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The most wasted of all days, is one without laughter!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My sweet Tres is on a trip of a lifetime! He had the opportunity to go on a cross country adventure with Hank's parents and our nephew Donovan (who is Tres's age) this month. Here are some of his pictures from their stops.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Today... the Here and Now

This morning, Hank and I were laying in bed, when our 9 year old came in and whispered, "Mom, can we go to yard sales?" He knows it's one of my favorite things and I love that it is also fun for him. I was happy to find 'The Sound of Music' on VHS since earlier this week, I got a text from my husband simply stating, "Sophie needs to watch The Sound of Music." Oldest son got a bulliten board for his room that he is ready to paint and make his own. This makes me smile. Today, we went to a family wedding shower for my niece, who was a flower girl in my wedding oh so many years ago. She is gorgeous and glowing and happy. It was nice seeing all of Hank's family. It was fun laughing and sharing. It makes me happy. On our way home, we stopped at K-Mart... it's going out of business and has one day left. I got some amazing deals on clothes for the kids. That made me smile. I'm at home. I'm watching my husband paint our daughter's toenails a dark green color (am I the one only that remembers the simpler times of pink polishes??). She is happy. "Oh my gosh! It's so sparkly!" she says with a smile as she gazes adoringly up at her Daddy. I love seeing her learning how boys should treat her from her daddy. Their relationship makes me happy. I can see my middle son sitting on the counter between the den and the kitchen snacking on sour patch kids while he intently watches a Braves game. He is wearing his new favorite shirt that I got him on clearance at said K-mart that is closing. I got it for him as his Easter shirt and he has barely taken it off since. It makes me happy. I helped our oldest son form his hypothesis for his science project early tonight. His eyes lit up with curiosity when we talked about what might happen when we use magnets and metal wires and a 35 mm canister and an LED light. It makes me smile. Now daughter and middle son are racing around turning off lights and playing hide and seek with a flashlight. I keep hearing, "You can't peak!" From the boy and lots and lots of giggling from the girl. Then they sat down and started speaking in really REALLY bad Italian accents... saying things like "Meatsa Pasta... ravioli... Mamma Mia!" Their relationship makes me happy. It doesn't take much. Just the everyday stuff. The here and now. It makes me happy.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Photo Shoot... Semi-Fail

Before Christmas, I tried to schedule a photo shoot with my friend, Sherry. The weather shifted (shocker) from warmer in the morning to freezing at night and we did this after school. So the kids were uncooperative! That afternoon was nothing but frustrating, but I can smile now!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012


My boys are playing basketball this year. We have two completely... and I mean... totally and completely... different boys.

Bryant is eager. He is athetic. He doesn't hesitate, even if it means making a mistake. He is a quick learner. He is social. He loves the game-- any game. For our first game this past Saturday, he was up hours early. Ready. He decided to go with me early, since I have to be at all games. And on the way, he told me this: "I'm gonna see how the first game goes, so I'll know how mine will go." He's a student of the game... a student of the moment.

Tres is thoughtful. He is pensive. He's not super coordinated. He learns slowly at times. He is a fun loving kid, but he's selective about how he spends his time. He loves computer games-- controlled environments. For our first game, he got up as late as possible. Watched his brother's team play with dread apparent all over his face. He's a student of life.

But when it's game time, Bryant goes out all smiles. Easily calling for each ball. Passing naturally to those around him. Taking shots. Missing some and shrugging those off with a smile. He cheers for both teams victories and high fives those around him, even if he doesn't remember their names. He's quick on his feet and seems to be able to read where his man is going to go. I even see him try to fake him out! To me, he's the MVP of his team.

And when it's game time for Tres, he takes a deep breath and with steel determination, stalks onto the court to face, what I'm sure seems to him to be certain humiliation. I watch him push himself to stay with his man. He answers the coach and the ref with respect every time. His determined face quickly becomes red and sweaty, and still he pushes on. When the ball is passed to him, he is surprised at first, and uncertain what to do with it. Then he sizes up the situation, and adapts. He's taller than almost all the kids, so he has an advantage in passing the ball over their heads. Watching his face transform from dread to joy was a highlight in my own private ESPN show in my head.

Two totally different children. One very proud Momma.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

There are so many things in the old testament that I do not understand. Some of these stories are whacked. Just saying.

Friday, January 20, 2012

My Kids!

They're all growing up so very fast!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Our night

So today was my full PE day at school. I was outside all day and it was beautiful! After school, I headed home without Sophia... she has dance class on Thursdays. I got home a few minutes before the boys and sit down for the first time today and just take a deep breath and listen to the silence.

The boys come clomping up the stairs shortly after, laughing at some brother something that must have been hysterical! They come in hollering, "Hey Mom!" and head straight for the kitchen (man am I nervous about teenage years already!). Then they come settle in by me to do their homework. Tres is working hard to get his 7 and 8 multiplication facts down because he has been struggling to pass the test on them. Today, we reviewed them orally, then I had him write them 3 times each. Bryant was working on spelling homework. He got a little teary when he took a practice test and missed two. After they finished all of that and we got their backpacks ready for school tomorrow, we loaded up to go pick up Ava Sophia.

I use my brief time in the van to touch base with Hank. And once we get to the school and Sophie's class, she had decided that she didn't want to leave school... an all too common occurrence. She loves school. Once I extricate her from the after care ladies, she skips down the hall ahead of me. She is chattering about how it's spirit night for her school at Chik-fil-A. She wants to go. Her teacher told her to!

So we head to Chik-fil-A... one of the many reasons I am thankful for my job is the financial ability to head out on special occasions like Spirit Night! Smile!

Once at the mall, we head inside to CFA. My kids immediately find other kids from school and find a table close to them, while I take their orders... 2 kids meals and one adult meal (Tres... already!!). I bring the food back to the table and sit and chat with another Mom while the kids eat and chatter and laugh around us. At some point, Sophia decides her chicken is uneatable. Before I can stop her, she throws her entire uneaten meal in the garbage. I did consider going in after it. Instead, I let her know that her meal is gone, and there wouldn't be another one. Tears followed.

Then we headed home with a CFA sandwich in hand for Hankie. Got home and sent the kids to get ready for bed, while I started Sophie's homework with her. She's whiny because she's probably hungry (too bad), and now she claims her foot is hurting from some mythical injury. The boys get settled playing on computers and I-pods and I start laundry and knowingly procrastinate cleaning my nasty, dirty kitchen by turning on a recorded CSI.

The hum of the garage door pulls all the kids from their rooms and racing to be the first one to hug their daddy. Hank can barely make it in most days without getting mobbed! ;) Hank comes in and asks all the kids about their days and then the kids slowly trickle back to what they were doing with a, 'Come play with us after you eat, Dad!' thrown over their shoulder.

Hank comes up the stairs and we chat about our days. He gives me a present he picked up for me at Target today... the anniversary edition of Dirty Dancing that he had found for $2.76 on clearance. My husband really does know me. I get Sophie refocused on her homework, and she eventually gets her Daddy to help her. She insists on putting 'Little Red Riding Hood' at the top of her page because she says it's her nick name at school. Hank soon decided to turn on Call of Duty and it's just me and the nightly bedtime routine.

So it's bedtime, actually a few minutes past since I decided to sit and let you know about our day! My kids are good. I'm off to pray over them as they settle into their beds. Then, I guess that stinking kitchen deserves my attention before I fall asleep on the couch trying to watch something that isn't on Nick or Disney!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"It's Okay"

In my recent workouts, I have noticed that I'm in the "It's okay" category. Do you know what I mean? Tony Horton says, "Kick forward, then kick back." Then he walks over to the overly buff people working out with him and says, "Or you can do it like this beast and not let your foot hit the floor." Then he pauses, looks at the camera and says, "But if you can't do that... it's okay. Just keep moving."

Yeah. It's okay. It's okay cause I can already feel how painful it was to do the dummy version of said excersize!! Ha!

Friday, January 13, 2012

3 %

Yup. It really has been since August. And guess what?? It took a little insomnia to get me on here now.

Life is crazy busy. I started working at a private school this past fall. I'm having a blast, getting happily under paid, and working my kid's hours. God is good. He provided a job that works for our family.

Hank is excelling at his job. I honestly expected nothing less of this man of excellence that I have. He provides so well for us. I am humbled by how hard he works. And I am thoroughly proud of him.

We love our church. We proudly serve in different areas of ministry when asked... and often wish that life was a little slower so we could do more. But seasons ebb and flow and we are aware this is the season for the most important ministry of our lives: our kids. And while we may ask God to hold onto that desire for a bit, we'll need it back soon.

This year, I wanted to make a resolution. I prayed over it. A novel concept. And this word keeps floating around in my mind: DISCIPLINE. I want that. I want more of that. I want that to be ingrained in my life. So, I've done some things to help develop that. I signed up for the Life Journal Bible plan. I am currently on day 12. The little progress ticker says I'm something like 3% done. But guess what? In that 3%, I've found so much truth, questions, answers, and peace. Already, it feels as if every sermon I hear is active in my life. I feel a connection to what I'm reading. I'm seeing parallels in my life. I'm finding new ways to talk to my kids about the Word of God. I like this thing called discipline. And the really funny thing is, it keeps popping up in conversations, sermons, and every day life.

Well, it's easy to say that on Day 12, right? But if this word keeps on floating around in my head, I'm hoping it decides to take up permanent residence.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend Away

I have a lot that I need to post about... Sophia's 4th birthday and party, me starting work, upcoming opportunities for our family... but right now I am feeling happy and content and I just wanted to share that. I'm surrounded by my parents, my sisters, and my children and everyone is happy to just be together.

I spent this weekend celebrating one of my friends! I got a facebook message several weeks back asking me to join in on a surprise get together for Nicole for her birthday. So I came in town this weekend from Georgia, Staci came from Mississippi, Tiffani came from North Carolina, and a couple of locals joined us too.

Staci and Tiffani ambushed Nicole when she came home from work on Friday. She was shocked and excited. Then they came and met me at Joe's Italian, another surprise for her! We laughed so much! At half pieces of strawberry cake, dancing with Momma and swinging our napkins in the air, getting a mound of Parmesan cheese on my pasta!

Then we went to the Holiday Inn Express and got comfy and laughed, talked, played games, and laughed, and talked, and played games until 3 am! Crystal came and joined in the fun for several hours too.

We got up Saturday and spent time chatting and getting ready, then headed to the mall for a bit. Nicole's next surprise was at the Aveda Beauty Institute. We had schedules pedicures for everyone. I actually asked if I could get a haircut instead since I needed one severely! Amy Repass joined us there too and then we went over to Johnny Rockets for some burgers.

After we got done there, we went over to Amy's house to play games and talk and laugh some more. I wasn't able to stay any longer, but they continued on to see a movie.

I had so much fun. And while I am close to Nicole, I was thrilled to get to know all the other ladies better! Thank you ladies for such a fun weekend!

Last night, I joined my family at Johnny Ray's and we talked and caught up on all the important stuff! This morning I got to spend some one on one time with my big sister. It was a nice quiet time too. We had breakfast together then went to Target and JC Penney's. The whole time talking each other's ears off.

I am blessed. And while I am here, Hank has been in Chattanooga with his family, helping his sister do a backsplash in her kitchen. I'm excited to be reunited tonight though. There's no place like home, but I sure to enjoy these visits!