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Thursday, January 31, 2008


I wonder what's on Sophie's head... Hmmm... it's a mystery...
...until we see Bryant quietly eating chocolate across the room. The kissing bandit strikes again!

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Random & Useless Information

Crystal posted this tag game and I thought I would play since I have nothing better to do.... yeah right!! :)

Tag! Your it!~You have to write 10 random, intresting, crazy, things about yourself, and then pick 10 people to send them to. (It cant be the person who sent it to you~and you have to list on the bottom who and why you chose those 10 people to send it to) Remember to send those 10 people a message to read your blog.

1- I measure the distance to the store, to volleyball practice, and to church in songs. It takes approximately 4-5 songs to get to volleyball practice, but only 1-2 to get to the store.

2- I love the smell of clean laundry... but I HATE putting the laundry away. Don't mind washing or folding.

3- I like, but don't eat very much, M&M's mixed with popcorn. The salty, sweet combo is the best!

4- Whenever I read blogs, e-mails, letters, etc. I sometimes catch myself trying to edit and correct them. It's a habit brought about from being a journalist!

5- I daydream about what a reality show based on my family would be like. What it would reveal about me and my loved ones.

6- I really want a breast reduction in the not-to-distant future.

7- I'm addicted to clearance shopping!

8- I want my children to ALWAYS look super cute from their hair to their shoes. And it bugs me when they aren't.

9- I could watch 'The Princess Bride' and 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers' every day... and quote all the best parts! "Inconcievable!"

10- I used to watch a show called 'The Young Riders' which starred Josh Brolin, Steven Baldwin, and several others. This show came out when I had just become aware of boys and I used to write them letters!! Did anyone else watch this show?


Monday, January 28, 2008

I ask You, Father...

to give me a wise mind and spirit that is attuned to Your will, so I may gain a thorough understanding of the ways in which You work. I desire to live well for You Master, making You proud of me as I work hard in Your orchard. As I learn more and more how You work, I will learn how to do my work. I pray for strength that endures to stick it out over the long haul... It is strength that endures the unendurable and spills over into joy.
I thank You, Father for making me strong enough to take part in everything bright and beautiful that You have for me.

Another prayer from Pastor Tommy based on Colossians 1:9-14. I have decided to focus on one prayer a week... to really get in down deep in my spirit. I especially like the "I desire to live well for You..." part and the that prays for strength to "stick it out over the long haul." And I LOVE the part about being "strong enough to take part in everything bright and beautiful" that God has for me!!!! I like direction. I like to know how to direct my prayers and I like the fact that my pastor gives me 'homework.' Because although I sit down and read on my own, I like knowing that I am in agreement with my church... that I am working towards something that others are working towards also. I think this not only builds me up spiritually as an individual.... I think it builds us up corporately and prepares for days... good and bad... to come.

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Merry Christmas and Thank You Very Much!

Here is Sophie sporting her outfit purchased for her with her Disney Dollars given to her by her Aunt Betsy (and family) and Aunt Jackie (and family)! Doesn't she look so cute in her red and white Minnie outfit??

This was her this morning... we were dressed and loading up to take Tres to school and to take little Miss Sophie Sunshine to Miss Crystal while I was going to help my Mom at the shop this morning, but that didn't happen because this little man...decided to throw up and have diahrea this morning. So we are all now home for the day with all plans cancelled. I will be Lysoling later if anyone wants to come help! :)

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Uh Oh!

Now I'm in trouble. I just found and bought another pair of BabyLegs off ebay. But I had to!! They were red and white houndstooth! So now she has the following...

... and I have a slight addiction. Sigh.

Prinsoners, BabyLegs & Prom Dates!

Okay here are some random tidbits from our weekend! My Dad had his first Open House on the house he's flipping. A lot of people came and a lot of people liked it. Please pray that the right buyer comes, with the right funds, at the right time! Anyway, we mixed-up some brownies for my dad and took the batter over to bake in the oven there so that the house smelled nice. On the way home, Tres instructed Bryant to put on one handcuff while he did the same. Then he pulled out his harmonica, and said, "Now I gots to play a slow, sad song." Hank and I were giggling all the way home!

Later that day, Tres brought me one of their wooden blocks and said, "You have to look at it in a mirror, Mom."We have a S*M*A*R*T child on our hands, yessiree!

Sophie has started sleeping 12 HOURS at night!! Oh my good Lord, thank You, Jesus!! And she is now sitting up more and more on her own, as shown here. Here are Sophie's BabyLegs... the tights that aren't tights and are all the rage for babies right now. They go for $10-$22 online, however, I managed to find this pair on clearance at Target for $2. And tonight I won a pair on ebay for $8. So that's fun! Two pair for the price of one, yeah!! She got compliments on them all day. Little girls are so fun that way!

Tonight, the boys and Hank went to the drive-in to see Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Sophie and I headed over to Kingwood to see Ronnie Freeman in concert. Now, I'm not sure who all knows this, but Ronnie Freeman took me to my prom. I wasn't seeing anyone my senior year, but I was determined to go and asked Ronnie to go.
Look who we ran into! Miss Crystal Dawn looking lovely, if not still a little stiff! :)

It was a great concert! Ronnie is definitely a talented man. He even busted out with a little old school All State Choir song.

Okay, that's it... have a nice night, y'all!By the way, Tres took this picture. He's really into taking pics lately!

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Father, Today...

I give you my everyday, ordinary life-- my sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life-- and place it before You as an offering. Embracing what You do for me is the best thing I can do for You. I choose not to become so well-adjusted to the culture around me that I fit into it without even thinking. Instead, I fix my attention on You. I will be changed from the inside out. I will readily recognize what You want from me, and quickly respond to it. Unlike the culture around me, attempting to drag me down to its level of immaturity, God, You bring the best out of me, and You develop well-formed maturity in me. I will understand myself accurately as I realize who You are and what You do for me.

This is a prayer that Pastor Tommy gave us to pray based on Romans 12: 1-3. This helps me focus my prayers. I have felt such a refreshing lately at church and home, and I just wanted to share part of the reason.

Allowing God to take first place in my life is not easy... but so worth it.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Have a Seat!

Do you like our new couch? I'm really not feeling the new pillows, but I LOVE the couch!! We got it at Rooms to Go. They were having one of there buy now, never make a payment deals. :)

The same day we got the couch, we saw where the Bombay Company store near there was going out of business. We got two of these great little end tables for $15 each.

I think by this weekend we'll be about ready to unveil the kitchen. Hank is finishing up with the cabinets! I'm so excited!


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So Do They?

Tres was getting ready for school this morning and did a 360 in the kitchen, cocked his head at me and asked, "Do these pants make me look fat?" I started dying laughing, and he just stared at me and said, "So do they?"


Bath Time

Sophie's bathtime had become a lot of fun for her! Because she is wanting to sit up now, she is enjoying trying to catch the water in the tub. I know I'll probably get a comment about the Bumbo seat being recalled (to change packaging only) again, but we are thinking of using it in the tub since it's made of plastic and will help her sit unassisted. I'm thinking it will help us keep a better handle on our slippery and wiggly baby!



I try very hard to get my kids to eat green veggies. In fact, we have rule at our house that my kids have to try something new every day. But the veggie battle is one that is waged at just about every meal. Sometimes, he'll try one and then end up eating a lot more. But most nights, this is what we deal with:

I mean, come on, it's ONE piece of brocolli!! And it even had cheese on it! But he refused to eat it. He ate every bite of everything else though.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Busy Day

Sophie has had a busy day too. She had some prunes while she sported her sleeper J-Lo style! Then she watched her brothers through the window, not understanding but still super excited (as exhibited by straightening out her arms and legs and squealing!). Then she napped until her prunes worked their magic and a super-duper poop woke her up. :)


Snow Day

When we first got up this morning, Hank went to the window and was very disappointed that it had not snowed. When Tres woke up a short time later, he came dejectedly into our bedroom and announced, "No snow."
Then it started! And nothing could have kept them from being out in it!

Once Bryant woke up, he joined them for a while. But soon was back inside declaring it to be, "Too cold!" I personally think he just wanted hot chocolate more at that moment!

Tres came in for a quick breakfast and while we were eating, it really started snowing... so breakfast was abandoned and snowball making, snowman building, and Alabama-style sledding began!

Tres's first snowball! He enjoyed some father-son time while Bryant stayed inside wtih me for a while.

But soon, Bry's curiosity got the better of him... and he couldn't stand to be left out a second longer!

So he bundled up good and warm, and headed back out for more fun!

Our first (little tiny) snowman! Tres ate his nose after this picture!

My snow men out in front of the house getting ready to sled down the yard, which happens to be perfect for cold weather activities!

Then it was on to a snowball fight. They decided to build an arsenal to attack Darth Vadar (Daddy) with.

Han Solo (Bryant) and Luke Skywalker (Tres) handily defeated Vadar and then...

tried to turn their weapons on me!! How did Princess Leia become a bad guy?

It's been a fun day so far! We are making them take a break and getting them thawed out. They are already begging to go back outside. And I hate to tell them that the snow is already disappearing. But 'Snow Day' wouldn't be special if it lasted too long, huh?

I'm making a big pot of Chicken Tortilla Soup for lunch, and we got ingredients to make Smores in the oven later on. I love family times like this. It makes me so very thankful for my life.

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Alabama Sledding!

We found another use for our recycle bin!! Ha!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Finish This Sentence ~ Bryant Style

My Home is...pretty good and comfy.

I am listening to... Jingle Bells yo-yo singing.

Maybe I should... go to sleep.

I love it when... you hug me!

My best friend... Tres!! And Donny and Luke.

I don't understand... why I don't go to Disney World anymore.

I lost... Daddy's flag amd Tres's silky out Daddy's car window.

People say... that I'm funny.

The meaning of my blog name is... loud!

Love is... what you do. You love me.

Right now, somewhere, someone is... watching tv.

I will always... have my silky when I go to sleep.

Once upon a time I... went to the Lights, Motor, Action Stud (stunt) show.

I never want to... eat brocolli.

My personal motto is... "Sorry!" [Ain't that the truth!]

When I wake up in the morning... I lay with Momma and Daddy.

I get annoyed when... Momma leaves me and Ava in the van. [This story will come soon!]

People always... love me!

I sing... my favorite song! [Anthony Evans "Good Enough"]

Hugs are the best when... bunny rabbits come around.

Today I... got a new toy [which did NOT happen... I think he's trying to con us.]

Tomorrow I will... play with Tres.

I really want... a new toy!

If I had a sister... she would be like 'ga ga goo ga!'

If I had another brother...I would name him Tres. And I would boss him around.

The thing that makes me different is... that I give really good hugs!

My favorite things... are legos, Pixars (Cars), Hot Wheels, french fries, macaroni, Reese Cups and icees.

Something I don't like to do is... hurt my brother.

One place I really want to go right now... is to see Mickey and Pluto at Disney World and go to Donald's boat!

My favorite restaurant is... McDonald's.


Finish This Sentence... Take 2

So about a year and a half ago, I interviewed Tres and did a finish the sentence kind of thing. A friend of mine interviewed their little boy and it reminded me of this! So I thought I would interview Tres again!

My Home is... really, really, really, really good.

I am listening to... Pucca right now.

Maybe I should... play Star Wars right now.

I love it when... Daddy plays with me.

My best friend... Is my cousins Luke, Donovan. And my best brother is Bryant.

I don't understand... how to spell and I don't understand why Ava spits up.

I lost... some Lego mans.

People say... that I'm cute and handsome.

The meaning of my blog name is... noise that's praise and worship.

Love is... loving people and hugging them. Even Punky Doo (Ava)!

Right now, somewhere, someone is... happy!

I will always... be a Christian. I will always love God.

Once upon a time I... hit myself in the head and ate Hershey Bars.

I never want to... not be a Christian.

My personal motto is... "Yes Ma'am!"

When I wake up in the morning... I hit myself in the head to wake myself up and then I look for Daddy. Then I pee pee.

I get annoyed when... Bryant shoots me with the Nerf gun!

People always... be nice to me.

I sing... ABC's and Anthony Evans!

Hugs are the best when... they kiss me too.

Today I... helped Mommy fix dinner.

Tomorrow I will... play with Legos.

I really want... the Lego Millinium Falcon and to go on a special trip with Daddy by myself.

If I had a sister... her name would be Ava Sophia but I would call her Peanut, Punky Doo, or A-Boo.

If I had anther brother... his name would be Dylan and I would wake him up every morning and play with him too.

The thing that makes me different is... I'm a lefty and I have Transformer teeth!

My favorite things... are Luke, pizza, Momma, Star Wars, legos, Disney, the Lego Store, and Scooby Doo.

Something I don't like to do is... hit people or not hug people.

One place I really want to go right now... is Disney World.

My favorite restaurant is... Johnney Sprockets!


Disney Half Marathon

As Hank posted below, he and his Mom participated in the Disney Half Marathon. I know Hank is super proud of his Mom for setting a goal and accomplishing it! Way to go, Mrs. B! I think plans are already in the works to do it again next year.Getting some motivation from a soldier before the race!Hankie towards the end of the race. Notice the Epcot ball in the background! Hank said they were running through the parks!They crossed the finish together!

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Bry's Disney Race!

Bryant got to run in the 4 & 5 year old race at Disney with his cousin Donovan.Hank said he was a little hesitant about doing it because he heard someone say that Mickey Mouse would be there and people dressed in big huge costumes are not on Bry's list of favorite things! But he went, ran, and had a blast!I guess you can tell that Mom wasn't there to fix his hair, but I love the shirt he's rockin'!His cousin Maggie made sure he wasn't running alone!He finished it!!Yeah!! And with no mouse sitings! :)All the participants got a Disney metal, but don't tell Bryant that! He keeps telling everyone that he won!

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Tonnie's Birthday

We had a family lunch at Firebirds on Sunday afternoon. Everyone was there except Hank and Bry who we missed. Tonnie turned 31, and now I am anticipating my departure from the lovely 20s and my assent into the 30s. But I digress. Doesn't Tonnie look special... I mean happy here?

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And in Sophie News

Things are settling down in our household. Still not complete with home improvements or packing, but we take that a day (or box) at a time! Pictures will come as things get completed. Since we are getting back into a semi-normal routine Sophie has gone back to sleeping through the night and taking two naps during the day. She's been in her bed since this past weekend, and doing great! I'm able to lay her down and she puts herself to sleep most times.We have the video monitor which gives me peace of mind with just being able to see her sleeping so peacefully in her bed anytime I want without disturbing her!

She eats baby food in the mornings. She eats Applesauce, Sweet Potatoes, Pears, Peaches, and Prunes so far. And at night, I give her cereal mixed with fruit before her last nursing session before bedtime.

She has days where she slobbers so much I end up changing her clothes 4 or 5 times! And she REALLY REALLY wants table food!

She can roll from front to back and back to front now. She can scooch across her baby bed too. She can just about sit up unassisted now. And she would rather be sitting up than laying down.

She laughs when we kiss her neck and belly. And she laughs and giggles at her brother's daily antics.

She has learned to pull bows out of her hair, and has even broken a couple! Bad baby, bad!

Her room is about done. We painted it a creamy yellow color, and we plan on putting crown molding up soon. And guess what finally found a home?Isn't that super cute? Thank you, again, Mel! I just love it and she can't quit staring at it when I change her!

One of the plans I have for her room is to paint the changing table you see in the picture white, and give it some polka dots to match her bedding. Since she is my last baby, I ain't scared to paint furniture! :)

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'Boys Only'

My little boy is growing up. Tres is now obsessed with writing. He has just about learned to recognize all the letters in the alaphabet and wants to try and write as many words as he can. Yesterday, he sat down and asked me how to spell 'Boys Only.' Then promptly went and taped this on his door, proclaiming, "You can only come in when you're cleaning my room!" Thanks so much, buddy. In case you're wondering... it's supposed to be Donald Duck holding a sword. He also made his first attempt at drawing stars. I tried to show him the easy way of using triangles, but he didn't want it to have lines.


Dad's House

I've been working on a little project for my dad. He's flipping a house and is ready for his first Open House! He is trying to do For Sale By Owner first, so I offered to set up a site for him. I took something like 150 pictures to do it! But it only took about two days. My Dad does so much for me and my family (you know, like rescuing us from Chuck E. Cheese) that it was a pleasure and a privilage to be able to do something for him!

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Monday, January 14, 2008

She Did It!!!!!!

I (Hank) Did the Disney Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)with my mom this weekend, she did awesome. I am soooooo proud of her for setting a goal and attaining it


They're back!

I got my boys back last night! And our Disney pictures! I'll update those maybe tonight or tomorrow. I'm working on a project for my Dad today!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Girl's Day & Night

On Friday, Sophie and I pretty much had an all girl day! After we took brother to school, we met Aunt Tonnie at McDonald's for breakfast.Then we spent some time shopping and making Christmas returns before we picked brother up again. I had so much fun taking my time at Target. And since she was asleep, it was like I was alone! We picked Tres up, and came home for a short rest time before Tres was picked up for a spend the night date with his cousin Luke. So Sophie and I got ready and met my best friend Kelly at Longhorn for dinner. Sophie was a huge hit at dinner. Everyone thought she was gorgeous and kept stopping us or stopping at our table to tell us. But let me just say, Sophie makes herself known. She doesn't cry or scream in frustration when we are out. She babbles and talks so loudly that people turn and stare! I was slightly embarrassed, but whatcha gonna do? After dinner we hit Belk and Starbucks, then called it a night!