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Joyful Noise!

The most wasted of all days, is one without laughter!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I see a hole!

Look how my baby fell asleep the other night! He's justa chillin' with his stuffed animals, huh? We are in the process of getting rid of pacie. We almost had it gone not long ago, and he got sick and got reattached... so now, I'm being sneaky and snipping holes in them one at a time. We are down to just two left. Yesterday, he found one of them with the hole, and brought it to me very distraught. I told him it was broken and had to be thrown away. He went to the trash threw it in, and said bye, bye. But now, he is inspecting all pacies and silkies for holes! So funny.


So I re-arranged my den yesterday and I am itching to re-arrange my dining area, but I have to wait until funds are available to purchase some stools for the bar area.

Anyway, have you ever felt an urge to re-arrange things in your life? I feel like I need to make some changes, but I'm not sure how to go about them. Just be praying for me.

We have a sleep over last night! Luke (my sister Tonnie's son) came over. He and Tres are thick as thieves and poor Bryant gets left out. He tries so hard to be a part. But he just usually ends up whining his way back to me!! Of course I will cuddle him and play with him any old time!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Tres loves to act like he's 'daddy.' He will assign everyone a different role in the family, starring himself as 'dad.' It's very sweet! I love seeing his imagination expand every day. I love seeing his desires come to life. I love seeing him grow into a little person.

Seeing him do this the other day, made me think. Do you ever feel like you are putting on a facade... acting like someone you're not? I'm gonna be real here... I find myself doing this more than I care to admit. I don't like to rock the boat. I want people to like me, want to be around me, find things in common with me. When they are talking, I sometimes find myself racking my brain for similar circumstances. To some degree, I think this is natural. But, I also think it is sympomatic of my insecurity. What I mean is, I am sometimes afraid to reveal who I really am, for fear that I am just not enough somehow.

I wrote a song not too long ago about this very thing. It's titled 'Enough.' I just felt like God was showing me how to deal with this. He was reminding me that I am exactly who He made me to be. That I am good enough. That I actually fit in His plan. Sometimes it's easy to get bogged down in insecurities... am I thin enough? Am I too young or old? Am I cool enough? Why does this person not want to be around me?

Then comes the point that God is teaching me. I tell myself, God made me for a purpose. He has people placed in my life for a reason. He knows each step I take before I take it. His purpose is greater than mine. Can you tell, that I am actually doing this as I type it?

Monday, June 26, 2006

5 Things...

5 Things in my Fridge...

1. Root Beer
2. A unopened bottle of champagne (from my honeymoon)
3. Boo-Bunny (a little ice cube thing inside of a fuzzy bunny holder for all your boo-boo needs!)
4. Left-over spaghetti and meatballs & bar-b-que (Ms. Vickie's recipe)
5. Apple Slices

5 Things in my Closet...

1. My wedding dress in the airtight box
2. A filing cabinet
3. 2006 Christmas Presents
4. Beads and stuff to make jewelry
5. 10 ba-zillion sweatshirts and sweaters

5 Things in my Purse (Who calls it a handbag, anyway?)...

1. A bag of Gardetto's
2. And idea for a new song, jotted down on my Crosslife Bulliten
3. Teaberry Gum purchased at World Market
4. A handy dandy voice recorder
5. An "in-case-of-emergency" pacifier

5 Things in my Car...

1. One very sad and almost damaged beyond repair portable DVD player!
2. 'el Cd's
3. Hand Sanitizer
4. Toys
5. Soundtrack to 'At Last' by Etta James for Jennifer Jone's wedding


You'll never guess...

...where I am! I'm sitting at the good old Neighborhood Plumber filling in for the office manager who had a family emergency. Ah, the memories! It kind of feels weird sitting here where I worked for about four years. But it also feels good to know that it's just temporary and that the extra money will come in handy when Hank and I go to Colorado in August.

This weekend was good. Friday night we went for an evening swim at my parent's house. When it gets as hot as it's been lately, I enjoy the evening swims more than anything!! And you don't have to worry about sunscreen. Saturday, we did some family stuff at home. Then, Hank and I got a last minute sitter and went out for several hours in the afternoon. Can I just pause here and say something. Some people don't like to ever be away from their kids, and I think it's wonderful that they can do that... but I need an occassional break and Saturday was one of them. I think it makes me a better mommy. Anyway, we just went window shopping and ate at Del Toro. When we got home, we got a call from my parent's wanting one of the boys to spend the night. It ended up being Tres, since Bry will be spending a week with them when we are in Colorado. So that was a nice break too! God knows when you need some down time, people.

Sunday was a full day. Church first. Then to the Olive Garden (have you ever had their Steak Gorganzalo Alfredo?) with my parents, and Matt, Kayla and baby Tyler. I wish I had had my camera, because Tyler is so stinkin' cute!! After that, we got home for a few hours, where Hank and I made a few bracelets and necklaces for some upcoming events for 'el.

Then I went and met 'el. We sand last night at Friendship Independent Church in Fultondale. It was a fun night. It always is with those girls! And God is good no matter what! Well, that's about it!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Testing... testing

Well, whenever I try to check my blog, all I see is a blank page, so I'm posting something new to see if that might change that.

I know he's gonna kill me when he's older...

But I just feel the need to share these precious moments with you guys! I mean, how often do you get to capture the joys of potty training so vividly? What do you guys think?

I think he's gonna graduate from high school, college, get his first job, get married, have kids, live a long life, then pass away in those yellow boots!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Busy Week!

Well, it's been a busy one so far! On Monday, I did all of our laundry... and that included about three loads of mattress pads and sheets since Tres has been having a few accidents(We have been limiting liquids at night and prompting him to go potty a couple of times before bedtime to eliminate that!). Tuesday, 'el went and sang at The Oaks on Parkwood, a retirement community over in Hoover/Bessemer. Such a nice facility and we met some super nice people! This was our second time to sing at a retirement community and both times have been so fun! It just seems like smiling at someone can make there day better.
Mrs. Weisenhunt
I met this one lady named Mrs. Weisenhunt. I was talking to someone across the room, and she was smiling at me so brightly that I just felt drawn to her. We got to chatting and she told me she had 8 kids, 19 grandkids and 17-18 great-grandkids (she actually couldn't remember! So cute!). After we ministered, she came up to me and said she was so happy to see and meet young people willing to proclaim the name of Jesus in this day and age. That made me feel proud.
Yesterday, I went over to my parent's house and let the boys play with their cousin Luke, while I organized under my mom's sink, her bedroom, and a linen/toy closet. Then after that, we went swimming.
Tres is trying to learn to go underwater. This is as far as he gets!
This morning, Hank had a job interview in Clanton. It's not in his field, but it has the potential to make money. Just pray for us. Especially Hank. I don't want my husband unhappy in his profession, and if working outside of his field will make him miserable I don't want him to do it. But, if he thinks he can do well and be happy... then I say go for it. You only live once. And, maybe I'm naive, but I think my husband can do anything he puts his mind to.
Well, that's it for now!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Go Check This Out!

Hey guys! Last week we finished revising my song 'Wrap Me In Mercy.' It's done and I love it! Go to el's myspace site to hear the updated version and let me know what you think, okay! Even if you don't like it, or liked the original better. I just need some feedback! You guys rock!

Crystal reminded me that I had never posted a picture of my new bedroom!! So here it is:

For Your Viewing Pleasure!

We went swimming Saturday night, and Bryant decided that he needed to use the restroom. So he just sashayed over to the fence, poked it through, and relieved himself! I just think he has the cutest little hiney! And he is so tan!

Eatin' at Outback

We took a bunch of the dad's in my family to eat at Outback on Sunday afternoon. My Mom & Dad & Jennie, Aunt Mary & Lane, Grandma & Grandaddy, Pawpaw Bobby & Caroline, Matt (who was alone since Kayla and Tyler are at Disney), & my family went. The boys chowed down on some ribs and macaroni and cheese.

'Cars' in a car

Well, a van really, but that's just semantics. Last night, as part of our Father's Day Extravaganze weekend, the boys and I took Hank to the Harpersville Drive-in to see 'Cars.' We packed up a bunch of snacks and drinks, and took out the back seat of the van. Then we piled in pillows and blankets and headed to the 'veters' as Tres calls them. The boys loved it!! It was a little humid, but they loved the freedom of laying down when they wanted to, of talking when they wanted to, and eating what they wanted to. It was a treat! And it cost us less... just $10 for all of us. And we found a quick way to get back to Calera from Harpersville, so it was all good for us!

Oh, I had the most fun aggravating Tres... sort of turning the tables on him because he is generally the one annoying the snot our of Bryant. While the previews were on, I started singing "Stranded at the drive-in... Branded a fool... What will they say... Monday at school!" Tres kept going, "Mom, if you don't be quiet, you will have to leave!" and shushing me. It was quite funny to me!

Marking Our Territory

Well, I'm not sure what's going on here... but I have already typed this and when I tried to add a picture, I went to change the laundry. When I came back it was magically erased. I can't blame it on the boys... they are playing trains in Bry's room. Things that make you go hmmmm....


Over the weekend, my wonderful husband and my terrific father, poured a cement pad on the other side of our house so that we can store lawn equipment and yard paraphanalia (I like that word) on it without cluttering our newly fenced in back yard. By the time they got done with it, the boys were down for a nap and didn't get to put their hand prints in it. Since they had some left over mixed up cement, they came around the house to where our side door is and found a strip of grass by the door and decided to cover that as well. That worked out great for me!! Now we can put the grill there right beside the door that is closest to the kitchen! By the time they had that one ready, the boys were up and ready to commemorate the day. Well, at least Tres was. He did his hands and feet. We had to get Bry's feet in kicking and screaming. It literally took Hank and I to get his feet in there. Hank, myself, and my Dad also did it. So, now we have officially marked our territory some four years after moving in!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

A Photo Tribute...

To Hankie!! I just wanted to say thank you to my Hankie for being such an awesome daddy. Thank you for sprinting through the house just to catch the ice cream man cause you know the boys would love it! Thank you for taking Tres out for some one-on-one time. Thank you for watching endless hours of Buzz Lightyear and Rolie Polie Olie. Thank you for giving up your dinner, drink, snack, or whatever you had in your hand for little mouths! Thank you for changing diapers... doing laundry... washing dishes... putting up toys... playing outside with two stir crazy boys. Thank you for not fainting in the delivery room! Thank you for putting our family first. Thank you for loving us. We love you!

New Pass-time

Well, Hank and I have both found new ways to pass our time... or waste it... whatever you want to say! I have found out that I like making the jewelry that we sale for the group I sing in. And I have also been surprised that I make pretty cute stuff that people seem to like. Hank found a new computer program called Photo Story. He downloaded if when we got our new computer. We were able to put together a very cool and touching 'story' for my dad with all the pics of him with my kids and at my wedding to a couple of really sappy and sweet songs! :) I wish I knew a way to post it on here.

Today, my parents came over for brunch. I made breakfast biscuit calzones, and strawberry pizza. Then Hank and Dad poured some concrete out back. Since we fenced in our back yard, we wanted to pour a pad over on the side of our house that no one sees. Then we will put our yard equipment and tools and stuff over there... out of sight!! Yeah!! That took just about all afternoon. The boys and I were going to take Hank to do something special tonight (can't tel you cause he will probably read this and it's a surprise!), but we decided to do it tomorrow night and go swimming instead.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Boys of Summer

We're going swimming today! My boys love the pool this summer. Tres puts his water wings on and just kicks all around... even the deep end! Bryant will put water wings on and an Elmo ring around his waste and jump off the stairs. He will also jump off the side to me, but only if I say, "One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready... Go, cat, go!"

Thank You!

A big thank you to Crystal Dawn Culver Conner!! She did an extreme make-over for me on my blog! So what do you think? Classy, huh? And the cute boys at the top are all mine! Thank you, Crystal!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Yard Saling!

I went yard saling yesterday while Hank and the boys slept. I hit Faith Lacey's sale first... cause she always has some good stuff... and man did I luck up! The first thing I saw was on old console radio. I knew I had to get it for Hank. You see, ever since I have known him he has talked about wanting to restore an old radio. I asked how much it was, determined that if that was the only thing I got... it would be his Father's Day gift. I got it for $25!!!

Happy Father's Day to Hank, a little early!

I also got a huge area rug for $10... it's an off-white shag. It needs to be cleaned in a few spots, but otherwise is in great shape. I also got an organizational bin still in the box, 2 leather 4x6 frames, 1 large frame with different sized matting, 1 frame that has a center frame that is 4x6 and two wallet size frames on either side, a Veggie Tale ornament (New In the box), an indoor/outdoor rug, and huge metal mirror (the red tag clearance sticker on the back said $149.99), and several other odds and ends. What a fun day! And the best part is... I only spent $75 for all everything.

Get Together

Friday night, we went to one of Hank's fraternity brother's houses to get together with some of his college buddies. Hank caught up with Brian (Bean-O) and George and I chatted with Natalia and Trish. We had pizza and brownies. George and Nat have a little girl, Camryn, who is 5. She and Tres played pretty well together... but they are both very dramatic and seemed to be giving their respective parent's some of the same problems. In a way, that was reassuring to this mom. Sometimes, it just helps to know that you aren't the only one dealing with attitudes that outweigh you child! :) At one point, the kids put together a 'band.' Tres was playing an electric guitair and Camryn was singing. She started singing "Itsy Bitsy Spidar" but Tres interrupted her and informed her that he was playing "Twinkle, Twinkle." We all had a good laugh over that... you couldn't tell what was being played! It was nice to catch up with the Tailgate Crew! Can't wait till the season starts!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Ring Around The Rosie!

Bryant goes so high!

Tres's turn! He doesn't go quite so high!

Tres Talk

A couple of days ago, Tres was spending a little 'quality time' in the bathroom. His dirty clothes hamper sits just next to the toilet, so I guess he had time to take in the entire room. After he had finished, he ran into the kitchen and said, "Mom! Mom! Mom!" and made me follow him back into the bathroom. He pulled a t-shirt he had worn previously and pointed to the tag. He said, "This is an eating shirt. I eat in this." He seemed so proud of himself, but I was confused until I looked at the tag. It was a fruit of the loom shirt with fruit on the tag.

He has also been improperly separating phrases. For example:

Come here --- becomes --- com ear
Hush up --- becomes --- huh shup
Be still --- becomes --- bes till

He is also using phrases like:

"This is the worst day of my life!"
"That is so not funny."
"I'm aggravating him. That is not acceptable." -- This one usually comes after he has tortured his brother and is getting in trouble.
"Here goes nothing!"
"Whatever!" This one is usually followed by rolling his eyes... which is also unacceptable to his mommy!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

New Stuff

Well, I haven't been able to post for a number of reasons. #1 We ended up having to get a new computer. Hank fixed our old one and then it quit too. But we found a great deal at Circuit City. $299 after mail in rebate. #2 Blogger was dealing me fits. I couldn't even post comments on other people's sites. Okay, so just two

Here is my new haircut. Hard to tell actually now that I look at it, but you get the idea. It's short with layers and sweeping long bangs that I'm still trying to get used to! But it fixes so easily!

My new hair cut!

Also, my mother-in-law planted some caulililies in my front flower bed for me and they bloomed so beautifully! I had to pull a 'Crystal' and post a picture!

I carried these flowers in my bridal bouquet!

The boys are doing great. They are enjoying the summer. A lot of time at Grandma and Grandaddy's pool, playing in our backyard, riding tricycles, and bug hunting. Funny... they will only hunt for dead bugs. I guess so the bugs won't 'get' them. As you can see, Bryant is still shoving his feet into his yellow rain boots every chance he gets.

My brave little bug hunters!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Memorial Day pics

Tres got plumber's crack!! He looks like my dad!
Tres was brave enough to jump off the diving board!
Bryant loved this car float!

I am so hot.

Today, I had plans to get a haircut, eat at Milo's, and do a little clothing shopping for my boys. Crystal was gonna go with me, but due to an extended stay at the ER with Ms. Vickie, that was a no go! So I called my Mom to see if she wanted to go. She did. So we went. I got my haircut, then we moved on to Milo's. Allow me to set the stage if you will. I walk in with my Mother and my two children literally hanging off of each hip. One is tired and one is never quiet. We make our way through the line and get up front and place our order. As we are waiting for the food, the man behind the counter begins talking to Tres. He asked him how old he was and then told Tres he had a five year old at home. As I am about to take our tray to the table, I think I hear him ask me if I'm married... but I think I must have misheard him since I was proudly wearing my wedding rings and being pulled around by two symbols of my marriage... so I smiled at him, pick up my tray and walk away. There was nothing remarkable about him really. I mean, I seriously didn't pay attention to him. We were on our way out, we stopped to get refills. The same guy is there. He refills our tea, and then says, "Here, your next meal is on me," and hands me a coupon for a free combo meal, folded in half. Then he says, "Be careful when you open it." That's when it was like... ding, ding, ding. He's hitting on me. I smiled politely and just about ran out of the restaurant with my kids. When I got to the van, I opened the coupon and sure enough on a little piece of paper he had written his name and number. I laughed so hard! Either he didn't care I was married or he missed all the really obvious clues.

I'm back!

Yeah!!! My husband (have I mentioned lately that he is wonderful?) got our computer working. Not sure exactly what he did... switched hard drives... found a bigger one... something like that. But it's working again! Yeah! And not a minute too soon! A lot happened today. I got a haircut. I got hit on. Well, so two things happened! :) When I say haircut... I mean chopped it off! It feels much more trendy than anything I've had in a while. No more pony tail days, though! I will post some pics when it is fixed!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bad News!

My computer at home is officially dead. Hank is working on either finding a new one, or having our old one re-built. But for now, the only way I can post is at work or if I can bum some time on my sis's laptop! I didn't realize how many times a day I went to the computer until I didn't have it to go to. I have new recipes for the recipe blog... can't send them... they are at home and I am at work! Bummer! I have new pics. Can't post them for the same reason! I pay bills online, bank online, and do the majority of communication with my friends online!

Pray our computer dilima gets solved fast!

In the meantime, I will try to remember to bring my pics and recipes in tomorrow morning!