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Joyful Noise!

The most wasted of all days, is one without laughter!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Well, Mom and I were out and at it by 11pm Thanksgiving Day! I had a little list I wanted to get from Wal-Mart, Kohl's and Target. And Mom was after... dum dum dah dum.... electronics. I am, however, sad to report that my camera was dead by then... so no pics to go with it! Lots from Thanksgiving though... so stay tuned for that.

Wal-Mart was a massive rush of insanity and greed! I was so impossibly frustrated by people's lack of common courtesy and downright rude behavior. I couldn't have kept up with the things that were snatched out of hands, the buggies that were rammed unmercilessly into my ankles, and snide comments coupled with murderous looks thrown at me for being in the general vicinity of a sought after item. Wal-mart had roped off the main aisle and had pallets of items saran wrapped with signs that said you could not take the items until midnight. So I wriggled by way around the store to the toy department and tried to spot the items I was trying to get. I got a couple, but not all. I was just happy to get out that store in tact!! The swell of noise at midnight was about deafening in the toy department and I am not exaggerating when I tell you, the Wal-Mart employees were scrambling up onto the paint counter like someone escaping a flood!

Kohl's was a little better. This time, there were less people.... all the way around. But saying less people in terms of people buying things on Black Friday, means double to triple the amount of shoppers on any other busy Saturday. And Kohl's was understaffed and the staff they had there had no clue where any of the early bird special items were. I asked 5 employees the location of one item, after I had already searched the store. I came to the conclusion that this store must not carry it for some reason. So I got in the massive line and when I was about 5-8 people away from checking out, I see a woman literally scurrying past me with multiples of the item. I tried to ask the women where she got it but she was single minded in her focus and gone before I could get the thought out. So I decided to get out of line... by the time I located the item (and also a couple of more that I had on my list that were being rolled out of the back!! yay!) the line had quadrupled. I waited in line for an hour. *Sigh* Both in frustration at the memory and that it is behind me.

Target was the main event though. I was still in the Kohl's line from H-E-double hockey sticks when they opened, but my Mom and brother Matt about 25 back or so... Wait, allow me to back up for a second. After we left Wal-Mart at 12:30, we headed over to the shopping center where Target and Kohl's are located. When we saw the line at Target off to a healthy start, I told Mom I would get in line and hold the place until Matt got there. I start to get out and decide off handedly to bring my sweater. And after I get out, Mom rolls down the window and hands me a small umbrella "just in case." About 10 minutes later, that "just in case" was a reality as I attempted to wedge my rear onto a 2 inch ledge and hunker down under a smaller than small umbrella in an attempt to claim a small piece of dry ground. An hour in, when the rain slacked some, my Mom relieved me for a half hour, then I was back out until Matt got there. It was miserable... and I didn't even want a big ticket item! But I sure do love my Mom and Brother, so, hey... whatcha gonna do?!!?

Now, back to the story. Mom calls me and tell me that at 4, when they opened the door, people that didn't stay one minute in the line, came and acted like they had been there the entire time. My sweet little Momma got sassy with some and even strong armed one back behind her! I so wish I had been there to see it. But, I feel I need to remind you that I was still in line at Kohl's. I did finally escape from there and walked over to Target where my Mom was already in line, having already purchased two TVs and now had a buggy load of presents for grand kids. While she waited in line, I zipped around and found almost everything I had on my list! The line we were in was so that we could also purchase a $25 I-tunes card for $20, and while we were standing there, a red shirted employee hurries up and says the I-tunes deal is over. We were at the register checking out! Thank the Lord, we had a sweet spirited lady who upon hearing this news, winked at us, and said, "So this is my last one!"

We rolled back home sometime between 6:30-7 am... just in time for Grandaddy, who was holding down the fort with the kids, to head out to work! The kids were still (barely) asleep so I headed right to bed, and slept nearly 5 hours! Now I'm up and enjoying the Alabama v. Auburn game with my Daddy.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mr. B's Birthday Dinner

I forgot to post this in October, but we got a chance to celebrate my father-in-law's birthday with a family dinner (minus the Welborn's!) at Joe's Crab Shack. This is a first! We are closer, geographically to most of Hank's family now, and it was fun to get together and celebrate a birthday together. The best part was when the Joe's staff recognized Mr. B's birthday by making him wear a big hat and sing into a wand! It was so out of character and fun!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

God is Right Handed...

So follow me on this one, okay?

I go to a wonderful church that has a really uplifting, God-centered, fulfilling worship ministry/experience.

That ministry is spearheaded by some talented people.

Those talented people have produced an incredible worship CD, called You Shine. (Available at

I have been thoroughly enjoying my time in the car with God lately. The songs really reflect a heart intent on praising God.

One of the tracks is a recitation of Psalm 63. Since the first time I heard it, it has resonated with me. Every day I listen to it, I feel God brings to my remembrance more and more things to be thankful for.

And, to be real, this has been a tough couple of months for our family. So, just about every time I listen to that Psalm, you can pretty much count on the fact that I will be close to tears by the end.

The lady who does the reading, has a very melodic voice... in fact at the end of her reading of the verses, it sounds like she is gonna start singing. So her vocal inflection, has had this line stuck in my head... "I cling to you; Your strong right hand holds me secure." (Ps 63:8 NIV)

And I got to thinking today why the David felt the need to indicate which of God's hand was holding me secure... cause I figure neither of God's hands is weak! My thought is this, David wanted to be super sure that we understood that God is stronger and bigger and wiser and more on top of any problem we could ever fathom. And since the majority of people are right handed, their right hand is generally stronger.

Anyway... nothing really hard core or theologically astute to back it up, but that is how I see it!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

My Kids Are Cuter Than Your Kids!

Just accept it! ha! I know a bunch of parents who probably bristled a little when they read that. Well... what kind of Mom would I be if said, "Your kids are so much cuter than mine?" I mean, I have good looking genes showing up in some little people... just sayin'.

Anyway, this past weekend was CAH-RAZY busy, but so much fun! By Friday afternoon, we had rounded up all the pieces to this years choices for Halloween costumes. Like I said, this year was the year of imagination and not spending.

Tres decided to be a GI Joe/Army man this year. He had a camo shirt (given to him by uncle Matt and aunt Kayla) and we borrowed the hat from the next door neighbor. The jacket is the centerpiece, because this is my father-in-law's jacket from his years in service. It has the name 'Boemer' on it.

Bryant is rocking his Alabama football player look. We couldn't find a football helmet to borrow, but he was content to wear a baseball cap. And we had a regular football for him to carry, but he just HAD TO carry to old beat up, chunks missing out of it, Nerf football. We put this together with a hand me down Alabama jersey, some old baseball pants and cleats, and some black electrical tape under his eyes (cause he would NOT do make-up!).

Sophie's must-have Fireside Girl costume took the most creativity. I must now stop and give props to my wonderful husband! When Ava Sophia began making her demand for this costume, I just tried to divert her to one of the many costumes she currently has in her room. But Hank always catches the vision... so with an orange t-shirt, a khaki skirt, a $1 toboggan from Wally World, an old t-shirt, and Hank's old boy scout patches... Voila! We had to stretch out the toboggan by getting it damp and letting it dry on a plate. Then I made a quick bow and hot glued that bad boy on. So... Whaaaaatttcchhhha Dooooo-in'?

On Saturday we got up and did some work around the house and garage. I had found a drop-down attic access with stairs at a garage sale for $40 and Hank and Mr. B had installed it several weekends ago. We got some of the attic floored, so we transferred bin after bin of clothes, memorabilia, and collectibles into the attic. Fun, fun! And I spent a little time cleaning the house cause my parents were coming to visit. I headed to our church's Saturday night service and Hank took the kids to a local trunk or treat and to Publix to trick or treat.

My Moment of the Weekend, had to be seeing my little costumed family file into church to hear me sing on Saturday night. It makes me smile just thinking about it.

My parents rolled in around 1 am, and we immediately went to bed! Cause we were up and running Sunday morning! Church at 9 & 10:45, then a quick lunch at (where else when my boys see my parents) Outback.

Then I had to leave early and head over to volleyball try-outs for the new club organization I am working with. So I was there until 7 pm... squealed back into my neighborhood at 7:30 and jogged up to where Hank and the kids were in the neighborhood! Here are a few shots that my wonderful husband (who knows his wife loves to blog) took for me!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Practicing What I Sing

Some might think that posting this is showing off. Well, if you know me, you know I'm not into that. This blog is about what is going on in my family's lives and this is what is going in my mine.

I'm learning to walk in faith. And I believe that God has been telling me and reminding me every day, every hour, and every minute that He has me.

So when I joined the church ensemble and was asked to sing this song, I knew the Lord was helping me learn to do this.

I honestly felt like I had a hold of the hem of God's robe this weekend and I haven't let go. Although some of God's lessons lately have not been easy, I'm up for it.