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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Warm & Fuzzy

That's about how this time of year makes me feel. It makes me feel like using our Christmas tree as a nightlight. It makes me feel like wrapping presents until my back and knees hurt! It makes me feel like baking! It makes me feel like making a list and checking it twice! And it makes me feel like diliberatly standing under some mistletoe!

We removed another link in the chain today... just 20 days till Christmas!

Things I've learned so far this Christmas season:

1- Don't let Bryant help you wrap presents... he'll tell what they are, even if you can't understand him.

2- Tres is great at keeping secrets!

3- Hank has a hard time not telling me (even if he's trying not to tell me) what he got me for Christmas. He ordered me something online, and the e-mail confirmation came to my e-mail address! I forwarded it without looking and then deleted it, because I like surprises!

4- Arts and crafts are a great distraction while you wrap gifts.


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