hankie to Del Toro... his restaurant choice. Posted by Hello

Father's Day Weekend: Here is the card that Tres & Bryant 'made' and gave to Hank. Tres is also eating some of Hank's Doritos that were in his goody bag! Posted by Hello

Daddy's Boys

Father's Day Weekend Posted by Hello

The Soul Train!

Father's Day Weekend: The Boemer Boys dancing to the theme song from Rolie Polie Olie. Notice how Tres is mimicking Hank's movements exactly! Posted by Hello

TV Commerical Reprised

Tres, Bryant and myself went to shop at Wal-Mart late Saturday morning. I had my list and was going down in (properly organized... thank you very much Heather!). We started in the back. I said, "We need some milk." And I hear Tres say from the back of the buggy, "I don't think I like milk," in a very sing-song voice. We make our way through Wal-mart with much the same routine. "We need some shrimp." "I don't think I like shrimp!" By the time we hit the frozen food section, it hits me where I have heard this before! There is a commercial where a mom is pushing a buggy through the store and picking up things like brocolli and chicken, and each time she adds something to the buggy, the little girl says, "I don't think I like brocolli!" Except for, of course, the product being advertised. I think Tres is maybe, just maybe watching a little too much TV!

Down Under Surprise!

After church yesterday, we went to Outback with my Mom & Dad, Jennie, Matt (Kayla is in Disney with her family while Matt is trying to close on a house he built), my Grandaddy & Grandma, and my Aunt Mary & Lane. With that many people, we were, of course, loud and it was slightly hectic anyway with the Father's Day crowd. Tres was getting antsie sitting between Hank and my Dad, so we let him crawl under the table to sit between me and Matt. When he wanted his Daddy again, I sent him under the table once more, then I turned my attention to feeding Bryant. About a minute later, we hear a commotion at the table behind us. Tres had crawled through and had gotten under their table!! Oh my word!! I didn't even give a second thought to him going through to another table. We all assumed the booths were solid pieces. FYI: They aren't! Anyway, we hear "What it that! Someone grabbed my leg! There's a little boy under there!" and then a lot of laughter. Thankfully, they were good natured about it!
I almost sent them a complimentary dessert: The Chocolate Thunder From Down Under!

Friday, June 17, 2005

Donkey Kong?

I have a confession to make. I have been watching the show 'Kept' on VH1. The premis of the show is for Jerry Hall (former super model--used to be with Mick Jagger) to find a boy toy. So 12 American guys are competing. Last night, one of the posers says "It's on like Donkey Kong!" What a loser! But I have to say, if he left the show... it would definitely take away some of the flare. Okay, that's my confession for the week!

Tres likes to be the one to wake Bryant up from any naps... he likes to climb into the baby bed and then they both jump until I get in there and pull them out! Two little monkies jumping on the bed! Posted by Hello

Here is Sierra (my niece) getting a check-up for her baby at the Parisian nursery. Posted by Hello

Here is my little baby boy, Bryant! He went with us girls to the mall last weekend. He liked Sierra's baby doll! She got to ride in his stroller with him. Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 16, 2005

License to Sass!

So I got up this morning and took a shower... got ready very quickly... got both boys ready with the help of my wonderful husband.... loaded them up and took Bryant to Valerie's then headed into work. Once there, I got the guys out the door and did some work... invoicing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll.... then I went and put on what I like to call "Sunday" make-up and touched up my hair.
I got Tres out of his PJ's and into a cute outfit. Then we loaded up and headed to the good old DMV. It is time ladies and gentlemen, for a driver's license renewal. Yes, that all important day when you must have a picture taken that will stay with you for 4 years. So I pull into the parking lot and find a front row spot... things looking good so far. I get Tres unstrapped, and load my purse up with 3 Buzz toys and his juice and a snack (always be prepared!). And just as I'm about to swing open the door to the building, I notice a handwritten sign proclaiming the following good news: "Computer Off-Line! No Driver's License Issued Today." My heart sinks. I was prepared gosh darn it! I looked pretty decent, I got there before the lunch crowd, I even had snacks!! I had to renew the tags for the Camry, so I went in anyway. After getting that done, I head to the information desk.
I ask the lady sitting at the desk, "Do you have any idea when the computer may be back on line to renew driver's licenses?"
She stares at me blankly. I pause thinking she maybe didn't hear me, but I can tell by the way she is looking at me that she heard me.
"Excuse me," I say, "I can't interpret a blank stare."
"We don't know."
"My license expires today. What happens if I get pulled over or something?"
"You get a ticket," she says as she smacks her gum. "You can come back tomorrow if you want."
"Will the computer be on-line then?"
"No telling."
Thanks for the VERY helpful information DMV lady. You shed light on so many areas for me. You brought understanding to my little ignorant world.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Another Blog!!

Okay... our group 'el decided to start a blog. Check it out.

'el Music Group

Let me know what you think! Also, Crystal... I may need your assistance again. I'm in uncharted territory with a Group Blog.

"Swimming in the Rain... Just swimming in the rain..."

My dad took all the grandkids swimming in the rain this weekend. Since it wasn't thundering and lightning, it was a fun adventure for them! Posted by Hello

Bryant the Red-Nosed Baby

Bryant had a fight with a patch of sidewalk. I think the sidewalk won!! He was sitting outside on the very bottom step outside the shop. He reached over to pick up a piece of sidewalk chalk and lost his balance and ended up kissing the sidewalk! If you look closely, you can see a big red mark on his forhead too!! We had to postpone family pictures for a couple of weeks. Does that make you feel better, Tif? Posted by Hello

Maria's Blog

Guys, please go and check out Maria Atchison's blog. Right now she is detailing her family's journey. Last November their son was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It is worth the read!

Maria's Blog

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I stole this picture from my husband's blog (listed as Hankie under my buddies). I have been wanting to get to the beach lately... or maybe I have just been wanting to escape both of our families :)... and have been thinking about our past trips. This one was taken at Sunset in Hawaii. We had such a great time! I would love to go back one day... but man it was expensive! Posted by Hello