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Joyful Noise!

The most wasted of all days, is one without laughter!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend Away

I have a lot that I need to post about... Sophia's 4th birthday and party, me starting work, upcoming opportunities for our family... but right now I am feeling happy and content and I just wanted to share that. I'm surrounded by my parents, my sisters, and my children and everyone is happy to just be together.

I spent this weekend celebrating one of my friends! I got a facebook message several weeks back asking me to join in on a surprise get together for Nicole for her birthday. So I came in town this weekend from Georgia, Staci came from Mississippi, Tiffani came from North Carolina, and a couple of locals joined us too.

Staci and Tiffani ambushed Nicole when she came home from work on Friday. She was shocked and excited. Then they came and met me at Joe's Italian, another surprise for her! We laughed so much! At half pieces of strawberry cake, dancing with Momma and swinging our napkins in the air, getting a mound of Parmesan cheese on my pasta!

Then we went to the Holiday Inn Express and got comfy and laughed, talked, played games, and laughed, and talked, and played games until 3 am! Crystal came and joined in the fun for several hours too.

We got up Saturday and spent time chatting and getting ready, then headed to the mall for a bit. Nicole's next surprise was at the Aveda Beauty Institute. We had schedules pedicures for everyone. I actually asked if I could get a haircut instead since I needed one severely! Amy Repass joined us there too and then we went over to Johnny Rockets for some burgers.

After we got done there, we went over to Amy's house to play games and talk and laugh some more. I wasn't able to stay any longer, but they continued on to see a movie.

I had so much fun. And while I am close to Nicole, I was thrilled to get to know all the other ladies better! Thank you ladies for such a fun weekend!

Last night, I joined my family at Johnny Ray's and we talked and caught up on all the important stuff! This morning I got to spend some one on one time with my big sister. It was a nice quiet time too. We had breakfast together then went to Target and JC Penney's. The whole time talking each other's ears off.

I am blessed. And while I am here, Hank has been in Chattanooga with his family, helping his sister do a backsplash in her kitchen. I'm excited to be reunited tonight though. There's no place like home, but I sure to enjoy these visits!